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ZEN Petroleum
Summary Company Profile
Formed to service the needs of mining compa-
nies and bulk industrial users ...
*Formerly traded as Holman Petroleum LTD *Formerly traded as Holman Petroleum LTD
We provide end-to-end fuel solutions to ...
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Voluntary Project for Zen Petroleum

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Voluntary Project for Zen Petroleum

  1. 1. ZEN Petroleum Summary Company Profile History Formed to service the needs of mining compa- nies and bulk industrial users of petroleum prod- ucts in the West African region. ZEN has successfully earned a reputaion for the supply of superior petroleum products and services with our international trading parteners BP. Our goal is to be the most effective supplier of quality fuel, lubricants and related services to our customers and the most cost efficient. Ownership and Management ZEN is a wholly West African owned company, with experienced and dedicated management. Our team consists of seasoned industry professionals as well as young enthusiastic Ghanaians, all passionate about delivering the best possible solutions to demanding customer needs. Focused on delivering on our promis- es. We want people to say “Zen Petroleum is great company” and to be recognised as the most respected company in West Africa. About ZEN Alliances ZEN Petroleum has a strategic alliance with BP international sourcing high quality fuels into West Africa. ZEN is the authorised Castrol Lubricants distributor in Ghana, importing lubricants from BP South Africa.WearCheck Ghana is ZEN’s partner in offering condition monitoring, fuel and lubricant testing with the only state of the art laboratory facility in Tarkwa, Ghana. *Formerly traded as Holman Petroleum LTD 13 Patrice Lumumber Road, Airport Residential Area, P.O.Box CT 3695 Cantonments Accra, Ghana. Tel: +233 302 216 660 SUSTAINABILITY ZEN Petroleum has a responsibil- ity to conduct operations in a manner that is safe for our people, protective of the environment and society. Corporate responsibilty is embedded into our business strategy, not only because it is the right thing to do but also because it brings sustainability to our business. As a locally owned and managed company, we consider the communities in which we operate as part of our people. They give us the special license we need to operate in the areas that we do business. ZEN preserves and extends our commitment to conduct a responsible business - with our Z2C(ZEN 2 Community) programs. ZEN embraces diversity - the mixture of cultures, ideas and perspectives. This allows us to envision our clients’ needs better and respond to them with greater creativity and innovation. Training and empowerment is core to ZEN, in fact perfecting the skills of our people contributes to our core value of continuous improvement of our business. Safety First Safety must always come first and takes precedence over the attainment of all other objectives. We believe that the safe way to do things is the best and most effective way in the long run. Respect the Individual We are group of dedicated, hardworking, ordinary people who have teamed together to accomplish extraordinary things. We have very different backgrounds, colors and beliefs but we believe that every individual deserves to be treated with respect. Strive for Excellence New ideas and goals make us reach further than ever before. We are therefore always trying to find new and innovative ways to push our boundaries and constantly improve. Respect the environment We are very much aware of our responsibilty towards our operating environment and always seek to improve our processes to prevent pollution, minimize waste production, increase our carbon efficiency and make efficient use of natural resources. Our Values
  2. 2. *Formerly traded as Holman Petroleum LTD *Formerly traded as Holman Petroleum LTD We provide end-to-end fuel solutions to mining companies and other bulk users. We also can source and distribute high specification fuels and lubricants, build and manage fuel depots and offer lube sampling analysis. In the last 5 years, we have established ourselves as the one-stop partner of choice for mining companies with our dedicated pan-African team and highest health,safety,security and environmental standards. Products and Services In addtion to our high quality fuels and Castrol Lubricants, we offer a wide range of value added services including mobile fuel storage, state of the art fuel depots with bottom loading gantries, advanced filtration systems, trouble-shooting expertise and advanced product analysis laboratories. Future With ZEN Petroleum firmly established as the leading supplier of high specification lower sulphur fuel and lubricants in Ghana, we plan to deliver the same high standards and services to become the undisputed leaders and partner of choice in West Africa. We will achieve this with our strategic partnership alliances with BP International, Castrol lubricants and Wearcheck. ZEN is fully committed to working closely with our customers to continueoffering innovative solutions to the challenges of operating in West Africa. The future is ZEN. Acheivements With our local and dedicated team backed up by experienced management with international expertise, we are able to respond quickly to our customers needs and have acheived substantial success in winning long term fuel and lubricant contracts by offering a guarantee of product availability to the most remote regions. ZEN Petroleum LTD An Oil Marketing Company operating in Ghana, Mali and Burkina Faso Overall PerformanceOverview * ZEN Petroleum has been in opeation since 2010. * Partnership with BP International to ensure consistent supply of high quality fuels. * Largest supplier to mines in Ghana. * Supplied over 100 million litres of clean high specification diesel to mining and other industrial consumers in 2013. * Offers a complete range of fuel additives for mines. * Fuel Management. * Sole distributors of Castrol lubricants in Ghana. * Offers lube sampling services via WearCheck Ghana from laboratory in Tarkwa. * Invest in on-site infrastructure. * On course for ISO certification. * Logistics Management * Comprehensive transport management plan * On-line fuel Stock Monitoring Tool available for all mining and bulk consumers. * Power solutions. At a Glance TURNOVER $180 Million TOTAL FTE 106 TOTAL STORAGE BY ARRAGEMENT Tema: 50,000MT Takoradi: 30,000MT DIRECTORS Dominique Konate (Chairman) William Tewiah Kwame Asamoah Kweku Aggrey-Orleans Douglas MacArthur COUNTRIES OF OPERATION Ghana 13 Patrice Lumumba Road Airport Residential Area CT3695 Cantonments, Accra Mali Cite de Niger 3 Bamako Burkina Faso Ouagadougou 01 01 BP 4387 Ouaga 200 Zone B Area Plans to set up within 6 months Liberia Cote d’Ivoire Guinea Other country Sierra-Leone BEST OF BOTH WORLDS An Indigenous Ghanaian company with international and experienced senior management combined with 75 years mining experience in West Africa. CUSTOMERS INCLUDE Goldfields Ghana Keegan Resources Azuma Resources Endeavour Mining African Mining Services Ghana Manganese Ltd Jan de Nul