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Emails - Paper Model Contest

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Emails - Paper Model Contest

  2. 2. The print screen above is the email I had sent to Mrs Saroya, which consists of the first draft letter that I had written toinform Year 7’s and their tutor group about the Paper Model contest, as part of promoting our campaign. In MrsSaroya’s reply, she had suggested me to change the way in which set-up this campaign. After talking to her about it, meand my group had decided on holding this Paper Model contest between the seven Year 7 form groups, as a year groupcompetition, instead of having two from each group participating. We also decided on collecting recycled paper fromthe school, divide them into seven bundles and give each bundle to each form, from which they have to make theirpaper model. I think this was a better idea, as all forms would have to use the same amount of paper and worktogether to make a paper model.
  3. 3. This is the second draft letter in which I had edited my first draft letter. The changes in this letter werethe changes that we had made. I have mentioned that the whole class has to work together to create apaper model out of the amount of paper that we give them. This was the final draft.
  4. 4. This was the email thatI had sent to all the year7 tutorgroups, informing themabout the Paper ModelContest. I had to changethe dates in the finaldraft. I had to move ourPaper Week , a weekforward due to lack oftime and preparationwe had. On Tuesday17th April I had sentthem this email. I haveattached the poster Ihad created as well asthe PowerPoint that Ihad edited afterMichael.
  5. 5. A day before the PaperWeek was ending, andthe collection of thePaper Models, I hadsent out a reminderemails to all the year 7tutor group remindingthem of their deadline.