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The Rise of Micro Networks at Events

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Event apps have long been stagnant in terms of innovation. Adoption howers around 38-40% per latest CEIR research and everybody wants engagement.
Welcome to Skoop, where we build year round private social networks that double as event apps as well.
It's the future of mobile app technology for events like trade shows, conferences, conventions and large or small industry events.

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The Rise of Micro Networks at Events

  1. 1. The Rise of Micro Networks In The Events Industry Skoop’s Private Social Networks
  2. 2. The Purpose of Social Networks Is To Connect With Each Other and Stay Intimately Relevant. However, noise is starting to supersede relevancy and will continue to drive down quality engagement.
  3. 3. The World Is Increasingly Moving To Mobile As a Means To Staying Connected.
  4. 4. • This is the world we live in today. • With so many rules to follow, powerful and intimate community engagement is declining fast. • Noise continues to grow and relevancy continues to drop. • There is an interesting trend in the world today; humanity is starting to grow weary of the issues above and psychologically reverting back to smaller more intimate communities. • The rise of micro networks has begun and the events space is ripe for year round intimate communities. However, noise is starting to supersede relevancy and will continue to drive down quality engagement.
  5. 5. Data Point Growth in $ Spend on Social Media Just to Get Noticed In The Next Few Years (2015-2018) 10x
  6. 6. What exactly are Micro Event Based Networks? How are they different from social networks? Micro Macro
  7. 7. Why Own A Private Micro Social Network or Community? User Generated/Curated Content You OWN the data Hyper-Relevancy Private and Intimate
  8. 8. How Does a Private Community Become Successful? Relevant Content Strong Pre and Post Marketing Plan Influencer led Adoption Engaging Platform and UI A strong community becomes a multi event, multi conference platform and the apps double as show apps. This establishes familiarity and continuity. If the key influencers in your industry adopt the platform, their content becomes easily accessible to the community. Members stay intimately connected with each other year round and continue networking without the need for email. Content is key. Great content always fosters high usage. Conversations stay relevant and noise free.
  9. 9. Community Apps can double as show apps thereby, eliminating additional spend or multiple vendors. SIDE NOTE
  10. 10. • We build a private social network customized around your event which drives higher real time engagement and relevancy between attendees and organizers. • We focus on building highly engaged communities that live year around. The dreaded “uninstall app after event” cycle is avoided as attendees continue to remain engaged on our platform. • We white-label our technology by offering native apps or private instances for events of every size, thus creating a unique user/attendee experience. • Attendees care about relevant information and being in the know, quickly and efficiently, and Skoop provides them with the best platform for that. How Can SKOOP Help?
  11. 11. • Deep dive into analytics & metrics • Assess audience wants/needs • Continuous engagement, year round • Promote next year’s events • Implement user feedback • Curate relevant and meaningful conversation • Real time feedback with your target audience • Kickoff upcoming events • Build excitement • Generate sponsor/vendor interest THE SKOOP EXPERIENCE
  12. 12. • Other App vendors are only interested in making your next event successful. • We are interested in building a community that lives year round and incorporates your shows as part of that community. How Is SKOOP Different From Other Show Apps?
  13. 13. Data Point Cost Savings Realized Over a 3 Year Period Using Skoop’s Year Round Communities Instead Of Using Different App Vendors Every Year. Up to 300% Skoop Saves You Money. Period.
  14. 14. We are changing the industry for the better and creating show/event based communities which are relevant year round. Neil Patwardhan Founder and CEO Skoop Let’s Talk.
  15. 15. THANK YOU!