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Cooperative Alternatives NICVA fundraising mix presentation

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A presentation on Community Shares delivered by Co-operative Alternatives at NICVA's members event on 7 October 2014.

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Cooperative Alternatives NICVA fundraising mix presentation

  1. 1. Community shares Tiziana O’Hara Co-operative Alternatives
  2. 2. Community Shares, Ready! Project is commissioned by the Building Change Trust and delivered by Co-operative Alternatives
  3. 3. Consider this… Bath and West Community Energy
  4. 4. Also this... A former primary school in the centre of Headingley, Leeds, now a community art centre
  5. 5. Down to Earth NI Drumlin Wind Energy Co-operative
  6. 6. Co-operatives – a historical overview Rochdale Pioneers 1844 Horace Plunkett Paddy the Cope
  7. 7. Co-operative Definition A co-operative is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise.” ICA definition
  8. 8. Co-operatives Values
  9. 9. Co-operatives – technical stuff • Can be incorporated under the Industrial and Provident Society Act (NI) • Limited liability • Governing documents are called Rules • Registration in DETI • Support available
  10. 10. CO-OP QUIZ
  11. 11. Community Shares - what for? Community shares explained in less than two minutes 311GBIM&feature=player_detailpage
  12. 12. What are community shares? • A unique form of capital • Only Cooperatives and Community Benefit Societies (IPS societies) • £20,000 maximum holding of withdrawable shares • Withdrawable shares cannot increase in value, but can decrease • Withdrawable under certain conditions • Non -transferable • Interest can be paid on shares • Mostly outside remit of FSMA 2000
  13. 13. Key elements Community Shares
  14. 14. Not just a financial investment... Community shares increase membership and co-ownership: the project is a shared venture • Investors become your customers/volunteers/champions • Share investment gives a VOTE and a voice • People can invest as much or as little as they can afford • They attract good publicity • Share investment can be used as leverage – attracts investment from lenders and grant-givers
  15. 15. Social investors in the community Members Activist Customer Volunteer Investor Service user Worker Expert Director Supplier
  16. 16. Communities with community shares potential • Discussion
  17. 17. Community Shares, Ready ! programme • Building Change Trust & Co-operative Alternatives • 2013 – 2016 • Promote community shares in Northern Ireland • Support 5 communities with community shares potentials • Resource the Third Sector
  18. 18. Resources available now in NI • Cooperative Alternatives helps and supports groups to set up co-operatives and community benefit societies • Cooperative Alternatives run a support programme for communities interested in using community shares
  19. 19. Any questions?
  20. 20. Co-operative Alternatives Unit 40a North City Business Centre 2 Duncairn Gardens Belfast BT15 2GG Contact Tiziana O’Hara Tel. 07858317634 @commshares and Facebook
  21. 21. Community Shares, Ready! Project is commissioned by the Building Change Trust and delivered by Co-operative Alternatives