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Is The Workforce Digital Literate? by @NewToHR

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The increasing popularity of mobile, cloud and social technology has created new responsibilities. These require vastly different skills and competencies that are changing at a fast pace.

Today’s generation of employees has grown up in this digital world, making them highly familiar with the ways this is shaping their lives. Collaboration and social tools are already creating new ways to get work done. Candidates and employees expect these tools to be available to them, so that they can work internationally and across organisational divisions.

Eliminating workplace boundaries and giving mobile access to data allows employees to take necessary actions, communicate outside their office, and make better decisions.

Digital tools also allow HR to identify the true leaders in their digital workforce through online reputation management and social networks. HR can work together with these leaders to get more things done and improve their processes and operations.

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Is The Workforce Digital Literate? by @NewToHR

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