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Spectacle & Commodification

Pecha Kucha at Lancaster University with DJCAD

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Spectacle & Commodification

  1. 1. Natasha Carolan | HighWire Doctoral Training Centre | @natashacarolan
  2. 2. N I G ESD
  3. 3. R E TU AC UF ANM
  5. 5. M A NU A F T C N IG E UR SDE Digitisation M A NU A F T C N IG E UR S DE Convergence CONSUMER CULTURE M A NU A F T C N IG E UR S DE
  6. 6. Digitisation and convergence in adigital consumer culture is redefiningorganisation and practice.
  7. 7. Service Personal Designer Manufacturer Retail Manufacturer Community
  8. 8. SpectacleConsumer experience Data driven Intuitive ‘Through the combination of innovative and emerging design and manufacturing technologies, a new bespoke industrial design methodology is Commoditsed emerging whereby there will be the ability for Service individuals to cost effectively control the design and Generative of individual customised products. manufacture Consumer App (Campbell, Hague, Sener, Wormald, 2003) Co-creation Embodied Bounded Interactive Personalised Parameterised
  9. 9. It is possible to create an experienceor process of designing and makingthat people will consume as acommodity or experience in itself.
  10. 10. ‘Value co-creation... (Prahalad & Ramswawmy, 2000)‘...the co-creation economy is about experimentingwith new possibilities for value creation that are basedon the expropriation of free cultural, technological,social, and affective labor of the consumer masses.’ (Zwick, Bonsu, & Darmody, 2008) ‘Self-service economies’ (Gershuny, 1978)
  11. 11. FRSTEEFRSTEE: Festively RenderedSnowman from Tweets(Enjoyed by Elves)
  12. 12. Sketch ChairDiatom StudioSketch Chair
  13. 13. Nervous SystemsNervous SystemsJewellery
  14. 14. Pop-up store