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Managing work flow- ppt

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Managing work flow- ppt

  1. 1. Managing work flow Trainers’ expo, 9 July 2014
  2. 2. “Anything that causes you to overreact or underreact controls you and often does” David Allen
  3. 3. What--- Bugs/ nags you? Interests you? Distracts you?  Projects at Hand? Ideas/ Innovations?
  4. 4. Getting Started Office Home Up and about
  5. 5. Transformation of Stuff- 4 stages of mastering work flow C- collect O- organize R- Review D- Do
  6. 6. Collect
  7. 7. Important aspects Collection tools Physical and mental sweep 100 percent incompletes High tech devices
  8. 8. Organize
  9. 9. How---- Processing stuff Actionable vs non actionable Project list/ project support list horizontal vs vertical focus
  10. 10. Review
  11. 11. Involves Weekly checklists Daily check lists  Dumping day Thinking ahead  Questions “ clean, clear, current ,complete”
  12. 12. Do
  13. 13. How? Monotasking vs multi tasking The Pomodoro Technique Batching of tasks The Big Rocks Interruptions  Action management  Going Dark
  14. 14. Some Final Points  Meetings  JIT vs JIC Information  Learn to be difficult when it counts  Overcome the comfort challenge  Use of automation  Planned vs ideal day
  15. 15. “Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning” Winston Churchill
  16. 16. My deal for you all---- Thank You- Questions?