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Wpp3 oct final

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Wpp3 oct final

  1. 1. Volume III, Issue 3 VOLUME III, ISSUE 3 NOVERMBER 9, 2011 University of Nevada, Reno An Interview with our Treasurer: I pledge to uphold Football Concessions the objects of Circle K When and where are football Mackay Stadium every home game International, To concessions? foster compassion and goodwill What do we do there? Sell a lot of food! towards others through service What does the money It goes directly to our club funds. Any and leadership, go towards? and all tips we receive goes towards our To develop three DFIs (District Service Initiatives): PTP my abilities (Pediatric Trauma Prevention), and the abilities Not for Sale, and Eliminate. of all people, And to dedicate myself What’s your impression of it It’s pretty good. It’s really fun talking to the realization so far? with Circle K’ers who you’re working with of mankind’s for seven hours on a Saturday. potential. What are your main goals as First goal is to have a lot of fun. Treasurer this year? Second goal is to make sure members are updated in the membership update center website. On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard is We’re like a frickin’ boulder. your family gonna BRING IT?!? We’re gonna bring EVERYONE down! SERVICE 1-2 CALENDAR 3 = Member 4of the month & Board Contacts1
  2. 2. SERVICE VOLUME III, ISSUE 3 Cake = best. Raffle. EvEr. Kiwanis Takeover On October 21st, the University of Nevada, Reno Circle K hosted their meeting in place ofthe Kiwanis Sunriser’s meeting in a Kiwanis’s Takeover. With a whole platoon of Circle KMembers, we effectively maneuvered our way into the Gold ‘N Silver Inn around 6:45AM. Almosteverybody had their own guise as each set out to conduct their own plan. When the meetingbegan, those who didn’t greet Rachel Davis had to be fined as she was the secret greeter, andAlex Kieu, the fines person pointed out those who did not have their pin/nametag. Goingthrough the agenda, each board member gave their status update of the club. The best part of the event was probably the auctioning off of items. We had items frombaked goods to gift baskets. The highest bid item was the Wolf Packs gift basket, where an epicbattle ensued between Tom Leah and his girlfriend, Donna as they battled over the basket dollarby dollar. The best part of the Kiwanis Takeover might have been when Tom won the Rum Cakebaked by Faye and gave it to the Circle K Club. Analyzing this entire event, I feel that I have successfully accomplished my role asKiwanis Family Chair, although I would like more Circle K Members to attend this event in thefuture and experience the joy of being at a Kiwanis Meeting, no matter how early it is in themorning.Boris ZhangKiwanis Family Chair Ne-vada! (YUM!) Red Robin Fundraiser The Red Robin fundraiser was a great success for Nevada Circle K. We had over 3tables of members and non-members who attended the event,and Red Robin even placed a sign for us in the front door, thanking Nevada Circle K for hostingthe fundraiser. As we sat down J.O. gave all of us our shirts for the upcoming school year. I’mthinking we will probably look like a giant, yellow safari at FTC, but they look really great. Themajority of us ordered burgers and I had the Banzai Burger, but everyone knows you comefor the bottomless fries (all you can eat steak fries)!!!! We also had a guest surpriseby the birthday boy, Seth Tanoue. We sang him a random song by the Red Robin crew and they gave him an ice cream dessert, with love. Finally, we all took family pictures,but sadly there were only 3 people in the giraffe family that day and the hippo family ateeveryone’s food, the end.Pierce RobledoOld member/ Kaplan Go-To Guy2
  3. 3. VOLUME III,WOLFPACK PRESS November 2011 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 Relay for Life FTC Charity Fall Training Speed Dating Conference 8-10p (FTC) Joe Sonora, CA Ballrooms 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 FTC PTP dolls VETERANS DAY Special After Olympics meeting Key to College 7:30a-4p 10:30a-4:05p (THREE Meet in Joe shifts) 402 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Scrapbook St. Vincent’s Scrapbook Social 2-4p Pet Food Social 2-6p Joe 3rd floor Bagging Joe 3rd floor 5:15-7:30p 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Opera House, NO general TURKEY DAY Capital DCM, meeting New Member Installation Virginia City 10a-4p 27 28 29 30 1 2 3 Scrapbook Social 2-6p Joe 3rd floor General Meeting 7p, Joe 422 Football Concessions 9a-4p, Mackay Stadium Kiwanis Meeting 7-8a K-Kids noon-1p, carpool 11:45a3
  4. 4. VOLUME III, ISSUE 3 MEMBER OF THE MONTH & BOARD CONTACTS member of the month october: Rebecca Fisher Year and Major: Im a Freshman History major. Fav color: I like the color burgundy because it reminds me of old Victorian England, and Ron Burgundy is a pretty BA Anchorman, so who wouldnt want to love that color because of him? Fav place to hang out on campus: The Quad How did you hear about Circle K? I heard from J.O. On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard is your family gonna BRING IT?!? A scale of 1-10 is for all of the other families, my familys scale goes up to 1000, We bring it hardcore at 1000! GO LIONS! board contactsPresident: V.P. of V.P. of Service: Treasurer: Secretary:Kaci Hartwick Administration: Cynthia Uba Nam Hoang Alex Kieu(775) 240-7471 Rachel Davis (702) 823-6201 (702) 302-6152 (775)313-4948president vpservice treasurer secretary (702) vpadmin @nevadacki.comK-Kids: Kiwanis Family: Historian: Relay for Life:Noah McKay Boris Zhang Christine Erika Mettkek-kids (702) 768-3866 Bonuel (702) kiwanisfamily relayforlife (702)768-7812 historian @nevadacki.comSpirit: Technology: UniversityJ.O. Salva Victoria Silva Connections:(775) 338-6625 (702) 374-2128 Hectorspirit technology (775) 247-1178 universityconn @nevadacki.com4
  5. 5. 5