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Working Out Loud 2017 in Paris with IntraNetwork

Introductory slides to a WOL session with ZF (Germany) at the November 2017 session of IntraNetwork, a Paris-based workgroup of managers working on transformation, digital and change.

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Working Out Loud 2017 in Paris with IntraNetwork

  1. 1. 1 h"p:// Membres Air France Air Liquide Allianz Worldwide Partners BNP Paribas Cartier Euler Hermes Groupe SEB LafargeHolcim Nissan Nokia SNCF Société Générale Sodexo Valeo VINCI Et encore… Welcome to our IntraNetwork work session, Working out Loud, 14 November 2017
  2. 2. 2 h"ps:// Welcome Julia and Beate to IntraNetwork! Julia Weber h"ps:// Beate Stri"ma"er h"ps://"ma"er-88421b66/
  3. 3. 3 Thank you, Steelcase! Innovator in space, design and new ways of working, the perfect place for our #wol IntraNetwork session!
  4. 4. About Jane McConnell, creator of IntraNetwork 4 Harvard Business Review • Air France • Air Liquide • Allianz Worldwide Partners • BNP Paribas • Cartier • Euler Hermes • Group SEB • LafargeHolcim • Nissan • Nokia • SNCF • Société Générale • Sodexo • Valeo • Vinci Strategy Advisor 18 years of extensive hands-on consulting experience with intranet and digital workplace strategy in over 60 large, global organizations. Ten years of research: annual surveys and reports since 2006 Tracking the trends in bringing our own devices to work The company cultures that help or hinder digital transformation Facilitator Author MITSloan Management Review Neutralize Internal Politics in Digital Initiatives Researcher Approximately 300 organizations worldwide each year
  5. 5. 5 • Short historical view of Working out Loud • Four very different examples: Bosch, NASA, Novozymes and NetJMC • WOL and Impact • Online groups - #WOL IntroducMon - Jane - 14:30-14:50 WOL with Beate and Julia - The ZF Experience - 14:50-16:50 • Who is ZF? (h"ps:// • Working out Loud at ZF • Real WOL exercises with the IntraNetwork group • First impressions, discussion, wrap-up Guided tour of Steelcase - 17:00-17:30 Program
  6. 6. 6 Narrate your work by Dave Winer, 2009 • h"p:// • Managing the visibility of knowledge work by Jim McGee, 2010 • h"p:// • Observable work: the taming of the flow by Brian Tullis, 2010, who presented “In the flow: pa"erns of observable work” with Joe Crumpler at the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in the States in 2010. • Bryce Williams coined the term “working out loud” (2010) and made sense of it by merging the noMons of “narraMng your work” and “observable work”. • h"ps:// • Dennis Pearce, Developing a Method for Measuring “Working Out Loud”, PhD Thesis, 2014 • Downloadable here: h"p:// • (Includes a detailed review of research, reports and books about social at work in general, leading to the current working out loud concept) • Dr. Jane Bozarth, Show Your Work, 2014 • h"ps://"_srch_lnk_1?qid=1510501621&sr=8-1 • John Stepper, Working out Loud, 2015 • h"ps:// and h"ps:// Short historical view of “Working out Loud” These references relate to the evoluMon of the term “working out loud” and do not include the muldple inidadves over many preceding years of similar ways of working.
  7. 7. 7 h"ps:// katharina-krentz/ For us it is mainly a virtual collaboradon and networking method (= network-based collaboradon), which we think is highly important as basis to become a more agile company. But it is as well a mindset and a way to collaborate (to make your work visible and work with a network), which breaks tradiMonal pa"erns and supports a digital culture. The WOL Circle method is introduced as a guided mastery program, which enables individuals to work self-organized on diverse targets and tasks by building a structured and goal-orientated network. Pardcipants of the program develop new habits by overcoming personal hurdles, and become an acdve part of the connected and networked Bosch world. In a small team of 4-5 people, a so-called WOL Circle, they experience and learn how to work out loud. Working out Loud at Bosch from Katharina Perschke Krantz Working Out Loud was introduced at Bosch in June 2015, where the first circle pilot has been set up. Up to now more than 500 associates world-wide have joined around 140 circles. Senior Consultant New Work & Digital CollaboraMon, Lead Working Out Loud iniMaMve, Corporate Community Manager
  8. 8. 8 Working out Loud at NASA in the 1960’s - “Monday’s Notes” Key Managers for Apollo (L-R): Charles Mathews, Dr Wernher von Braun, Dr George Mueller. and Gen. Samuel Phillips. Text extracts and photo from Dr. Roger Launius. Case developed in Show Your Work by Jane Bozarth, 2014. h"ps://’s-monday-notes/ Top Senior managers, lab directors, project managers, and other personnel Every Monday - One page Note about week’s progress and problems sent to von Braun by individuals. 1 Von Braun commented in the margins of each Note. Returned to each person individually. 2 Full package of Notes duplicated and sent to everyone. 3 Wernher von Braun, in the 1960’s. Director of the Marshall Space Flight Center. IniMator of Monday Notes. Photo from Wikipedia.
  9. 9. 9 Novozymes, global biochemical research company has run structured, open innovation events in their digital workplace for several years. They have learned something valuable for many companies who depend on being innovative to lead their market place. The ideas generated that turned into real projects came largely from the people who participated in the events rarely rather than from the people who had high participation rates. The digital workplace platform and the “working out loud” approach to the event let people watch and participate when they had something to contribute. Frank Hatzack, Novozyme at Intrateam conference in Copenhagen, 2014. Photo by Clearbox. (h"ps:// InnovaMon & WOL at Novozymes
  10. 10. 10 The Organization in the Digital Age Research over 10 years The last 4 years, I worked out loud, with a group of leading practitioners and advisors who interacted with me and each other during the preparatory and analytical phases of the research. These people - my partners in working out loud - were key to the relevance and precision of my reports. 2016-2017 Advisory Board Working out Loud at NetJMC 2013-2104 Board 2014-2105 Board 2015-2016 Board
  11. 11. 11 Working out Loud correlates with higher performance in 3 criMcal organizaMonal scenarios Survey statement: “Teams willingly make their work visible to the larger organization as they work, and before the work is Qinished. They "work out loud” through continual, ongoing use of internal communication channels.” How easy is it for the customer-facing workforce to access the information and services they need to serve customers? How conQident are you that when people leave your organization, knowledge and know-how will be preserved? Survey Average * WOL segment * The WOL segment combines the 4% who stated “strongly agree” and the 27% who stated “agree” when responding to the quesMon above. Data Q4 2016. 300 organizaMons worldwide. How easy is it for people to learn in the natural Qlow of work? 1 2 3
  12. 12. 12 h"ps:// es-jetzt-los-sabine-kluge/ WOL Community of Pracdce with Bosch, Daimler, BMW, Audi, Siemens and Condnental h"ps:// h"ps:// (This group works on WOL and agile. It’s a very new group.) h"p:// h"ps:// Resources for Working out Loud online, inspired by John Stepper’s method
  13. 13. 13 h"p:// Membres Air France Air Liquide Allianz Worldwide Partners BNP Paribas Cartier Euler Hermes Groupe SEB LafargeHolcim Nissan Nokia SNCF Société Générale Sodexo Valeo VINCI For more informaMon about IntraNetwork, see the website, or contact Jane McConnell. h"p:// h"p:// h"p:// h"p:// h"p://