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First Thoughts on Organizational Principles for the Gig Mindset Age -

Keynote given in June 2018 at Enterprise Digital Summit in London

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First Thoughts on Organizational Principles for the Gig Mindset Age -

  1. 1. Organiza(onal Principles for the Gig Mindset Age Jane McConnell @netjmc
  2. 2. Researcher - Analyst - Writer !2 Strategy Advisor 17 years of extensive hands-on consul(ng experience with intranet and digital workplace strategy in over 60 large, global organiza(ons. Ten years of research: annual surveys and reports since 2006 Paris-based workgroup. • Air France • Air Liquide • Allianz Worldwide Partners • Biocodex • BNP Paribas • Euler Hermes • Euronext Tracking the trends in bringing our own devices to work The company cultures that help or hinder digital transforma(on MITSloan Management Review Neutralize Internal Poli(cs in Digital Ini(a(ves How Digital Leaders Inspire Engagement Writer Harvard Business Review Researcher • Group SEB • LafargeHolcim • Nokia • SNCF • Société Générale • Sodexo • Vinci
  3. 3. !3 The gig mindset is growing inside organiza(ons. I am referring to salaried people who work in organiza(ons, but behave in ways similar to external freelancers. (Not the gig economy as such.)
  4. 4. !4 Clues from digitally maturing organiza(ons • Self-managing: 80% vs. 50% full survey • Freedom to disagree, challenge ideas including business models: 90% vs 40% • Entrepreneur spirit, freedom to experiment: 80% vs 20% • …. Data from The Organiza(on in the Digital Age, 2016, 311 people from 27 countries. Detailed charts at end of document.
  5. 5. !5
  6. 6. !6 “We are seeing roles and processes being converted into skills required for performance. When you eliminate roles, you start to fracture hierarchy. The culture, the technology, communica(on, employee performance reviews, and nearly every other aspect of tradi(onal business structure is stressed….
  7. 7. !7 … The gig mindset will be the real compe((ve advantage during the digital transforma(on era.” Senior leader of an interna(onal company, HQ in the US.
  8. 8. !8 “Gig mindset people are like early adopters. There are not many today, but their numbers will grow gradually.” Manager in a UN agency, Geneva. “What can we do to grow the gig mindset?” Head of Group Communica(ons in a specialty chemicals company, Berlin, at IntranetReloaded
  9. 9. Leadership = influence from any level and from any part of the organiza(on that results in change.
  10. 10. Processes Teams Decision-making Vision = How we work today Openness …
  11. 11. !11 My current research is focused on the gig mindset - the person angle and the organiza(on angle. Get in touch if you’d like to be involved. Thank you! Jane McConnell,, @netjmc
  12. 12. !12 Charts
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  15. 15. !15 @sonjabl