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Prince of India | Indian Food Restaurant in Germany

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Looking for authentic Indian food in Germany? Prince of India is a leading Restaurant chain serves you finest dining with tasty and traditional Indian Food in Germany. For more details visit at

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Prince of India | Indian Food Restaurant in Germany

  1. 1. Welcome To
  2. 2. About Us Prince of India is a casual dining chain of Indian restaurants in Germany known for its exceptionality and a touch of simplicity that is as unique as is the name. We take pride in offering delicious Traditional Indian food in our Restaurants at FRANKFURT, MANNHEIM, STUTTGART & MANNHEIM with exotic picks from the regions of Punjab and the Mughal Era. We bring to you a wide series of authentic amritsari food, mouth watering kebabs and tikkas, tandoori dishes etc. Try traditional Punjabi cuisine at our authentic Amritsari food restaurant in Germany. For more info on Germany Mughlai Cuisine Restaurants visit
  3. 3. Welcome To
  4. 4. Prince Of India Stuttgart We take pride in offering tasty Traditional Indian food in our Restaurants at Stuttgart near train station with exotic picks from the regions of Punjab and the Mughal Era. BUFFET TIME FROM TUESDAY TILL FRIDAY 12:00 – 14:30H (NOT VALID ON PUBLIC & BANK HOLIDAYS) VEGETARIAN BUFFET 6,00 € P.P. NON VEG. BUFFET 6,90 € P.P. OPENING HOURS MONDAY 17:00-23:30H TUESDAY-SUNDAY 11:30-15:00H & 17:00-23:30H
  5. 5. Prince Of India Stuttgart
  6. 6. Welcome To
  7. 7. Prince Of India Frankfurt Get the more information on location and menu served by Indisches Restaurant Frankfurt near train station from BUFFET TIME MONDAY TILL FRIDAY (NOT VALID ON PUBLIC & BANK HOLIDAYS) SALAD BUFFET 5,90 € VEGETARIAN BUFFET 6,90 € NON VEG. BUFFET 7,90 € LUNCH MENU SATURDAY 11:30-15:00
  8. 8. Prince Of India Frankfurt
  9. 9. Welcome To mannheim.html
  10. 10. Prince Of India Mannheim Enjoy authentic Indian food in traditional ambience at Indisches restaurant Mannheim near train station. At our Restaurants we serve up fresh & healthy Indian cuisine. BUFFET TIME LUNCH ONLY MONDAY-SATURDAY 12:00-14:30H VEG -6,90€ | NON VEG -6,90€ BUFFET DINNER WEDNESDAY & SUNDAY 18:00-22:00H PER PERSON 11,90€ OPENING HOURS MONDAY-SUNDAY 11:30-15:00H | 17:00-23:30H
  11. 11. Prince Of India Mannheim
  12. 12. Welcome To mannheim.html
  13. 13. House Of India Mannheim House of India is an unique Restaurants for Indian Food in Mannheim, Germany mannheim.html giving you experience to have it again and again. BUFFET TIME LUNCH BUFFET TUESDAY-FRIDAY 11:30 -14:30H PER PERSON 6,90€ DINNER BUFFET ONLY THURSDAY 18:00-22:00H PER PERSON 12,90€ OPENING HOURS MONDAY 17:00-23:30HRS TUESDAY-SUNDAY 11:30-15:00H | 17:00-23:00H
  14. 14. House Of India Mannheim
  15. 15. Contact us at Try our Indian food takeaway at our dining outlets at Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Mannheim. Contact Us for more details on Traditional Punjabi Cuisine in Germany
  16. 16. Thanks for Visiting Us