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Whatsapp Development

  1. WhatsApp Features
  2. 2 Messages Types
  3. 3 Formatted Messages Contains the text of the message, which can contain URLs and formatting.
  4. 4 Interactive Buttons
  5. 5 Reply Button with Template Reply buttons are particularly valuable for ‘personalized’ use cases where a generic response is not adequate.
  6. 6 Interactive Message List • Interactive messages can be combined together in the same flow. • Users cannot select more than one option at the same time from a list or button message, but they can go back and re-open a previous message. • List or reply button messages cannot be used as notifications. Currently, they can only be sent within 24 hours of the last message sent by the user. If you try to send a message outside the 24-hour window, you get an error message. • Supported platforms: iOS, Android, and web.
  7. 7 Location Message • Location Message are helpful to send geolocation of a place via Latitude and Longitude. • Location Message sends a map object pointed to the marked location. • This object can be opened in the Google Maps for navigation and native Google Map features.
  8. 8 Media Messages • Media Messages are useful to send messages containing audio, documents, images, stickers, or videos to your customers. • WhatsApp API supports sending and receiving media messages with WhatsApp users. The API works like sending MMS messages, however there are some rules and restrictions that are unique to WhatsApp. unlike MMS, a WhatsApp media message can only contain one media attachment. Any additional attachments will be ignored.
  9. Conclusion 9 We hope you found the presentation useful and informative. Looking forward in serving you better. Thank You for your time!