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Information Overload: Internal Communication Essentials

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Information Overload - A problem faced by many internal communicators throughout the world. In this presentation denise cox of Newsweaver highlights the causes and looks at the solutions to overcoming information overload

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Information Overload: Internal Communication Essentials

  1. 1. Information Overload denise cox, Lead Communications Consultant, Newsweaver Twitter hashtag: #icewebinar
  2. 2. 400 blue-chip and FTSE 100 organizations in 97 countries use Newsweaver Internal Connect to help them inform, engage and inspire employees
  3. 3. denise cox Lead communications consultant, Newsweaver Twitter: @denisecox Website: Twitter hashtag: #icewebinar Claire Bergin Senior Marketing Executive, Newsweaver Twitter: @Newsweaver_IC Website:
  4. 4. “When the volume of potentially useful and relevant information available exceeds processing capacity and becomes a hindrance rather than a help”
  5. 5. 6 Cost of Information Overload
  6. 6. Senders rely on employee self-selecting importance Levels of emails increasing - especially at local levels No measurement – not even open rates No formal tool, process or governance in place Employees feel swamped with content of little use Stop opening emails Important information is being missed Causes of Information Overload
  7. 7. Are you part of the problem? “Blast” “Push” “eShot” “Mass” “Deploy” “All”
  8. 8. Governance in place Reduced frequency Increased relevance Personalized to audiences Targeted content Decisions made from measurement Or, are you part of the solution?
  9. 9. Timely, targeted, relevant Segment audiences Personalize content Determine frequency In depth measurement Informs your communications Acknowledges the employee 1. Data
  10. 10. 2. Central calendar
  11. 11. No barriers Any device Scannable Easy to navigate WIIFM 3. Design
  12. 12. Today’s technology 20% of the work week is spent looking for internal information Source: McKinsey Report
  13. 13. Action-based sends
  14. 14. Understand your audience  Consolidate  Twitter-style content  Responsive design  Embed videos  Measure Courtesy of: Financial Ombudsman
  15. 15. Newslettercourtesyof:SovereignHousing Organized by sections
  16. 16. Newslettercourtesyof:SovereignHousing Organized by sections  Color-coded sections  Content as snippets  Priority sections at top
  17. 17. Newslettercourtesyof:RBC View across organization
  18. 18. Newslettercourtesyof:AonHewittUK Signaling relevance
  19. 19. Newslettercourtesyof:VodafoneUK Consolidates  Responsive design  Aggregated news  Measures traffic  Measures audiences
  20. 20. Measure to reduce overload Insight into audiences Editorial guidance Click maps Trends Best time and day Target / personalize Decrease volume Content balance Most/least traction Destination traffic Re-send Consolidation opportunities Share insight with stakeholders
  21. 21. Access free How to guides, research and white papers Next IC Essentials webinar – Thursday, April 23 Increasing channel effectiveness