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  1. A step towards Sustainable development Art Education Creating Best Out Of Waste Material In-charge Prof Namita S.Sahare Student Representative: Pallavi Choudhari Shweta Mahapure
  2. 1. Lotus:- Eco-friendly, durable for years as decorative item, made from pista shell, paper, glue, colour. Procedure- first colour the pista shell dry them properly and ten stick on round hard sheet with glue in a circle, then stick finally green colour paper as leaf. 2. Ganesha :- Eco-friendly Ganesh, durable, for years (keep away from moisture), paper mash and white mud. Procedure- soak newspaper for 24 hours mix with white mud. It is like a clay from this prepare stomach, hands, head, stick and sun dry. 3. Letter Box:- Eco-friendly Procedure- take waste box and made cylinder, base, cap, colour with poster colour. Use as teaching aid.
  3. 1. Doll Dress- Made of water Bottle cut, Paper Cup , Newspaper, Tissue paper and Plastic Strips 2. Photo Frame- It is made of DVD cover , flower made of polythene( carry bags), newspapers roses, bangles
  4.  Use of disposable cups and bottles to create basket , wall clock, vase
  5.  Creating threads of hey and knitting them in the shape of circular basket and covering it with used gift wraps.
  6. Items- waste bangles. Procedure- 1.Collect old colourful bangles. 2.Stick them with the help of fevicol on top of each others. 3.Let them dry overnight.
  7. Items- Waste CD’s , decorative beads. Procedure- 1.Cutouts of CD’s. 2.Paste according to ganesha shape. 3. Decorate with beads.
  8. Item Name- Photo frame border, bangles, Decorative bottle Procedure:- Photo frame border- 1.Cut the egg cartons in the shape of petals. Stick them in the form of rose petals. 2.Colour with fabric colour 1. Stick to photo frame forming borders. Bangles- 1.Cut the plastic bottle in rings. 2.Decorate rings with lace. Decorative Bottles- 1.Paint the bottle with fabric colour. 2.Stick the decorative page. 3.Apply mod podge all over for matte finish
  9. Procedure- 1.Take three waste plastic bottles. Cut them. 2.Fix the bottle pots to rope and tie it to the broken or waste hanger. 3.Put soil in the pots and plant small plants in it. Uses- 1. We can hang it in home at window. 2. We can plant small plants and can have a beautiful hanging garden.
  10. Material - Newspaper, Decorative beads , Plastic spoon, lamp. Procedure:- Newspaper Wall piece - 1.Make small and big roles of newspaper. 2.Stick them with glue in descending order. Make a support of card sheet paper. 3. Colour with acrelic colour. And decorate with decorative beads. Plastic spoon lamp- 1.Cut the spoon upto the heads. 2.Paint them with acrelic colour. 3.Stick them around lamp to form lotus petals.