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Get noticed by your boss

Are you able to demonstrate and show the value of internal communications?

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Get noticed by your boss

  1. 1. How to improve internal communications - and get noticed by your boss
  2. 2. What business value do you actually bring? Which channels are proven to deliver? How can you demonstrate your value?
  3. 3. Having an impact • Companies that utilize IC effectively perform better • You are a powerful agent of change ….that’s why you and your team matter
  4. 4. Be Confident Many execs understand the importance of IC But don’t know how IC can support their efforts You can make sure the value of IC is known
  5. 5. • Track - measure impact • Turn data into meaningful insight • Adjust and optimize Are you using the right channels?
  6. 6. Link your comms strategy to the overall business strategy Are your campaigns clearly linked to the organizations strategy? • Understand strategic objectives • Track channel success in real-time • Design KPIs to deliver actionable metrics
  7. 7. Rethink the intranet The place where information goes to die? What do employees actually use it for? How can it work better for audiences and for you?
  8. 8. Explore enterprise social networks Why? Collaboration, knowledge sharing How? Are you ready for this?
  9. 9. Five ways to get noticed 1. You 2. Your content 3. Your leaders 4. Measurement & Insight 5. Sharing success
  10. 10. Watch our on demand webinar with Marc Wright, Publisher of simply-communicate, share insights, tips and examples on how you can demonstrate value to your organization. Want to know more?
  11. 11. Get in touch Get in touch to arrange a personalized demo today