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Netex Webinar | Gamification, how to excite and engage your learners in 2016 [EN]

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Webinar offered by Mike Byrne, Netex UK Director, on March 10th, 2016.

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Netex Webinar | Gamification, how to excite and engage your learners in 2016 [EN]

  1. 1.
  2. 2. 1. About us 2. Benefits of Gamification 3. Review of the current landscape in L&D 4. Design Principles 5. learningPlay 6. Content Demos 7. The Future
  3. 3. We have got the EXPERIENCE 18 years learning…and counting.
  4. 4. We breathe INNOVATION
  7. 7. What is Gamification? 02
  8. 8. Gamification applies game-like elements to non-game situations
  9. 9. Some stats…. Transforming a subway staircase into a set of piano keys-each step producing a musical note increased its use 66 percent… 26 % of people playing games are over fifty, which is an increase from a mere 9 % in 1999… When player reaches the maximum prize level, dopamine is released in the same amount, regardless of the nature of the prize… 55% of people would work for a company that offered games as a way to increase productivity… 56 % showed no difference between games and conventional instruction. 32 % favoured games against 5 %
  10. 10. What is NOT Gamification? • Adding learning content inside a game and ask learners to play the game and learn at some random intervals • Just ranking system, scoreboards and badges. All these should mean something in real life for the learners • Creating elaborate Games without context to the content. ……"Gamification is the cover to add the interactivity, engagement and immersion that leads to good learning". Karl Kapp – Gamification Guru
  11. 11. What is happening In L&D Now? 03
  12. 12. “Your learners eagerly engage with courses, classes or content to improve their work performance.. 80% said the are not eagerly engaged “You have milestones for each level of skill or content knowledge that your learners can achieve.” Only 13% said “Yes” “Your learners have a way of comparing themselves to others in their teams or learning cohort to assess their own performance.” 40% said they don’t “Your learners have clear and defined learning pathways to follow so that they can easily understand the route to mastery within your content.” 67% - Sometimes True to Not True
  13. 13. Challenges….
  14. 14. Readiness….
  15. 15. Gamification Design Principles 04
  16. 16. Understand the objective Build around your people “Want to” Environment Deploy & Measure Identify root cause relating to challenge. Drive conversation and set clear objectives around specific business outcomes Identify your target audience. Capture pain points to evaluate motivations. Identify which behaviors are valuable. Describes incentive/reward approach. Integrate into solutions, platforms, and technologies where action happens. Less “perfection”. More learning from results. Manage and evaluate what is working. Gather feedback from players to evolve. Incentive Framework 1 2 3 4
  17. 17. Play 05
  18. 18. TV is the centre of entertainment We turn it on to watch movies, the news, sports, series, to play video games…
  19. 19. We want you to turn to learningCloud when you think of learning, courses, “serious games”, to watch videos, to ask experts
  20. 20.  Choose the channels that you need  From any device  Do you need to add a new channel to your offer?
  21. 21. learningPlay 06
  22. 22. Play
  23. 23. learningStories 07
  24. 24. learningStories • Phase 1 – Wordpress (Services) approach • Phase 2 – Product based approach, build your own learning stories in learningPlay • Can be deployed to any LMS
  25. 25. Gamified Portal : Tech Tracking: • Video (youtube, vimeo) • Pages, sections, activities • xAPI learning objects (learningMaker, Articulate Storyline,…) • H5P Gamified portal for learning Stories Enables: • Gamification rules with activities • Gamification logic • API Wordpress gamified portal learningPlay Gamification Engine Learning Challenges Learning Challenges
  26. 26. Gamification Design Solution Approach learningCloud Consultancy Learning Objectives DeliveryLearning Challenges Templates Resources • Metaphors/Themes • Rewards and Badges • Game Engine • Scoring and Ranking System • Video • Interactivities • Quizzes Custom Standard Leader Boards, Ranking, Scoreboards New Development Existing Content/ Catalogue LMS PORTALS Gamified learning modules specific to each learning challenge/objec tive Author Choose among the existing templates with preset narrative, images, badges, etc. Create custom themes, images, badges, as per narrative. Create/ AddSelect Leader Boards, Ranking, Scoreboards + Cumulative Analytics Training Needs Analysis, Target Learning Profile, Identification of core Learning Objectives,
  27. 27. CONGRATS! Attentive audience badge ACHIEVED!