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Why Technological Changes Are Good! by @NewToHR

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Everyone approaches technology from different angles and brings it into their lives at different paces. But regardless of how we are predisposed to change, it is already inevitable! So in most cases, it is essential to adapt and rethink our way of doing things, while accepting people's limitations and strengths.

HR professionals sometimes misunderstand what the digital workplace is and in many cases they consider it to be technology – a HR platform that allows for publications of content and sharing that information. Every HR professional nowadays works in a digital workplace!

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Why Technological Changes Are Good! by @NewToHR

  1. 1. TechnologyIsChangingTheWorld By@NewToHR DigitalIsNOTnew! ©
  2. 2. Digital Is NOT New Digital has become a way of life. What is the current level of digital literacy in the current workforce? How can HR successfully operate in the digital world? ©
  3. 3. Global Technological Change It is inevitable. How it WAS? How it is NOW? Everyone approaches technology from different angles and brings it into their lives in various steps. ©
  4. 4. Why Technological Changes Are Good Technology is… Shifting traditional power dynamics. Facilitating the acceleration of product and delivery cycles in global markets. Influencing generational development. Provides the interconnectedness needed to de-layer hierarchical organisations ,replace them with flatter ones. Enabling skilled talented individuals to easily access opportunities in the global labour market. ©
  5. 5. Intelligent Digital Processes Support smarter execution of current work processes. Can help improve the physical, cognitive and collaborative abilities of the workforce. Enabling a range of various work design options that drive changes for the better. Enables new work designs that can provide the HR function with considerable quality and cost benefits. ©
  6. 6. Diverse Digital Technologies Play important part in creating intelligent digital processes. Real-time collaboration technologies. Digital process management tools. Wearable and mobile interfaces. Intelligent assistants and analytics. Digital behaviour-shaping and gamification tools. Crowdsourcing platforms. Social collaboration technologies. Virtual workspaces. Online job fairs. Virtual conferences and events. ©
  7. 7. Improved Digitalised Interaction Create a successful workplace to ensure satisfaction. Think about strategic approach to the design and working culture. Employees are able to choose most effective way to access business applications. Enabling different boosts in moral and motivation. Improves digitalised interaction to better engage dispersed workforce. ©
  8. 8. Questions Contact New To HR for any questions. Get in touch with us: @NewToHR 0044 (0)203 693 3947 Kemp House, 152 City Road, London, UK. ©
  9. 9. THANK YOU ©