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Anime quiz prelimnary

Animaze - The Anime Quiz Prelims

Question Credits - Nikhil.N

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Anime quiz prelimnary

  1. 1. 13/02/2015 Animaze - The Anime Quiz 1 ANIMAZE ANIME QUIZ ? THE
  2. 2. Put Funda!
  3. 3. Giant Gamabunta balloon put up by fans in China to commemorate the end of Naruto
  4. 4. Id X? This was the first pokemon episode to be removed from rotation after an event X, mainly because the censors noted similarity between X and the attacks of Tentacruel in the city. The episode name is “Tentacool and Tentacruel”. What is X?
  5. 5. The 9/11 Attacks
  6. 6. What does this map represent?
  7. 7. The Earth of Dragonball
  8. 8. Eye transplant ……Anyone? • The Sharingan has been shown to be able to change into the Rinnegan. This was demonstrated by Madara Uchiha, who noted that after he acquired Hashirama Senju's DNA at the Valley of the End and integrated the DNA into his wounds, the dōjutsu did not awaken until he was near death. This information was seemingly written on the X located in the Y . Sasuke Uchiha was able to awaken the Rinnegan in his left eye after acquiring half of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki's power. • Id X & Y .
  9. 9. X= stone tablet of Uchihas Y= Naka Shrine
  10. 10. What is special about the cover of the One-Piece Manga Issue #766 ?
  11. 11. Secret Message to Naruto – when it Ended
  12. 12. That was some episode !!! The famous pokemon series once aired an episode called the “The electric soldier, Porygon” which became quite famous for a particular reason. It was even banned from being aired again due to that reason. What is the reason?
  13. 13. This anime episode caused one of the largest number of epileptic seizures when telecasted
  14. 14. Who stays here ?? Whose address in this ? 439 East District
  15. 15. Goku
  16. 16. ID X & Y X was modelled after a real-life restaurant, also called X, near the waterfront in the city of Fukuoka, Japan. Id X
  17. 17. Ramen Ichiraku
  18. 18. Something’s fishy This particular pokemon when evolves, should have at least thrice its weight, however it weighs one tenth of its original form. Who am I talking about?
  19. 19. Magnemite and Magneton
  20. 20. Id X and Y This particular pokemon is host to two mushrooms growing on its back. These two are called X. When it evolves into Y, the two mushroom grow into a single mushroom extremely big in size and it is actually believed to be a parasite feeding on Y. Id X and Y?
  21. 21. X = Tochukaso Y = Parasect
  22. 22. You should have studied poke-biology better • This pokemon’s scientific name is “Oddium Wanderus”. At night, it is said to walk 1000 feet on its two roots. On evolving this pokemon pistils a horrid stench that can cause fainting at a distance of even 1.25 miles. The pokemon and its evolved form are ?
  23. 23. Oddish and Gloom
  24. 24. Connect (Non Exhaustive)
  25. 25. Named after famous personalities Kangaskhan = Chengiz Khan Empoleon = Napoleon Bonaparte
  26. 26. Scenes from an episode……… A little boy X comes home late from school. On his way back he finds the owners of a bakery dead. Petrified he reaches home, only to find the murderer. X is terrified because of the murderer’s powerful ability Y. X runs away from the place. From then on, X pledges to learn that ability Y. X and Y are?
  27. 27. X= Sasuke Uchiha Y= Mangekyo Sharingan
  28. 28. Hobby time ! In Japan, it is very common for kids to have this particular hobby. This hobby was the one that inspired Ken Sugi Mori to create the fantastic world of pokemons. This hobby is ………?
  29. 29. Collecting Insects
  30. 30. The “flying Nimbus” and the “Power Pole”, are two items that Goku possesses, that mimics the character “Sun Wukong” in the Chinese novel X. X is a 16th century Chinese novel and one of the four great classical novels of Chinese literature. Dragonball is loosely based upon this novel. X is? Japan Chini bhai bhai
  31. 31. Journey to the West