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Why Influencer Marketing?

  2. INFLUENCER MARKETING Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on using key leaders to drive your brand’s message to the larger market. Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, you instead inspire / hire / pay influencers to get out the word for you. definition
  3. Why Influencer Marketing ? 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations Use generated content is 50% more trusted by internet users than traditional media Consumers are 71% more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals 81% of U.S. consumers trust advice and information from blogs
  4. INFLUENCER MARKETING Generates 2xthe sales of paidadvertising Can increasebrand market share byas much as10% SALES MARKETSHARE RECOMMENDATIONSWORD-OF-MOUTH Results in recommenda- tions up to50x more likely to trigger apurchase Generates 3xmore “word-of-mouth” messages Source: McKinsey is here tohelp
  7. Remember, infiuence is contextual and don’t mistake popularity for infiuence Focus on the depth and credibility of their networks Be sure to look at the influencer persona (e.g. blogger, analyst, mum etc) and their affinities
  8. MAP
  9. Network maps are a great way of visualisingand understanding a community of influencers See the connections between stakeholders, and how far their infiuence reaches Illustrate the social landscape of yourbrand
  10. LISTEN
  11. Listen to what your influencers have to say to make sure you tailor your messaging Understand who your most influential audiences are and what they’re focussed on Identify new engagement opportunities and stay abreast of the latest developments
  12. ENGAGE
  13. Align your content strategy with your influencer engagement strategy Define your outreach channels and the frequency of communication ahead of time Ensure your engagement is personal, influencer marketing is all about building relationships
  15. Define one clear outcome and up to three Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the success Forget about social scores, look for more mature datato prove that your influencing works Focus on engagement rather than potentialimpressions
  16. SCALE
  17. Use content to build interest rapidly among your influencer communities Find new influencer but be sure to maintain and amplify existing relationships Automate tracking and the surfacing of engagement opportunities, to create an always-on program
  18. Youshoulduseinfluencer marketing because It’s more authentic than an ad It’s more cost effective than other marketing channels It’s an easy way to build trust It provides access to a large audience It’s a way to create real-time engagement Youcan effectively win over a new target audience It provides sharable content for exponential results
  19. Case Studies
  20. – the most important YouTuber in the world – teamed up with the makers of a horror film set in the French catacombs under Paris, creating a series of videos in which he underwent challenges in the catacombs. It was pitch-perfect content for PewDiePie’s 27 million subscribers, and received nearly double the views as the movie’s trailer. Everybody won. PewDiePie Influencer: PewDiePiew Subscribers: 27 milion Brand: As Above, So Below (film)
  21. Meghan McCarthy Walmart found that Meghan McCarthy – a famous vine – was among one of the top Millennial influencers and partnered with her to integrate their promotion into her daily conversations. Posting on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, Meghan put her stamp of approval and explained exactly why her audience should care about the promotion. Her posts garnered hundreds of follow up posts and tweets, the partnership with Meghan made an impact like no TV commercial campaign ever would. Influencer: Meghan McCarthy Followers: 643,287 Brand: Walmart Source:
  22. Travelocity was the world’s first online travel agency, inspiring millions to take control of their travel and champion their own journeys. But as more companies have entered the online travel agency fold, customer experiences in this arena are gaining a reputation for being a bit too transactional. Enter influencer marketing. Travelocity set out to reverse these negative customer perceptions by creating an influencer community of travel experts, known as The Gnational Gnomads. Through community engagement and monitoring, Travelocity sought to impact customers in an authentic way. By utilizing influencer marketing best practices, Travelocity has been a key component in humanizing travel planning for customers. This has been a huge success due to community management, ongoing engagement, and real relationship-building.
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