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Deep Learning In Industries

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Learn how AI is impacting every industry from agriculture to healthcare and how GPU computing is driving the revolution.

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Deep Learning In Industries

  1. 1. 10/20/2017 Women in Big Data Event Hashtags: #IamAI, #WiBD Oct 18th AI Connect Speakers WiBD Introduction & DL Use Cases Renee Yao Product Marketing Manager, Deep Learning and Analytics NVIDIA Deep Learning Workflows (w/ a demo) Kari Briski Director of Deep Learning Software Product NVIDIA Deep Learning in Enterprise Nazanin Zaker Data Scientist SAP Innovation Center Network
  2. 2. Renee Yao Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA AI CONNECT
  3. 3. Agenda AI Connect • 6:00-7:00pm – Registration and Networking • 7:00-7:15pm – “WiBD Introduction & DL Use Cases”, Renee Yao, Product Marketing Manager, Deep Learning and Analytics, NVIDIA • 7:15-7:45pm – “Deep Learning Workflows (with a live demo)”, Kari Briski, Director of Deep Learning Software Product, NVIDIA • 7:45-8:15pm – “Deep Learning in Enterprise” by Nazanin Zaker, Data Scientist, SAP Innovation Center Network • 8:15-8:30pm - Wrap-up & Giveaways February Apache Hadoop Training @ Cloudera May Apache Drill and Apache Spark @ MapR June Career Empowerment @ Andreessen Horowitz June @ Spark Summit June @ Hadoop SummitMarch @ Strata+Hadoop World SJ 10/20/2017 Women in Big Data Event Hashtags: #IamAI, #WiBD
  4. 4. 10/20/2017 Women in Big Data Forum Be Part of The Solution Become a member or a sponsor • Website: • LinkedIn: “Women in Big Data Forum” • Meetup: • Twitter: @DataWomen • Video: Join us Event Hashtags: #IamAI, #WiBD
  5. 5. Renee Yao | NVIDIA Product Marketing Manager, DL and Analytics Oct 2017 | Women in Big Data Meetup, AI Connect AI CONNECT
  6. 6. 7 GPU COMPUTING Gaming NVIDIA The World’s Leading AI Supercomputing Company VR AI & HPC Self-Driving Cars Twitter: @ReneeYao1
  7. 7. 8 GPU COMPUTING AT THE HEART OF AI New Advancements Leapfrog Moore’s Law Performance Beyond Moore’s Law Big Bang of Modern AI Twitter: @ReneeYao1
  9. 9. 10 Twitter: @ReneeYao1 Best Service Offering Digital Assistance Account Security BREAKTHROUGH CUSTOMER SERVICES “ Future advancements in machine learning will unlock opportunities for us to create breakthrough consumer experiences in ways we can’t even imagine today..” — Adam Wenchel, VP of AI, Capital One BREAKTHROUGH CUSTOMER SERVICES
  10. 10. 11 Twitter: @ReneeYao1 AI ENABLES AUTOMATED PROPERTY UNDERWRITING • Geospatial Imagery, Computer Vision and Machine Learning • A Living Database of The Most Accurate and Up-to-date Property Data • Features: Roof Condition, Roof Geometry, Roof Covering Material, Solar Panels, Pool Enclosure, etc • CUDA + CUDNN + NVIDIA GPUs Twitter: @ReneeYao1
  11. 11. 12 Twitter: @ReneeYao1 DEEP LEARNING FOR PORTABLE DIAGNOSTICS Portable Diagnostic Device that Enables Rapid Analytics from a Drop of Blood Problem: $100 billion wasted on treating diseases diagnosed late From a drop: • WBC Counts • Infection • Bacterial vs. Viral • Leukemia • Immuno-suppression • Heart Attack Twitter: @ReneeYao1
  12. 12. 13 Twitter: @ReneeYao1 DEEP LEARNING FOR PORTABLE DIAGNOSTICS Frameworks: Keras and TensorFlow Learning: Supervised – base classifier Unsupervised - labeling Reinforcement – labeling small batch of data Outcome: • In clinical validations, the Athelas device has achieved 100% Clinical Range accuracy for White Blood Cell Counts. • On track to 10,000 devices deployed by end of the year Twitter: @ReneeYao1
  13. 13. 14 Twitter: @ReneeYao1 $25 Billion Spent Each Year 3 Billion Pounds of Herbicides 250 Species of Resistant Weeds BREAKTHROUGH CUSTOMER SERVICES With the rise of herbicide-tolerant weeds, there are fewer and fewer effective solutions. Farmers around the world need a new way to address the weed control challenge. DEEP LEARNING FOR AGRICULTURE
  14. 14. 15 Twitter: @ReneeYao1Twitter: @ReneeYao1 Intelligent Weeding in Cotton Computer Vision & ML for Seed & Spray Equipment • 10x unlocked chemical options to fight resistant weeds when not spraying crops • 90% lower chemical costs when selectively applying herbicide to weeds only • $2.5B potential reduction in global herbicide use with sustainable weed control DEEP LEARNING FOR AGRICULTURE Make Every Plant Count Verify and LearnSense and Decide Act 6-8 mph 8-12 rows 0-12 inches speed of tractor, operated by 1 person, as it pulls the machine through the field of cotton covered simultaneously in one pass by a 30-foot machine range of cotton sizes for which See & Spray can be used
  15. 15. 16 Twitter: @ReneeYao1Twitter: @ReneeYao1 DL FOR RECYCLING AI | Computer Vision | Robotic Revolution • 1.9 billion tons of waste are generated each year • Only 13% is recycled or recovered • While Wall-B was able to perform 20 picks per minute and could only recognize PET plastic bottles, Max-AI can handle a much wider range of items and at up to four times the previous rate. Previous robotic solution underperformed human capabilities, while Max-AI exceeds them. • Save 80 tons of CO2 or 625 petrol barrows yearly
  16. 16. 17 Twitter: @ReneeYao1Twitter: @ReneeYao1 DL FOR MANUFACTURE AI | Computer Vision | Robotic Revolution Upload Parts Add to Estimation Match Parts w/ Suppliers Track Your Product Receive Parts “We were drawn to the idea of on-demand manufacturing and on-demand fabrication as ways to reduce overhead and simplify operations … With MakeTime, it’s easy. You just upload your parts, set your specifications and you’re good to go.” Nazareth Ekmekjian, Piaggio Fast Forward
  17. 17. 18 Twitter: @ReneeYao1Twitter: @ReneeYao1 DEEP LEARNING FOR FASHION SPOTTING Deep Learning Powered Trends Spotting and Analysis for Fashion and Beauty -Financial Times, July 2017 DL for Better Generalization Details Model Architectures: - In-house Architecture Based on ResNet and DenseNet - In-house Training Methods + Transfer Learning Frameworks: • Keras: Fast Prototyping and Classification Tasks • TensorFlow: Flexibility for More Complex Models (Detection, Segmentation, Metric Learning)
  18. 18. 19 Twitter: @ReneeYao1Twitter: @ReneeYao1 DEEP LEARNING FOR FASHION SPOTTING Deep Learning Powered Trends Spotting and Analysis for Fashion and Beauty -Financial Times, July 2017 Image Pipeline Details Training Data: • Classification/Localization/Se gmentation: ~1000 training examples per class • 40k in-house images Training: 8 TitanX Pascal Inference: AWS GPU Instance Results: • 96% Accuracy in Precise Localization and Segmentation of Handbags and Clothes
  20. 20. 21 Twitter: @ReneeYao1 AI RESOURCES Deep Learning Institute Training Material Hands-on Labs Self-paced Courses Nanodegree Programs Two Days To A Demo Getting Started with AI Is Easier Than You Think. Develop Your First Demo with Jetson embedded/twodaystoademo Inception Access to NVIDIA Tech GPU and AI Experts Global Marketing/Sales GPU Venture Introduction GTC GTC Is the Largest and Most Important Event Of The Year For GPU Developers AI RESOURCES