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Jonath Colon, President, Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber, Microenterprise Development

Jonath Colon of the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber presents on Microenterprise Development at Neighborhood Partnerships' 2016 RE:Conference

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Jonath Colon, President, Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber, Microenterprise Development

  1. 1. 2016 RE:Conference November 15, 2016
  2. 2. MissionMission To work with all members of the community to increase the economic advancement of Latinos in Oregon and SW Washington VisionVision To bridge the economic and educational gaps experienced by Latinos in Oregon and S.W. Washington through •develop future generations •prepare emerging leaders •increase wealth and assets
  3. 3. MEMBERSHIP -900 Members - One of the largest Chambers in Oregon/SW Washington - Largest Hispanic Chamber in the Northwest - 501c3 – Non-profit Organization
  4. 4. HispanicHispanic ChamberChamber Board of DirectorsBoard of Directors
  5. 5. Strategic Approach:Strategic Approach: • Business Assistance • Scholarships • Leadership
  6. 6. Business Technical Assistance One-on-one bilingual, bicultural support
  7. 7. Technical Assitance • Businesses Served • 3,500 businesses since 2003 (417 this yr.) • 81% Latino • 46% Women owned • 96% of Latino Business are 5 or less employees • Financial transactions $11,039,238 YTD (Since 2003) $500,000 dollars this year • 2,300 Total Jobs Impacted
  8. 8. Business: Pacific Greywater Transport Owners: Álvaro Hernandez Location: Portland, Or Type of Business: Graywater disposal service Assistance with: •Business Registration •Business Plan Development •Contract Development •Market Research •Financial Projection Outcome: •Purchase of Company Vehicle •Purchase of Specialty Equipment •Capital Injection of $10,000
  9. 9. Business: Angele’s Janitorial LLC Owners: Miguel Mendoza Suarez Location: Vancouver, WA Type of Business: Janitorial services Assistance with: •License and Permits •Bidding and Negotiation of contract •Business Plan •Insurance and Bonding •Identify Contract Opportunities Outcome: •Increased Contracts •Master Contract with Fortune 500 company •Resulting in commercial contract with National Retail Value Village •Two Pending Proposal with National Retail – Ross For Less
  10. 10. Business: El Pilion, LLC Owners: Fernando Montagut Location: Portland Type of Business: Colombia Food Cart Assistance with: •Business Plan Development •Financial Literacy •Financial Projection •Financial Strategies •IDA Account •Market Research Outcome: •Profitable in first year •Obtained Kiva Loan •Obtained Loan from local credit union •Created two new jobs •Capital Injection of $18,000
  11. 11. Business: PDX Bouncy Houses, LLC Owners: Alma Franco Location: Portland, Or Type of Business: Rental of Inflatables Assistance with: •Business Formation •Business Plan •Marketing Strategy •Created website •IDA program Outcome: •Purchase of Inventory o Five industrial quality inflatables o Cargo van o Generators and other equipment •Capital Injection of $12,000
  12. 12. Business: EverGreen Cleaning Services LLC Owners: Felipe Tzuc Location: Portland Type of Business: Janitorial services Assistance with: •Business Registration •Negotiation of bid contract •IDA Account •Financial Strategies Outcome: •Purchase of Company Vehicle •Secure Commercial Contract •Hired two employees •Improve his monthly cash flow •Capital Injection of $30,000
  13. 13. Business: Tito’s Burritos Owners: Manuel Gallegos Location: Portland, Or Type of Business: Restaurant Assistance with: •License and Permits •Lease Negotiation •Business Plan Outcome: Transitioned to Brick and Mortar Hired Three Employees Capital Injection of $50,000 NEW BRICK AND MORTAR One of the city’s oldest FoodCart moves to Brick and Mortar
  14. 14. Financial Support to Students- $2.8 MFinancial Support to Students- $2.8 M – $2,065,750 of scholarships to 738 students since 1996 – $178,700 Awarded to 55 students in May 2016 – $ 599,988 in IDAs YTD (2 years) 2015 Scholarship Recipients2015 Scholarship Recipients
  15. 15. Educational Partners
  16. 16. Leadership Development ProgramLeadership Development Program 11th Class of 25 Participants – 200 Participates YTD
  17. 17. WHY? • Businesses- Increasing Income, Long term wealth creation, Job Creation • Students- Higher Skills =Higher wages • Leadership- Positioning for increased income and policy positions
  18. 18. Thank You for Helping UsThank You for Helping Us Invest in Oregon’s FutureInvest in Oregon’s Future