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Pre legacy part 1
Pre legacy part 1
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  1. 1. Hi! Welcome to chapter 2 of the sequel series to my BC: Happily Ever After. This chapter we&apos;ll be with Christie, who was the second to be voted out from the BC and has spent her time since then determined to marry Grady Sizemore. But she hit a slight snag when she stalked Person and Zach on their holiday to Twikki Island and met a certain sim named Zeeshan Kimbrell... poor Zeeshan adores Christie and has been trying to win her heart ever since, but she&apos;s having none of it. Well... she wasn&apos;t having none of it, until now. See, I&apos;ve struck a deal with Christie... if she marries Zeeshan, she can later divorce him and marry Grady. I know it sounds kinda mean on Zeeshan, but it was either he spend a little time with Christie or none at all, so I went with option A. This is their house, by the way :D<br />
  2. 2. And as soon as they&apos;re all moved into it Zeeshan goes down on one knee and pops the question... poor thing. He knows nothing about the deal I&apos;ve made with Christie, but I think he&apos;s kinda guessed that she doesn&apos;t want to be with him. <br />&quot;Christie, love of my life, will you marry me? Please? If only for a day or two?&quot;<br />
  3. 3. &quot;Wow, I was totally planning on saying no but that ring is so gorgeous... if I have to get married to you in order to be able to show it off for a while then yeah, I&apos;ll do it.&quot;<br />
  4. 4. &quot;Hmmm... wonder if there&apos;s any way I can keep this after we get divorced...“<br />&quot;I&apos;m sorry, what was that?“<br />&quot;Oh, nothing.&quot;<br />
  5. 5. These two are Sugar and Spice, the identical Siamese cats that Christie asked me to get her. And I hate them. With a vengeance. You know in the film &quot;The Lady and The Tramp?&quot; How the Siamese cats just create mayhem and havoc wherever they go? Yeah. That&apos;s these two. They&apos;ve only been in the house two minutes and we&apos;ve already lost a couch and a table to them.<br />
  6. 6. I. Hate. Them. *twitches*<br />
  7. 7. As her wedding’s not far away, I take Christie shopping to buy her the dress she’s asked me to download for her.<br />
  8. 8. And who should be here too (no doubt shopping for her bridesmaid dress) but Kata? <br />
  9. 9. &quot;Urgh, this is just awful. How can they think I&apos;d wear anything like this on my wedding day? I have to look beautiful and amazing, not frumpy and old!&quot;<br />
  10. 10. &quot;Just what did you think you were doing in there, mister?“<br />&quot;Just trying on some clothes, ma&apos;am.“<br />&quot;Oh yeah?! I know you maxis teen townies; always getting up to no good in photo booths and changing rooms. What were you really doing in there?!“<br />&quot;Honestly, ma&apos;am, I was just trying some clothes on.“<br />&quot;More like taking them off!! I don&apos;t want to use that changing room after you&apos;ve been doing the dirty in there, you understand?!“<br />&quot;Jeez, lady, I wasn&apos;t doing anything!!“<br />Kata just stood and stared at this poor boy for about ten minutes; it kinda freaked me out a little.<br />
  11. 11. &quot;Oh yeah, Kata, don&apos;t forget to wear a dress that isn&apos;t as pretty as mine. You know I have to be the most gorgeous sim in the room. So no upstaging me, okay? My wedding&apos;s going to be the best wedding of all!”<br />
  12. 12. &quot;Hmph. Don&apos;t be so sure about that, Christie...&quot;<br />
  13. 13. On returning home, Christie starts inviting the guests....<br />&quot;Hi; you know how I&apos;m marrying that geek Zeeshan so that Loz will let me marry Grady later... yes, of course you have to come to both weddings! I&apos;ll see you soon. Don&apos;t wear a dress that&apos;s too pretty.&quot;<br />
  14. 14. &quot;What was that you were saying Christie? Something about two weddings?“<br />&quot;Oh, nothing...&quot;<br />
  15. 15. Zeeshan is generally a laid-back, happy sort of guy... until he was faced with my glitchy fish tank that doesn&apos;t actually contain any fish, even when it&apos;s stocked. For some reason it angered him. <br />&quot;Grrrrrr... chomp chomp chomp Mr Treasure Chest... ate all the fish, did you? I&apos;ll show you, you evil mass murderer!&quot;<br />
  16. 16. &quot;I can&apos;t believe we have to go to both of Christie&apos;s weddings. I mean, this one&apos;s a scam, it doesn&apos;t even count.“<br />&quot;I know, Kata. And we&apos;re wearing pink.“<br />&quot;Tell me about it. It doesn&apos;t get much worse Sadie.&quot;<br />
  17. 17. &quot;Well I think we all look lovely. Visions in pink!“<br />Ah, Kim. Nothing ever upsets Kim :D<br />
  18. 18. &quot;Must... stay... calm... must not attack Sadie until after the ceremony....&quot;<br />
  19. 19. &quot;Loz, this isn&apos;t fair!! Why do I have to come to a wedding when I&apos;m pregnant?! I look ridiculous in this dress!“<br />&quot;Person; I&apos;ve had a bad day, my hair is glitchy and I&apos;m wearing pink. Do not push me.&quot;<br />
  20. 20. &quot;Johnny, what do you mean you&apos;d rather play Myshuno with a pack of llamas?! This is my wedding!! You have to attend, you just have to!!!“<br />Christie didn&apos;t take the news that Johnny wasn&apos;t coming so well...<br />
  21. 21. &quot;Grrrrrrr... that Amylu&apos;s here again, isn&apos;t she?! Good thing Johnny didn&apos;t come to this wedding or she might try to steal him off me again!&quot;<br />
  22. 22. I have absolutely no idea who this guy is. No one invited him and as far as I can remember he wasn&apos;t walking past the lot at the time... he just randomly appeared. Oh, and his last name is Kimbrell... the same as Zeeshan&apos;s.... I&apos;m thinking Zeeshan must have some relatives that I don&apos;t know about looking out for him. This guy&apos;s certainly sinister enough. He just stood there the whole time and didn&apos;t speak to anyone.<br />
  23. 23. &quot;Excuse me, but I am SO not sitting next to the freak in the hat.“<br />Kata wasn&apos;t impressed by Zeeshan&apos;s secret uncle, or whoever he is.<br />
  24. 24. &quot;I&apos;m on my way... puff... pant... jeez, pregnancy sucks.&quot;<br />
  25. 25. &quot;Everyone look at me now, because I&apos;m ready and I&apos;m clearly the most beautiful thing here. Admire my colour co-ordination.&quot;<br />
  26. 26. Zeeshan&apos;s so adorable... without me even telling him to, he wore the pink tux just so he could match Christie... and he still kept his little crown of grass on his head :D<br />
  27. 27. &quot;Yeah, that&apos;s nice and all, Christie, but can you get this over with so I can get down to attacking Sadie? Busy schedule here, you know....hey, Loz, where are you going?!“<br />&quot;Later, guys. Weddings bore me and I can&apos;t sit through another fight between you and Sadie, Amylu.&quot;<br />
  28. 28. Speaking of Sadie... she spent most of the ceremony inside with Kim, watching television. <br />&quot;Ah, this is much more relaxing than having my head glitched through a chair by Amylu.“<br />&quot;I agree, Sadie.&quot;<br />
  29. 29. &quot;I get the feeling someone&apos;s watching me...“<br />&quot;Er... Amylu? Don&apos;t look up. Freaky Hat Dude is staring at you.&quot;<br />
  30. 30. &quot;Zeeshan, I promise to be your wife for today. Tomorrow I can&apos;t promise anything, but at least you&apos;ll have the fabulous me for a short while.“<br />&quot;Oh Christie, I love it when you make jokes... please say you are joking.. you are.... right?&quot;<br />
  31. 31. &quot;Man, I forgot how boring weddings are...“<br />*crickets chirp*<br />&quot;Freaky Hat Dude&apos;s behind me, isn&apos;t he?&quot;<br />
  32. 32. &quot;Christie, my love, please don&apos;t divorce me as soon as the wedding&apos;s over... give me a chance; I&apos;m a great person, honestly.“<br />&quot;Sorry Zeeshan but Grady needs me. I have to marry him.“<br />&quot;Please?“<br />&quot;No can do.&quot;<br />
  33. 33. &quot;Can you at least put the ring on properly so we can finish this?“<br />&quot;Sorry, sorry; this obnoxious confetti&apos;s getting in my eyes.&quot;<br />
  34. 34. &quot;Sorry I&apos;m late everyone!&quot;<br />
  35. 35. &quot;Me too; the television got interesting.&quot;<br />
  36. 36. &quot;Can I have a kiss at least?“<br />&quot;Uh, if I must...&quot;<br />
  37. 37. &quot;Excuse me, but I need the toilet really badly.“<br />&quot;Wow, Sadie&apos;s cute!“<br />...I have never seen a more dysfunctional wedding in my game :D<br />
  38. 38. &quot;Wait... who&apos;s the freaky hat dude? Better not get too close to his mouth; he almost swallowed me whole.&quot;<br />
  39. 39. Ha, I love this. Sadie&apos;s just lying in wait to attack Amylu whenever she turns around...<br />&quot;Watch yourself Miss I-Steal-Everyone-Else&apos;s-Boyfriends-For-A-Living. What; are you thinking of stealing Christie’s husband too now?! I swear, all you have to do is turn around and you&apos;re mine...&quot;<br />
  40. 40. &quot;Wow, Sadie looks great.“<br />I should just add here that what you can’t see on this picture is that Person is standing just behind Amylu... seriously, Zach!<br />
  41. 41. And immediately afterwards, Person shows that Zach is hers and no one else’s by kissing him up the arm. :D <br />
  42. 42. &quot;Christie, lets cut the cake like a normal, happy couple would do.“<br />&quot;Meh...&quot;<br />
  43. 43. &quot;Christie?....&quot;<br />
  44. 44. “They’re spoiling my wedding day!!!”<br />Oh for heaven&apos;s sake, not again....<br />&quot;Woooo, go Sadie!!!&quot;<br />
  45. 45. &quot;Argh, get your hand off my face!!“<br />&quot;No chance you little flirt; take some more!!&quot;<br />
  46. 46. Lucy Burb and her boyfriend Greg didn&apos;t seem at all impressed.<br />&quot;Honestly, these simselves are always lowering the standard. Pleasantview&apos;s not been the same since they moved in.“<br />&quot;I agree, Lucy; they should be executed.&quot;<br />
  47. 47. &quot;Mwahahaha, that&apos;ll teach you.“<br />Woah... Sadie scares me when she wins fights; she always gets this insane look in her eyes. The fiery red hair isn&apos;t helping either...<br />
  48. 48. &quot;You were right Kim; it&apos;s much better in here where we don&apos;t have to sit through boring weddings and listen to Sadie and Amylu fighting again.“<br />&quot;Yup, too right.&quot;<br />
  49. 49. The guests manage to pull themselves together long enough to join Kata in toasting Christie, and even my simself and Kim manage to make it outside.<br />
  50. 50. &quot;Urgh!!! This champagne is vile!!&quot;<br />
  51. 51. &quot;Don&apos;t make me bring out my special cupcakes... I want nice champagne!!“<br />Woah... looks like Sadie&apos;s slowly getting anger issues from all that fighting...<br />
  52. 52. Person!!! Drinking alcohol while you&apos;re pregnant?!<br />&quot;It&apos;s been a hard week and weddings take it out of me. Buzz off.&quot;<br />
  53. 53. Christie&apos;s just adoring all the attention she&apos;s getting from everyone...<br />&quot;Yes, yes, I know; I am rather fabulous aren&apos;t I?&quot;<br />
  54. 54. But it quickly disappears in order for everyone to swoon inappropriately over people they shouldn&apos;t be swooning over...<br />&quot;Hey guys? Guys?! Tell me how great I am again; you&apos;re slacking!&quot;<br />
  55. 55. &quot;Tramp!“<br />&quot;Cheater!“<br />*yawn*<br />
  56. 56. Seriously, it never ever stops. This is all they do, all day long.<br />
  57. 57. &quot;Ow, i think I dislocated my hip....“<br />Bored with the wedding and the many fights between Sadie and Amylu, the guests start to drift off home.<br />
  58. 58. I didn&apos;t know that Christie and Person were that close; I figured Person was still scared of her after the whole stalking fiasco. But a look at their relationship panel reveals that they are actually friends.<br />&quot;See you round, Christie; I need the loo and yours is just too far to walk to. I swear this baby thinks my bladder&apos;s a squeeze toy or something.&quot;<br />
  59. 59. &quot;Now, I&apos;ll just spend the next three days waddling back home with no help from my supposedly loving husband... &quot;<br />
  60. 60. &quot;I think that was a lovely wedding, even though I missed most of it for the television.“<br />Kim, as always, enjoyed the whole thing.<br />
  61. 61. &quot;Hehheh... we can look nice and friendly with our fake smiles and untrustworthy faces...“<br />Sure you can, Amylu.<br />
  62. 62. So, once everyone had cleared off home, it was time to see if Christie would agree to making the marriage at least a little bit more formal...<br />&quot;Do I have to? Really?“<br />&quot;Come on Christie, I know you&apos;ll enjoy it...&quot;<br />
  63. 63. 5 minutes later...<br />&quot;That&apos;s IT, Zeeshan!! I did the nasty with you and now I&apos;ve had enough. This marriage is over!!“<br />Oh crud, I&apos;ve been dreading doing this to poor little Zeeshan...<br />
  64. 64. &quot;No, Christie, you can&apos;t mean this!&quot;<br />
  65. 65. &quot;Listen here, mister; Grady and I are meant to be and you just muscled your way in and thought you could break us up, but you can&apos;t! Our love is strong and true, and you&apos;re... you&apos;re just a loser!&quot;<br />
  66. 66. &quot;So get out of my house right now; we&apos;re divorced as of this moment!!“<br />&quot;But Christie, my love, we&apos;ve only been married for five minutes!!“<br />&quot;I don&apos;t care! Go!&quot;<br />
  67. 67. &quot;How... how could she do this to me? Haven&apos;t I been kind and gentle with her? Haven&apos;t I loved her from the day I met her? And now she wants to leave me for some idiot who can&apos;t even sit on a chair at a wedding?“<br />Just look at that face... I&apos;ve never seen a sim look so distraught before...<br />
  68. 68. &quot;What will I do now? I&apos;ll never love another like Christie!“<br />Oh, we&apos;ll see about that, Zeeshan. I&apos;m sure I can find at least one simself you can be happy with.<br />
  69. 69. &quot;Waaaaaaaaaah, I&apos;m so upset!!“<br />*sniff* It hurts just looking at him, poor thing.<br />
  70. 70. &quot;What?! Don&apos;t look at me like that, it had to be done! Now I&apos;m free to marry Grady and have beautiful children!&quot;<br />
  71. 71. Of course, Christie wasted no time in telling Grady the good news. <br />&quot;Grady, I&apos;ve done it! I&apos;ve dumped that loser Zeeshan, and now I&apos;m free to marry you!“ <br />
  72. 72. &quot;Sniff... my Christie doesn&apos;t want me anymore... she didn&apos;t even let me get dressed before she kicked me out!“<br />I now officially love Zeeshan. It took him all of two sim hours to leave the lot, get dressed and come back...<br />
  73. 73. steal the newspaper!!<br />&quot;Ha, I&apos;ll show her. No one dumps Zeeshan five minutes after the wedding and gets away with it!&quot;<br />
  74. 74. But unfortunately, as he was leaving again, he had to see this.<br />&quot;Oh, Grady, I&apos;m single again! Which means I get to marry you AND have another wedding!&quot;<br />
  75. 75. Zeeshan was not amused.<br />&quot;Look here, Mr! I&apos;ll have you know that&apos;s my ex-wife you stole!&quot;<br />
  76. 76. &quot;She never wanted you; loser! It was always me!“<br />Poor Zeeshan ran off after hearing that...<br />
  77. 77. The next morning, Grady wastes no time in popping the question. <br />&quot;Christie my love; will you marry me?“<br />&quot;Oh Grady, of course!! Why did you wait til this morning?&quot;<br />
  78. 78. &quot;Wow, look at the size of that thing! That beats the one Zeeshan gave to me, hands down!&quot;<br />
  79. 79. &quot;Er.... Grady? I don&apos;t feel so good...“<br />&quot;Don&apos;t worry, honey; I&apos;m sure it&apos;ll pass.“<br />*evil grin*<br />
  80. 80. &quot;Oh well... I&apos;d best start preparing for my wedding to Grady.... eeeee!&quot;<br />
  81. 81. &quot;Hello? Guys? Yeah, another wedding... no, I&apos;m not re-marrying Zeeshan!! I hate him!! It&apos;s me and Grady now; me and Grady foreeeeeever.... hello? Guys?&quot;<br />
  82. 82. &quot;Is this really necessary, Loz? I have some very important things to be doing, and these glitchy dresses have sleeves as sharp as knives; I keep stabbing myself!!“<br />&quot;Just grin and bear it Kim, we can go home soon. Hopefully.&quot;<br />
  83. 83. *silence*<br />Good to see Amylu and Sadie have repaired their hatred of each other :D<br />
  84. 84. Or maybe not. <br />&quot;Hey, that&apos;s my seat, you little... Trying to steal my chair as well as my husband?!“<br />&quot;Oh, get over it Sadie and sit down.&quot;<br />
  85. 85. &quot;No, I&apos;d rather stand on your dress and block your view of the entire wedding.“<br />&quot;Fine, whatever.“<br />Is it me or is Sadie the one who&apos;s unable to move on here?<br />
  86. 86. &quot;Okay everyone, shut up now! It&apos;s time for the wedding, and for all of you to stare at how gorgeous I am.&quot;<br />
  87. 87. The wedding would have started at that point, but this Random Townie Guy decided to turn up, and apparently he was terrified of Amylu, and the only available seat was next to her...<br />&quot;She&apos;s just so intimidating!!“<br />Poor guy. Stories of Amylu must have been circulating throughout Pleasantview for a while now...<br />
  88. 88. &quot;And Person too is terrifying!&quot; <br />Okay, this guy is just a wimp.<br />
  89. 89. However, none of this failed to bother Christie and Grady, who&apos;s wedding started straight away. <br />&quot;Oh Grady my love, I can&apos;t believe we&apos;re finally getting married!&quot;<br />
  90. 90. &quot;Of course I&apos;ll love you forever; you are Grady after all.“<br />&quot;I love you too Christie!&quot;<br />
  91. 91. The guests all looked enthralled.... <br />*yawn* &quot;I&apos;m bored, Kim, aren&apos;t you?“<br />&quot;A little, Person, yes...&quot;<br />
  92. 92. And with that, they were married. :)<br />
  93. 93. &quot;Aren&apos;t you all just so happy for us?!&quot;<br />
  94. 94. &quot;Erm, I&apos;m kind of more preoccupied with my glitchy dress and glitchy hair at the moment!“<br />Oh dear, poor Amylu :D<br />
  95. 95. &quot;Ow!!! Loz, these dresses are just harsh!“<br />&quot;Heh, sorry Sadie; I thought you might appreciate it if this ends in another fight between you and Amylu.“<br />&quot;....good point. Thanks.“<br />&quot;Anytime.&quot;<br />
  96. 96. &quot;Everyone? Remember that I&apos;m amazing.&quot;<br />
  97. 97. My simself seemed very concerned with keeping two particular guests away from each other...<br />&quot;Sadie... easy.... calm....“<br />&quot;Grrrr.... Must. Kill. Amylu....“<br />Luckily, all the guests left before anything could bad could happen.<br />
  98. 98. The honeymoon is spent in the house, doing... well, you know what :)<br />
  99. 99. &quot;Grady!! I... urgh... I don&apos;t think I&apos;m very well!!“<br />Nothing to do with that baby bump, is it, Christie?<br />
  100. 100. &quot;Aw, who&apos;s my cute little Sugar?“<br />Yeah, it&apos;s just the best cat in the world, isn&apos;t it?<br />
  101. 101. &quot;You know, I thought Loz looked lovely in that dress she wore at the wedding.“<br />&quot;What?“<br />&quot;She&apos;s actually quite cute.“<br />&quot;WHAT?!“<br />WHAT?! Don&apos;t even think about it, Grady. I already have my future husband...<br />
  102. 102. &quot;But... but Grady... you love me!“<br />&quot;Oh, of course. Sorry darling... I was just making an observation.“<br />&quot;....&quot;<br />
  103. 103. &quot;....Ahem.“<br />Methinks Grady might have a lot of making up to do....<br />
  104. 104. &quot;Grrr.... I shall smustle away my anger at Grady!!“<br />You do that, Christie.<br />
  105. 105. &quot;Gah!!! All that smustling made me go into labour!“<br />&quot;Well you&apos;re still angry at me... I don&apos;t want to make you more angry by getting in the way whilst you&apos;re in labour, so.. I&apos;ll just stand over here for a while...&quot;<br />
  106. 106. &quot;GRADY!!!!!“<br />&quot;See you later, sweetie.“<br />&quot;Arghhhh!&quot;<br />
  107. 107. The baby is a boy, and according to the list of baby names that Christie gave me I&apos;ve named him Tom. He pretty much gets everything from Zeeshan- his skin colour, eyes and hair are definitely the same. His features will probably turn out like Christie&apos;s though. Straightaway, she rings up Zeeshan to inform him of the news.<br />
  108. 108. &quot;Here you go. Take your little rugrat. I&apos;ve already had enough of him.&quot;<br />
  109. 109. &quot;You know, I didn&apos;t realise you could be so heartless, Christie. Well, so long. Your son and I will never bother you again.“<br />&quot;Oh thank heavens for that, now get out of here...“<br />So.... who will help Zeeshan raise his son now? Will he ever find true love again? And will Christie ever want anything to do with little Tom? Who knows? Next chapter we&apos;ll be focusing on Kim, so make sure to come back and I&apos;ll make sure to update quicker :D Thanks for reading and bye for now!<br />