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Nahdet El Mahrousa's Incubator Information session

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Nahdet El Mahrousa’s (NM) flagship program, Incubator of Early-stage Innovative Social Enterprises, has officially opened its 5th Round of incubation and the 2nd this year and we’re very excited for what’s to come!

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Nahdet El Mahrousa's Incubator Information session

  1. 1. Starting with Egypt
  2. 2. What We Will Cover What is Social Entrepreneurship/Enterprise What is a Social Entrepreneur Social Entrepreneurship in Egypt…What it is NOT NM Incubation Application
  3. 3. What is Social Entrepreneurship/Enterprise
  4. 4. What is a Social Entrepreneur A social entrepreneur is someone who can demonstrate entrepreneurship by taking an existing organization in new directions or helping it become more effective, expanding its reach, etc. Sometimes referred to as ‘intrapreneurs,’ these individuals are equally important to social innovation and development. Ehaab Abdou, founder of NM
  5. 5. Social Entrepreneurship in Egypt…What it is NOT
  6. 6. At NM, We Believe In… Creating Investing inlasting solutions to Building our young Egyptians’ country social problems through talent & from new ideas creativity within
  7. 7. What We Do? Identify innovative social IDEAS INCUBATE social start- ups & enterprises Build a social entrepreneurship ECOSYSTEM
  8. 8. Some of our incubated Social Start upsEducation .Agriculture . Covering the fields of: Public Health . Arts & Culture R&D . Employment . Technology . Environment Citizenship . Civic Engagement
  9. 9. NM Ecosystem PartnershipsIncubation & Support Social Egyptian Education Innovation for & Employment Employment AllianceEntrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur Social Research/ Education Legal Assessment of Framework for Social Entrepreneurship in Egypt
  10. 10. Our Partners
  11. 11. NM’s Incubator is for you
  12. 12. NM’s Incubator is NOT for you × You’re expecting funding ONLY × You don’t have a clear idea and haven’t done enough research on the solution you’re proposing
  13. 13. Overview of ApplicationSocial Startup Name: AthmarIndustry: AgricultureThe Social Issue: The increased use of fertilizer, the decrease in crop production, high food prices andreliance on imports have jeopardized the food security in Egypt. Furthermore, the fertilizer consumptionin Egypt was 48.52 in 2009 and The Crop production index in Egypt was last reported at 105.69 in2010, according to a World Bank report published in 2012.Social Startup Summary: Athmar provides expert farming solutions for small and medium scale farmersin Egypt. The first product is an enhanced-efficiency fertilizer designed to deliver the exact nutrientsneeded by the crop thus avoiding waste and increasing productivity. This will include a patentednanotechnology that increases efficiency by 40% over traditional fertilizers and increases productivity byat least 7%. Farmers will benefit from a cleaner environment and premium post-harvested products withless chemical residue. Athmar will beat out other fertilizers in the market by: minimizing nutrientloss, improving crop nutrition and reducing the cost per acre.Social Business Model: Initially, we will offer premium consulting services to the private corporationsand international organizations involved in the field of sustainable agriculture. We are looking to furtherdevelop our model with the help of NM.Problem Statement & Research Quantitative supportVision & Mission & Goal CompetitionProduct & Benefit Revenue-generation
  14. 14. Overview of an Anti-ApplicationSocial Startup Name: Ma2ashaIndustry: CleaningThe Social Issue: Egyptians are unhygienic and the country has excess trash everywhere.Social Startup Summary: Post-25th January, the people of Egypt began to have a strong senseof belonging to their country. They cleaned Tahrir Square as well as their ownstreets, schools, compounds etc. But it didn’t stop here, they also planted trees and paintedpavements. This is a strong indicator that my project will work. I already have a booth in AUCwhich managed to gain quick popularity; I have a total of 5 volunteers now. There are othersimilar projects around Cairo such as Clean up Egypt but none in Alexandria so I will start apilot in Alexandria.Social Business Model: We will depend on the CSR of private companies, including Vodafoneand British Petroleum, we already have contacts there. We will also rely on funds fromfriends and family for the 1st 6 months of the project.
  15. 15. Round 5 Application & Selection Process 17th December Call for Information Final Round ofApplications Session Interviews 20/11 28/11 6/12 18/12 4,5/1 8/1 Information Screening & Announcement Session Short listing of Winners20th November 8th January
  16. 16. The Incubator Model Capacity Building •“Nahdetna” •“Mentor El Mahrousa” Spin Off Application Technical & Selection Infrastructure Support • Incubator • Legal umbrella• Call for application assistance • Shared equipped • Technical office space• Filtration & selection consultations • HR services • Performance Network •IT infrastructure• Announcement of • Determine legal management frameworkwinners • Implement • Networking & partnering sustainability plan events • “Monthly Mondays” • “Salon El Mahrousa” • Media/network exposure • Resources & opportunities