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26th Regional Meeting of the Regional Director and WHO Representatives

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JPRM review

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26th Regional Meeting of the Regional Director and WHO Representatives

  1. 1. 26th Regional Meeting of the Regional Director and WHO Representatives and Regional Office staff
  2. 2. Suggestion for improvement  Briefing notes should be relevant to the context of the country and feasibility of implementation;  CCS should be used as a platform for developing the JPRM;  The preparatory work needs to be more strategic in terms of briefing the counterparts about the global and regional health agendas discussed and agreed by the governing bodies;  A larger mission should be organized that engages donors and others sectors (wider than just MOH) that presents new directions in overall WHO programmes, critical appraisal of country and perspectives for collaboration.
  3. 3. Composition of JPRM Team  The profile required for the JPRM team should be:  Senior staff members, comprehending country context and sensitivities;  Have wider public health knowledge in order to discuss/defend the whole plan;  Worked in health systems of developing countries, field experience and have knowledge of evolving health challenges in the region and have in engaged in that respective countries CCS;  Chosen through a dialogue with the WR;  Conversant in the language of the respective country and should have a basic understanding of health and human rights, gender equity and results based management;  Have good communication and negotiation skills, specifically dealing with conflict resolution;  Have HQ, RO and CO representation (WRs from neighboring country and from other regions could also be included).
  4. 4. Suggestion for improving the JPRM Report  Should be concise, structured, summarizing achievements and/or a short executive summary may be used as a reference for executives or use the CCS;  An enhancement of GSM Workplanner module is needed to enable WROs to generate the JPRM report in a standard format.
  5. 5. Alternatives to JPRM 1. JPRMs would be an operationalization of the CCS, based on an evaluation of the progress made in the previous biennium available/expected resources, emerging priorities and opportunities; 2. WRO and MOH would prepare workplans and send them for review to RO.