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Data-driven site selection: How understanding consumer movement drives Little Caesars' expansion plan

  1. Session sponsored by: Data-driven site selection: How understanding consumer movement drives Little Caesars’ expansion plan Brad Puckett Director, Market Intelligence Planning Little Caesars Cate Zovod VP, Product & Industry Marketing Near
  2. 2 Site Selection Is a Critical Decision for Restaurants Success isn’t guaranteed 30% of U.S. restaurants fail within their first year Investment is huge Many QSRs require $1MM+ to open a new location Choose the site with the best chance of success
  3. Old Methods of Site Selection Fall Short Rules of thumb don’t account for differences in markets 1-3-5 mile radius doesn’t reflect actual trade areas Consumer surveys aren’t scalable & get stale quickly 1-3-5 mile radius for locations near NYC vs. actual visitor home locations 1-mile radius in the Bronx
  4. The New Approach to Site Selection Is Using Human Movement Data Understand Competitor Trade Areas Get Insights by Time of Day / Day of Week Highly active in lunch hours Relatively quiet in lunch hours See the Busiest Parts of Shopping Centers
  5. 5 Multiple Sources of Raw Data Processing and Contextualization Refined Data Supply Location Intelligence What Is Human Movement Data? Powerful data on people and places to understand consumer patterns, origin, profiles and more Focus on Quality Near discards as much as 75% of the data entering our doors
  6. Case Study: How Data Drives Little Caesars Expansion Plan
  7. 7 Little Caesars: Poised for Growth
  8. 8 Expansion Goals Maximize ROI across new locations Scale efforts for significant global expansion in next 5 years Minimize cannibalization for existing stores
  9. Challenges
  10. 10 The Challenges Standard minimum space between locations misses market nuances Global expansion with more than 150 team members involved Need partners that can help with accuracy & scalability
  11. Solution
  12. 12 1. Get more granular information for gap analysis 2. Understand cannibalization potential based on true trade areas 3. Scale data usage to a large, international team working on expansion Why Human Movement Data?
  13. 13 1. Focus on Quality Data, not only Quantity 2. Precise vs. Point and Radius Polygons 3. Globally-Sourced Data Plus, Privacy-Compliant & Using Transparent Methodology What Did We Look for in Human Movement Data Sources?
  14. What We Wanted to Learn from Human Movement Data
  15. 15 Questions Human Movement Data Can Answer in Site Selection Site’s potential trade area? Where do customers live and work? Performanc e by day of week? Performanc e by time of day? Affinity brands my customers like? Highest foot traffic area of a shopping center? And more…
  16. 16 The Questions We Focused On For Our Expansion Strategy Root the growth strategy with a deep understanding of customers and markets: Where are there gaps in markets that could make good locations? What are common demographic traits of successful markets? How could new locations impact existing locations (cannibalization)?
  17. The Process
  18. 18 The Process Evaluation of existing markets Perform a gap analysis using Near data Strategic Market Planning
  19. 19 Impact Analysis
  20. Results
  21. 21 Results Human movement data has helped Little Caesars: Identify a significant number of opportunities across the country Empower 150 employees globally with data for planning Share valuable information with franchisees to help them decide whether to expand
  22. 22 Future Goals? Utilize data around affinity reports and more towards marketing strategy Roll out this data & site selection process globally Use the data to identify and validate new global markets for expansion
  23. Getting Started
  24. 24 More Ways Restaurants Can Use Human Movement Data Performing market research Serving location-based advertising Measuring & quantifying ROI Offering personalized experiences Understanding cannibalization potential Getting deeper location insights And more… Enhancing customer profiles Generating competitive intelligence
  25. 25 Near’s Enterprise Solutions for People, Places and Products Data Intelligence Platform Built on Near’s unified persistent identifiers, 250+ consumer enrichments and billions of visits to 20M POIs globally Lens of Places for Operational Intelligence Lens of People and Products for Marketing Intelligence Turn to our shared source of truth for consumer behavior data across multiple departments. Near products provide actionable insights to give you the confidence to make data-driven decisions.
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  27. Thank You Connect with us at From inception, the Near Platform has followed a privacy-led design. All incoming data streams to the platform are consensual. We are GDPR compliant, and the platform has built-in processes to forget and purge user data on requests. Read the complete privacy policy at 27