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Juniqe - NOAH15 London

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Start-up Stage - Marketplaces - Presentation by Marc Pohl, Founder & CEO of Juniqe at the NOAH 2015 Conference in London, Old Billingsgate on the 13th of November 2015.

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Juniqe - NOAH15 London

  1. 1. Company presentation at NOAH Startup Stage November 2015
  2. 2. JUNIQE is Europe’s fastest growing platform for mass market art „We often regard art as something limited, something that only the wealthy few can take pleasure in […].But we believe art generally belongs into people‘s living rooms. […] you don‘t have to be rich to purchase something unique.“ HENRIK MOST Creative Director @IKEA Sources: IKEA press release (
  3. 3. I JUNIQE in a Nutshell Artwork: HEAVY WORDS by THREE OF THE POSSESSED
  4. 4. Founded by Lea Lange, Marc Pohl & Sebastian Hasebrink in February 2014 Achieved substantial traction in the market so far: − First year gross sales of €2.6m with > 30,000 customers − 500% growth in 2015: gross sales of up to €12m with ~150,000 customers 50 employees in Berlin as of Oct, 2015 Operating a capital light business model with zero inventory and negative working capital Outstanding gross margins of 55% will allow for EBIT margins of around 15% in a steady state €6.8m equity raised so far in 3 rounds JUNIQE IN A NUTSHELLI JUNIQE is creating an unparalleled platform that connects artists from all over the world with millions of consumers eager for inspirational products
  5. 5. HOW IT WORKS JUNIQE Art. Everywhere. Outsourced operations network Selection & curation Customer purchase Digital creation of product catalogue Production & Shipping on-demand Artists’ designs are offered on multiple products and produced on- demand by our manufacturing partners Business model snapshot Artists provide their work in digital form JUNIQE takes care of marketing, manufacturing and shipping Artists Products are produced on demand – no inventory JUNIQE IN A NUTSHELLI
  6. 6. Our deep product portfolio comprises Wall Art, Fashion, Living, Tech and Stationery items – We truly live by our slogan “Art. Everywhere.” Merchandise overview and share of gross revenues by category Wall Art Fashion TechLiving Stationery 60% 26% 4% 2%8% (Framed) Art Prints T-Shirts & Hoodies Cushion Covers iPhone Cases Greeting Cards Share of revenues Most important sub-categories Product Range JUNIQE IN A NUTSHELLI
  7. 7. II Business Model Highlights Artwork: MANHATTAN’S SKYLINE by JAYSAN STUDIO
  8. 8. Business model highlights UNRECOGNIZED MARKET OPPORTUNITY Creativity is exploding but creative people lack consumer reach and production platform Consumers seek individualized, curated experiences but lack trusted destination BUSINESS MODEL HIGHLIGHTSII CAPITAL LIGHT BUSINESS MODEL Zero inventory Light balance sheet Favorable Cash-to-Cash Cycle with negative working capital MASSIVE TRACTION €2.6m 1st year gross sales 500% growth in 2015 to gross sales of €11-12m International footprint is expanding FIRST STRONG BRAND There is ample space and hence a great chance to make JUNIQE the one known destination for affordable art internationally FIRST RATE TEAM Execution focused founder’s team with relevant experience Strong functional leads in all departments HIGH PROFITABILITY Strong gross margins of >55% Low returns profile Strong unit economics profile JUNIQE makes for a very compelling investment case due to the following 6 reasons
  9. 9. Our Cash-to-Cash Cycle of negative 30-45 days allows us to finance our growth backed through internal cash-flows Cash-to-Cash Cycle comparison: JUNIQE vs. standard e-commerce BUSINESS MODEL HIGHLIGHTS – CAPITAL LIGHT BUSINESS MODELII In standard e-commerce models, retailers are forced to buy into inventory long before sales take place Traditional retailers such as Walmart and Costco are top of class with a Cash-to-Cash Cycle of “only” positive 10-20 days Sources: (At Amazon it’s all about cash flow), JUNIQE company data, JUNIQE analysis Standard E-Commerce Cash-to-Cash Cycle Payables (Supplier) Inventory (Company) Receivables (Customer) Raw materials ordered Cash out: Raw materials paid Inventory arrives Inventory is sold Inventory sits Cash in: Customer pays Order placed 30-50 days JUNIQE’s Cash-to-Cash Cycle Cash out: Raw materials & artist commission paid Cash in: Customer pays Order placed negative 30- 45 days JUNIQE receives cash from sales weeks before having to pay suppliers and artists Paying suppliers and artists once a month, we hence achieve unparalleled Cash-to-Cash Cycles of negative 20-30 days Amazon as role-model: Due to bargaining power, Cash-to-Cash Cycle comes to negative >30 days Raw materials ordered No Inventory
  10. 10. Since launch, JUNIQE has experienced tremendous growth: In 2015, we achieve an order intake of €11m to €12m Gross sales development, Feb 2014 - Nov 2015 [in EUR] 946 810 745 602615603 702 625 503 780 592 318 193 219 134 107123 39 60 20 1,600 1,400 1,500 1,100 1,300 1,200 900 600 100 500 200 300 800 400 1,000 700 0 1,600 Feb JanOct NovAugJun Apr JunSept MayJul Mar 1,141 FebDecApr MayMar Okt NovAugJul Sept BUSINESS MODEL HIGHLIGHTS – MASSIVE TRACTIONII * * Run-rate
  11. 11. We see great international potential: Markets outside of Germany already account for >30% of total revenues today European footprint Order intake by country (Oct 2015) [in %] Amsterdam Zagreb Munich Berlin Frankfurt Stuttgart Düsseldorf Hamburg Vienna Riga Warsaw Madrid Zurich Bucharest Kiev Lisbon Prague Budapest Barcelona Milan Rome Brussels London Paris Istanbul Current European footprint BUSINESS MODEL HIGHLIGHTS – MASSIVE TRACTIONII Current JUNIQE focus markets Other countries we ship to Other 3% 6% AT 8% 69% CH NL 14% DE Launch of French website in 11/2015
  12. 12. So whats next? - Get in touch: MARC@JUNIQE.COM III OUTLOOK We are building the global winner for mass market art and establish the first strong brand in our segment We will be raising a Series B Growth Round in 2016 to accelerate the international expansion of our business Get on touch: MARC@JUNIQE.COM
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