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Project UX

Project UX is a team of digital, mobile and brand strategy experts, award winning designers and developers who work with both local & global brands on creating mobile responsive website for clients to improve SEO, offer better user experience & stay ahead of the competition.

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Project UX

  1. 1. PROJECT UX Unleash your mobile experience  
  2. 2. WHO ARE WE
  3. 3. Prediction in 2010 SOURCE:  COMESCORE,  INC  
  4. 4. January 2014 SOURCE:  COMESCORE,  INC   Time Spent on Internet by Device   PCs  Internet  –   45%   Mobile  Internet  -­‐   [PERCENTAGE]   PCs  Internet   Mobile  Internet   January 2014 Total Internet Time Spent
  5. 5. Device Preferences Throughout the Day Most Weekend Tablet Usage Occurs Between 8pm and 9pm SOURCE:  COMESCORE,  INC  
  6. 6. Digital Commerce – Mobile Outpaces PC Growth Rates 87% Audience Growth on Mobile for Amazon e-Commerce customers SOURCE:  COMESCORE,  INC  
  7. 7. Mobile Browsing: Percentage of all web traffic (May 2012) SOURCE:  StatCounter,  Pingdom    
  8. 8. Mobile share of web traffic SOURCE:  StatCounter,  Pingdom    
  9. 9. Global Mobile Data Traffic, 2012 to 2018 15.9EB   2018   10.8EB   2017   7EB   2016   0.82EB   2012   1.5EB   2013   4.4EB   2015   2.6EB   2014   2012   2013   Global Mobile Data Traffic Grew 81% in 2013   Expecting a CAGR of 61 percent, to grow to 15.9 exabytes per month by 2018, nearly an 11-fold increase over 2013.   Source:  Cisco  Visual  Networking  Index:  Global  Mobile     Data  Traffic  Forecast  Update,  2013–2018      
  10. 10. Why UX? SOURCE:  Homestead  
  11. 11. Common problem on existence website =  
  12. 12. Current problem on non-responsive website on Mobile Not Touch Optimized Not Mobile Optimized Button Too Small Too much Zooming, Scrolling Image Too Small Not support Flash Player Video cannot load Loading too Slow No Mouse Over Bandwidth Wasting Too much information
  13. 13. Google New SEO Ranking Algorithm Improve  search  results  for  smartphone-­‐friendly  websites   and  penalize  sites  that  make  mobile  browsing  difficult. Google  Loves  One-­‐URL  and  Responsive  Websites Social  Sharing   Mobile  site  are  old   method   Slow  Redirec>on   Duplicate  content  for  SEO
  14. 14. Google New SEO Ranking Algorithm Improve  search  results  for  smartphone-­‐friendly  websites   and  penalize  sites  that  make  mobile  browsing  difficult. Avoid  Common  Mistakes Unplayable  video   Redirec>on   Smartphone  404   Irrelevant  cross-­‐ linking   Page  speed
  15. 15. THE SOLUTION Mobile Site PC Smartphone Application Tablet Application
  16. 16. PROJECT UX SOLUTION One  set  of  code   One  CMS   One  off  price   Fit  for  all  device CMS Responsive Layout SEO Template  based  website,  with  a  combina>on  of  all  basic  need.
  17. 17. STEP 1. PICK A TEMPLATE STEP 2. SELECT SERVICES STEP 3. FINISHED PROJECT UX SOLUTION 3-5 Theme 10+ Module 10+ Transition Hundreds of combination
  18. 18. TEMPLATE DESIGN DIRECTION PROJECT UX SOLUTION Clean and neat design Mobile responsive Customize user experience for touch device Large promote area Flexible to update
  19. 19. PROJECT UX SOLUTION Template Sample – PC and iPad
  20. 20. PROJECT UX SOLUTION Template Sample - Smartphone
  21. 21. PROJECT UX SOLUTION Template Sample - eCommerce
  22. 22. PROJECT UX SOLUTION Template Sample - eCommerce
  23. 23. Theme PROJECT UX SOLUTION CMS Combine with Google Analytics Technology Mobile Optimize CMS Dash-Board Easy to update your website Check your Site performance anywhere Track your update Record SEO updating
  24. 24. Theme PROJECT UX SOLUTION CMS Sample
  25. 25. Theme PROJECT UX SOLUTION CMS Sample
  26. 26. Theme PROJECT UX SOLUTION SEO Solution Basic SEO Friendly Keywords Mobile Optimize for Better SEO ranking Can upgrade to specific SEO planning Check you Site SEO ranking in Google, Yahoo Maintenance your Keywords from CMS
  27. 27. Design •  10 Pages or 4 Section of Website •  Language of website: Chinese Traditional and English •  Responsive Design (Mobile, Tablet, Website) •  Design Revise 2 Turns •  Support I.E 9 or above, Chrome, Firefox, Safari CMS •  Website updating •  Google Analytics •  Chart of web traffic stats •  Basic SEO Services Server •  Server Hosting (10GB storage) •  Domain Hosting •  Internet Traffic (10GB) •  Maintenance of website (1 Year)   Develop  Time:  4-­‐6  Weeks PROJECT UX SOLUTION Suggested Basic Plan
  28. 28. Theme SHOWCASE Shu Uemura
  29. 29. Theme SHOWCASE OPTICAL 88
  30. 30. Theme SHOWCASE Amyway
  31. 31. Theme SHOWCASE Elyse
  32. 32. Theme Hong Kong In Fashion SHOWCASE
  33. 33. Theme Lane Crawford SHOWCASE
  34. 34. Theme CLIENT And More…
  35. 35. Theme THANK YOU