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Advancing Medical Imaging with Deep Learning

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Find out what the key takeaways from MIDL 2018.

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Advancing Medical Imaging with Deep Learning

  2. 2. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MEDICAL IMAGING WITH DEEP LEARNING. This inaugural conference was held in Amsterdam in July, offering a forum that brought together deep learning researchers, clinicians and healthcare companies.
  3. 3. Almost 300 Attendees Acceptance Rate for Papers: 41% Acceptance Rate for Abstracts: 35% 4 Keynote Speaking Sessions 21 Oral Presentations 26 Poster Presentations (Full Paper) 35 Poster Presentations (Abstract) MIDL 2018: BY THE NUMBERS
  4. 4. 4 KEYNOTES FROM INDUSTRY LUMINARIES Industry leaders from NIH, Facebook AI Research, Open AI and the University of Guelph kicked-off MIDL through 4 keynotes over a span of two days. They presented on how deep learning is impacting the healthcare industry as a whole, radiology, genomics, and cancer detection. Source: VIEW KEYNOTES
  5. 5. PANEL DISCUSSION The panel discussion brought together members of industry, clinicians and academia to openly discuss what is needed to advance medical imaging, what each member of the ecosystem needs from the other members, and explore areas of agreement and disagreement. Source: WATCH VIDEO
  6. 6. NVIDIA BEST PAPER AWARD The NVIDIA ‘Best Paper’ award recognizes the highest quality paper presented at the MIDL conference. The winners received an NVIDIA® Quadro ® GV100 GPU. “OBELISK – One Kernel to Solve Nearly Everything: Unified 3D Binary Convolutions for Image Analysis.” Mattias P. Heinrich, Ozan Oktay and Nassim Bouteldja Source: READ PAPER
  7. 7. NVIDIA BEST POSTER AWARD The NVIDIA ‘Best Poster’ award recognizes the highest quality poster presented at the MIDL conference. The winners received an NVIDIA® GeForce ® GTX 1080 Ti GPU. “Contextual Hourglass Networks for Segmentation and Density Estimation.” Daniel Oñoro-Rubio and Mathias Niepert Source: READ POSTER
  8. 8. PHILIPS IMPACT AWARD Two Philips Impact Awards were awarded to the two contributions that described practical applications with a great promise to be of significant benefit to society and patients. “NeuroNet: Fast and Robust Reproduction of Multiple Brain Image Segmentation Pipelines.” Martin Rajchl, Nick Pawlowski, Daniel Rueckert, Paul M. Matthews and Ben Glocker “Roto-Translation Covariant Convolutional Networks for Medical Image Analysis.” Erik J. Bekkers, Maxime W. Lafarge, Mitko Veta, Koen A.J. Eppenhof, Josien P.W. Pluim and Remco Duits Source: LEARN MORE
  9. 9. PARTING THOUGHTS: REVOLUTIONIZING HEALTHCARE “Many people think of NVIDIA as a manufacturer of the types of high-end graphics processing units (GPUs) beloved of gamers, data centre operators, and cryptocurrency miners. But the company does much more, and is increasingly playing a leading role in artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning. As such, it is taking a keen interest in a market that is set to be revolutionised by AI applications: healthcare.” Internet of Business August 14, 2018 WHERE IS AI HEADED? Source:
  10. 10. To learn more about NVIDIA in healthcare, visit: