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Animaze - The Anime Quiz Finals

Animaze - The Anime Quiz

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Animaze - The Anime Quiz Finals

  1. 1. 13/02/2015 Animaze - The Anime Quiz 1 ANIMAZE ANIME QUIZ ? THE
  2. 2. Credits • Question Credits : 1. Nikhil Nagraj 2. Nivesh Aron 3. Prabhanjan P. M. • Poster Credits : Manas Sharma 13/02/2015 Animaze - The Anime Quiz 2
  3. 3. • Infinite Bounce : Every question is addressed to the team succeeding the team that answered the previous question. If no team answers the question, the next question (n+1) is addressed to the same team to which the previous question (n) was addressed. • Pounce : A team may pounce if the question is not theirs and they don't want to wait for the question to pass to them. They "pounce" by writing the answer on a piece of paper and showing it to the quiz master. This makes them unable to answer if the question is passed. Usually the pounce has negative scoring which means that they will get a negative if they don't give the right answer. • Quizmaster is GOD! 13/02/2015 Animaze - The Anime Quiz 3 Rules
  4. 4. Round # 1: 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 4
  5. 5. These three characters from Dragon Ball Z : Bibidi, Babidi and Buu, find their origin from the incantations of a famous Disney movie X. Identify X? 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 5 And then it sang bibidi bobidi boo…….
  6. 6. 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 6 Cinderella
  7. 7. One for those avid gamers !! 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 7 In the game G , there is a mission called Dragon Haul Z, obviously a pun on Dragon Ball Z, in which you have to pick up a dragon costume that looks like Shenron and do a special dance in this costume. Give me G?
  8. 8. GTA : China Town Wars 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 8
  9. 9. Lets talk more about me !!!!! In the Johnny Bravo episode "20,000 Leagues Over My Head", Johnny's new obsession is a television show called "Clam League 9000", a parody of X where the trainer bears a resemblance to Y while wearing a similar outfit like Z. Id X,Y AND Z. 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 9
  10. 10. X = Pokemon 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 10 Z = Ash Y = Goku
  11. 11. 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 11 Non Exhaustive
  12. 12. 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 12 JunkoTanekeuchi(Naruto) MazakoNozawa(Goku) RicaMatsumoto(Ash Ketchum)
  13. 13. When in Japan, simply Anime!!! X is an extracellular matrix-like retinal protein first described in 2008 in Japan by Shigeru Sato et al., and named X, after a character of the Y franchise. The name of this "nimble" protein was inspired due to X's "lightning-fast moves and shocking electric effects“. Y now holds a guiness record because of being the only anime after which a scientific invention is named. What are X and Y?2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 13
  14. 14. X = Pikachurin ; Y = Pokemon 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 14
  15. 15. What is this ?
  16. 16. First anime based theme park - Tokyo
  17. 17. Round # 2 : 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 17
  18. 18. 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 18 Meanwhile in an interview…..
  19. 19. 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 19 Gather the Dragonballs
  20. 20. Why did I not watch this movie??? !!! On 30th January, 1937, a famous real life personality quoted this, “there is one error which cannot be remedied once men have made it, namely the failure to recognize the importance of conserving the blood and the race free from intermixture ”. This person is known to have changed the course of world history. A comical parody of this person was featured in the movie, Dragon Ball Z : Fusion Reborn. Who am I talking about? 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 20
  21. 21. Adolf Hitler 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 21
  22. 22. THE LEGENDARY, THE RARE AND THE DIVINE TOO!!!!! 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 22 The 2 Pokemon shown are Rayquaza and Yvelta. It is said that both their names and design has been inspired by a mythical creature. Besides the similarity in their names these two Pokemon have the highest base stats for the flying type. Rayquaza has an Airlock ability that stops all weather effects. Which mythological god of wind do they possibly draw inspiration from?
  23. 23. Quetzalcoatl – The Aztec God of Wind 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 23
  24. 24. Art is an Explosion ….! X is the latest of the Composition C plastic explosives that has been used since the 1950s due to its effectiveness. X according to Deidara is his greatest work of art. Identify X 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 24
  25. 25. C4 or C4-Karura 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 25
  26. 26. Know your pokemon The famous pokemon drowzee has been adopted from a real world animal X. One of drowzee’s best attacks Y, actually bears its origin from a famous myth which X is supposed to do and which was feared by many people. Id X and Y? 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 26
  27. 27. X = Tapir ; Y = Dreameater 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 27
  28. 28. 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 28  Group 1:Vegetables- ◦ Brocolli ◦ Carrots ◦ Radish ◦ Asparagus ◦ Cabbage  Group 2:Milk Products ◦ Butter ◦ Cheese ◦ Milk ◦ Yogurt ◦ Cream  Group 3:Fruits-  Apple  Raspberry  Group4: Musical Instruments-  Tambourine  Cymbal  Piano  Drum  Group5:Innerwear  Trunks  Briefs  BloomersPut Funda
  29. 29. All Full Blooded Saiyans have vegetable names • Vegetable-Vegeta • Broccoli-Broly • Carrot- Kakarot(Goku) • Radish-Raditz • Asparagus- Paragus • Cabbage-Nappa(type of chinese cabbage) Ginyu Force members have dairy product names- • Butter-Burter • Cheese-Jeice • Milk- Captain Ginyu(gynyu means milk in Japanese) • Yogurt- Gurdo(yogurudo in Japanese) • Cream- Recoome Frieza’s soldiers are named after fruits Dragon Ball Z naming scheme Namekians are named after musical instruments Trunks- Trunks, son of Bulma & Vegeta Briefs-Dr. Brief Bloomers- Bulma
  30. 30. Round # 3 : 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 30
  31. 31. For Name’s Sake Initially Ken Sugi Mori was about to name these two magical creatures from his world of magical beasts, NY and LA because of the pollution in these two cities. But later he named them X and Y. X and Y are…? 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 31
  32. 32. Koffing & Weezing 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 32
  33. 33. As the legends say……. • X and Y, both husband and wife and brother and sister, were summoned by the ancient spiritual gods to create the physical world – and so could be compared to “Adam and Eve”. They eventually gave birth to the islands of Japan, and a host of other gods. However when giving birth to Kagutsugi, the incarnation of fire Y was killed. In his grief X travelled to the hellish underworld ‘yomi’ to retrieve her, but after a series of trails was ultimately unsuccessful and this brought death to the living world. • Upon his return he completed a purification ritual and as he washed his face 3 new deities were born; Goddess of the Sun ‘Amaterasu’ was washed from his left eye, God of the Moon ‘Tsukuyomi’ from the right and God of the Sea and Storms ‘Susanoo’ from his nose. • Id X , Y . 13/02/2015 Animaze - The Anime Quiz 33
  34. 34. X= Izanagi ; Y= Izanami 13/02/2015 Animaze - The Anime Quiz 34
  35. 35. Why is this pokemon everywhere ??? In the pokemon games the pokemon A is usually seen in the form of grey statues everywhere. This was the only pokemon that was made before its pre – evolved form. Name the pokemon and tell me why the pokemon’s statue is found at many places. 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 35
  36. 36. Rhydon 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 36
  37. 37. Monsters Inc. ?? • X, was created around the time of the Japanese economic bubble and was inspired by real estate speculators, whom Toriyama called the "worst kind of people”. His physical appearance is an amalgamation of what Toriyama thought monsters looked like in his childhood. • Identify X 13/02/2015 Animaze - The Anime Quiz 37
  38. 38. Frieza 13/02/2015 Animaze - The Anime Quiz 38
  39. 39. • Gengar is a shadow type first generation Pokemon whose design inspiration includes Chestire cat. It has the ability to hide perfectly in the shadow of any object, granting it exceptional stealth. “Gengar” is possibly derived from the word X, which is fitting for a Pokemon with a habit of pretending to be a person’s shadow. • The word X derieved from German folklore is considered a harbinger of bad luck. What is the "good” word?
  40. 40. In fiction and folklore, Doppelganger is a look- alike or double of a living person, sometimes portrayed as a paranormal phenomenon, and in some traditions as a harbinger of bad luck. Doppelganger
  41. 41. Id X • X started in 2006 as a for-profit video upload and streaming site that specialized in hosting East Asian video content. Some of the content hosted on X, such as fan-subbed versions of East Asian shows or bootlegs of official US releases of anime titles, was illegally hosted without permission from any rights holders or the fan sub team responsible. X eventually began securing legal distribution agreements with companies, including Gonzo, for an increasing number of titles. On January 8, 2009, after announcing a deal with TV Tokyo to host episodes of Naruto Shippuden, X stated that it was committed to removing all copyright-infringing material from its site and to hosting only content to which it had legitimate distribution rights. • Identify X. 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 41
  42. 42. 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 42
  43. 43. Round # 4 : 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 43
  44. 44. Lord Jashin will punish you  ‘A’ is the partner of ‘B’ and a former ninja of Takigakure, the Village hidden in the Waterfalls. ‘A’ is motivated by greed and joins the Akatsuki to seek out valuable bounties. However his extreme temperament led to him killing all of his partners and being paired up with the immortal ‘B’ as a result. ‘B’ is a member of the Jashin religion. The word Jashin means ‘X’. This religion worships a deity of the same name and believes that anything less than death and utter destruction in battle is a sin. Identify X. 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 44
  45. 45. X = Evil God 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 45 B = Hidan A = Kakuzu
  46. 46. Connectify me 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 46 Non Exhaustive
  47. 47. Starting Pokemon of Ash’s Rivals 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 47 Gary Paul Trip(Unova region)
  48. 48. Summoning Jutsu !!!!! • X which literally means “Damp Bone Forest” in English is a legendary place that is equally famous as Mount Myoboku and Ryuchi Cave. It is home of the slug Katsuyu, parts of which are summoned by Tsunade and her disciple Sakura. 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 48
  49. 49. Shikkotsu Forest 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 49
  50. 50. Every picture tells a story !!! 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 50 • Give me her name/her position. • About her : She lived in the newly founded Konohagakure, where she attended the Academy. One day, she fell down in front of it and was comforted by Madara Uchiha, whose look frightened her deeply. Hashirama Senju, however, managed to calm her down by giving her a flower he received earlier. She was one of the midwives who was killed by Tobi when he came to extract Kurama during Naruto’s birth.
  51. 51. Biwako – 3rd Hokage’s Wife 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 51
  52. 52. Two of a kind? According to conspiracy theorists, this pokemon is said to be the result of a failed cloning of the pokemon mew. He said to be Mew’s brother from another mother. It has the same colour as mew, same weight as Mew, it is even found in the same cave as Mew and Mewtwo. What is this pokemon? 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 52
  53. 53. Ditto 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 53
  54. 54. What do you mean? A little girl X was always teased by her classmates in school. One day the class was being taught how to become an efficient Kunoichi. The class is then given an assignment of flower arrangement. X asks help from her friend Yamanaka Ino, who tells her that flower arrangement is something she should know as the meaning of her name is B, which has a relation to flowers. She learns a lot of things from Ino. Id B and X. 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 54
  55. 55. X = Sakura ; B = Cherry Blossom 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 55
  56. 56. Round # 5 : 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 56
  57. 57. Coders Otaku Answer! 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 57 The famous tagline, “Gotta catch them all” or “Try and Catch them All”, is the inspiration of a naming a particular process that coders very frequently use in their programs. This technique or concept is called?
  58. 58. Pokemon Exception Handling 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 58 Pokémon Exception Handling For when you just Gotta Catch 'Em All. try { // do something } catch { // catch em all }
  59. 59. Translating ………….. • In the original Japanese release of Naruto, Dattebayo! is Naruto Uzumaki's catch phrase. He uses it at the end of most of his sentences as a way of making his speech unique. Naruto inherited this from his mother, Kushina Uzumaki, who would instead end her sentences with X when she got excited or angry, something she had hoped — albeit unsuccessfully – that her son would not inherit. • In the English dubbed version of Naruto, Dattebayo! is replaced by Y in order to match the lip movements of Naruto when he says Dattebayo! • Identify X,Y. 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 59
  60. 60. X = Dattebane! ; Y = Believe it! 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 60
  61. 61. Id X and Y !!!!! X is a former ninja of the Sunagakure. X’s parents were killed by Y of Konoha. This left X in the care of his grandmother. X was taught the art of puppetry which he refined to fit his needs over years. After he was reanimated by Kabuto, he fights Kankuro who convinces him to be at peace with himself. Naruto has this to say about Y’s son – “He is smarter than Shikamaru , his sense of smell is sharper than Kiba’s , his Taijutsu is better than Bushy Brows’, and on top of that he’s had more experience” Identify X , Y. 13/02/2015 Animaze - The Anime Quiz 61
  62. 62. X=Sasori of the Red Sand ; Y= Sakumo Hatake(The White Fang) 13/02/2015 Animaze - The Anime Quiz 62
  63. 63. Who is he?? • Nobody has ever seen his face. He is usually lonely. At night he weeps because he sees the face of his dead mother in the moon. He lost his mother at birth. But he always carries a part of her with him. Who am I talking about? 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 63
  64. 64. Cubone 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 64
  65. 65. Science is all around us !!!!! 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 65 Every now and then the players of the game X deal with this particular formula. Id X and tell me what this formula computes?
  66. 66. Shakey Shakey of Pokeball 2/13/2015 ANIMAZE : THE ANIME QUIZ 66 It's known as the catch rate. The probability of catching a Pokémon starts with the species' catch rate divided by 255. Then it is multiplied by the following factors: -The health of the Pokémon (relative to its full health), which can reduce the probability to ⅓× at full health. -The type of Poké Ball used. -Any status condition of the wild Pokémon (i.e. 2.5× increase for sleep or freeze, and 1.5× for paralyze, poison, or burn). -Any active Pass Powers (in Generation V) or O-Power (in Generation VI).
  67. 67. 13/02/2015 Animaze - The Anime Quiz 67 Connect
  68. 68. 13/02/2015 Animaze - The Anime Quiz 68 Six Paths of pain Six Paths of Pain- It is based on Buddhist's Six Realm of Reincarnation: 1.Deva Path(Deva-gati):It is populated by godlike beings who enjoy great power, wealth and long life. 2. Asura Path(Asura-gati):Asura are marked by their fierce envy. The karma of hate and jealousy causes rebirth in the Asura Realm 3.Human Path(Manushya-gati):Rebirth into the Human Realm is conditioned by passion, doubt and desire. It is the only realm of the six from which beings may escape samsara. 4.Animal Path(Tiryagyoni-gati):Animal beings are marked by stupidity, prejudice and complacency. They live sheltered lives, avoiding discomfort or anything unfamiliar. 5.Preta Path(Preta-gati): Preta(Hungry ghosts)are characterized by insatiable hunger and craving. They are also associated with addiction, obsession and compulsion. 6.Naraka Path(Naraka-gati):As the name suggests, the Hell Realm is the most terrible of the Six Realms. Hell beings have a short fuse; everything makes them angry. And the only way hell beings deal with things that make them angry is through aggression.