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What is a virtual tap?

At this year's FOSE 2011 conference, Government Computer News (GCN) awarded Phantom Virtual Tap the Best of FOSE / Best Networking Product for Government award. The Tap delivers unprecedented total visibility into formerly murky traffic passing between VMs on hypervisor stacks. With its ability to tap traffic between virtual servers (VMs) on a physical server, the Phantom Virtual Tap heralds a new era of network compliance, management, and security for virtualized data centers.

Presented by Net Optics' Senior Solutions Engineer, David Pham, this webinar will briefly introduce you to the Phantom Virtual Tap as well as provide insight into some of the security and compliance challenges created by data center virtualiztion. Additionally:

Advantages of gaining visibility into your virtualized network infrastructure
How to eliminate visibility challenges in the virtual network
Provide attendees the opportunity to learn more about this new technology

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What is a virtual tap?

  1. 1. What is a Virtual Tap?Intelligent Access and MonitoringArchitecture Solutions
  2. 2. PresenterDavid PhamSenior Solutions EngineerNet Optics, Inc.David’s background covers 8 years experience in a SystemsAdministrator role for local and remote environments for diverse clientindustries (private, government, enterprise and small business). Rolesincluded managing data centers leveraging VMware hypervisors,EMC/Xiotech SAN, NetApp NAS, and systems infrastructure forMicrosoft environments.David holds certifications for: Microsoft Certified Technology Specialistand Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional, XiotechCertified Storage Engineer 2
  3. 3. Agenda • Leveraging virtualization in 1 your environment • Identifying network ‘blind spots’ 2 created by virtualization • Overcoming blind spots with a 3 Virtual Tap • Increase ROI of your existing 4 network monitoring tools • Decrease the TCO of your 5 virtualized environment 3
  4. 4. Convergence @ the Data CenterHypervisor Virtual Servers Physical Servers• Most enterprise data centers now have physical servers and infrastructure as well as a virtual environment.• Physical still bigger than virtual, but the gap is shrinking 4
  5. 5. Where Blind Spots are Created VM1 VM2 VM3 VM4 App App App App Service OS OS OS OS ConsoleVirtual Ethernet Adapters ESX vSphere 4.1 vSwitches Physical Ethernet Adapters ? Production Production Management LAN LAN LAN Analyzer 5
  6. 6. Hypervisor Monitoring Challenge ESX Virtual Stack VM1 VM2 VM3 Physical Network Security & Virtualization Creates MonitoringSecurity, Monitoring and Compliance Risks Virtual Switch Analyzer• No visibility into inter-VM traffic, IDS vulnerabilities or threats• Lacks auditing of data passing between virtual servers Physical ESX• Inability to pinpoint resource Server utilization issues 6
  7. 7. Solutions Switch Level Monitoring: enabling monitor/SPAN ports • Degrades overall production network Configure VM to run in Promiscuous Mode • CPU performance degrades due to traffic volume Hypervisor Level Monitoring: enabling Port Mirroring • Network capacity reduced by up to 50% 7
  8. 8. Phantom Virtual Tap Solution ESX Virtual Stack with Phantom Installed Phantom Manager VM1 VM2 VM3 (VM) Enables Security, Physical NetworkPerformance Monitoring and Security & Compliance Phantom Virtual Tap Monitoring Tools• 100% visibility of inter-VM traffic Analyzer Virtual Switch• Kernel implementation—no need for SPAN Ports / Promiscuous IDS Mode on Cisco 1000V• Bridges virtual traffic to physical monitoring tools Physical ESX Server 8
  9. 9. Net Optics Converged Network Solution ESX Host Phantom Manager vm vm vm (VM) Physical Server 1 2 3 Physical and Virtual Physical Server Monitoring Convergence Physical Server• Hypervisor-specific Tap Phantom• Purpose-built for virtualization Monitor™ Analyzer Virtual Switch• TAP for each VM instance Hypervisor (by VM ID) Encapsulated Tunnel IDS• Integration with Cisco 1000V• Fault-Tolerant and Non-Disruptive Architecture Director™ Phantom Manager™ Indigo Pro™ LAN/WAN 9
  10. 10. Support for vMotion Migration ESX 1 ESX 2 vm1 vm2 vm3 vm4 vm5 Phantom Phantom Monitor™ Monitor™IDS Hypervisor HypervisorAnalyzer LAN/WAN Phantom Manager™
  11. 11. Phantom Manager GUI
  12. 12. Virtual Tap – Key Takeaways Key Feature Advantage Benefit Achieve ComplianceEnd-to-End Inter-VM Traffic Provides Auditing and Standards for PCI-DSS,Visibility Performance Data HIPAA, etc Low CPU and Memory RequirementsKernel Level Low Impact on VirtualImplementation Server Performance Does Not Run in Promiscuous/SPAN ModeDelivers Visibility of Inter- No Need to Purchase New Lower CAPEX,VM Traffic to Existing Virtual Monitoring Tools Higher ROI of Existing ToolsPhysical Tools Converged Physical and Optimize Tool Utilization Virtual Monitoring 12
  13. 13. Conclusion• Gain end-to-end traffic • Achieve security, • Realize the full visibility in the virtual compliance and potential of your environment performance monitoring virtual data center standards Get your 30-day evaluation copy today! Visit to download 13
  14. 14. Q&A• Question & Answer• To sign up for our newsletter:• Thank you Net Optics, Inc. 408.737.7777 14