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Accelerating and improving the change experience (new design) v2

  1. Accelerating and Improving the Change Experience
  2. “ “ I am all for progress, it is change I object to Mark Twain It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory. W. Edwards Demming
  3. Introduction NJM Consulting NJM Consulting brings you this insights piece to further your understanding of change and to promote the actions any organisation can take to improve their ability to manage and embed change. Organisations are facing an agenda of constant change. Technology, disruption, competition and internal factors combine to create sets of unique challenges for organisations. Organisational mastery of change will be an ongoing source of competitive advantage. Change leadership and management is therefore a critical 21st century capability.
  4. Six strategic questions relating to change NJM Consulting How does your organization react to change? Are you gathering and utilizing change intelligence to improve your change programs? How effective is your organization at managing change? What do you need to get right to be effective at change? What factors are going to drive and shape your change agenda? Is you organization structured and resourced effectively to lead and manage change? 1 2 3 4 5 6
  5. Five key insights from this piece of work NJM Consulting i 73% of respondents had a level of dissatisfaction with change performance 46% saw their culture as being a barrier to effective change Visible leadership support is the most important single factor in enabling effective change. Organisations that managed change effectively place a far greater emphasis on engagement and change intelligence. Those impacted by change are more willing to change where the engagement is authentic and they have a level of self determination. Change governance, resourcing and expertise are critical foundations for effective change.
  6. What the survey results told us! 128 responses - C Suite to individual contributor.
  7. Responses were varied when it comes to organisations attitude to change… NJM Consulting How would you rate your organisations attitude to change? How adaptive is your culture to change? Change resistant Change is a challenge Ok Responsive Very responsive 10% 20% 30% 40%
  8. Respondents felt there was a lot of opportunity to improve change management effectiveness… NJM Consulting How would you describe your organisations ability to manage change? Very poor Very good Good Ok – room for improvement Poor • Does your organization have a common methodology it applies to change? • Do you have the structure and expertise to support change activity?
  9. Organisational performance against change competencies was polarized, with a lot of opportunity for improvement… NJM Consulting Understanding the change environment, risks and issues Establishing and communicating the reasons and benefits of change Stakeholder and internal alignment Effective engagement of those impacted by change Leadership visibility and support for change Effectively communicating progress, activities and milestones Creating wins and building momentum Adapting to feedback and being flexible where needed Effective planning and transition to BAU ownership Very good Good Room for improvement Poor Very poor 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
  10. Leadership visibility, engagement and understanding the change environment were the standout enablers of change… NJM Consulting Choose the five elements you think are most important to enable effective change? Element % who chose this element Understanding the change environment, risks and issues 68.7% Establishing the reasons and benefits for change 61.9% Stakeholder and internal alignment 58.7% Effective engagement of those directly impacted by change 76.5% Leadership visibility and support for the change 84.1% Effectively communicating progress, activities and milestones 42.6% Creating wins and building momentum 30.7% Adapting to feedback and being flexible where needed 32.8% Effective planning and transition to BAU 39.3%
  11. Some interesting differences appear with organisations who are good at change versus those that are not… NJM Consulting Choose the five elements you think are most important to enable effective change? Element Very good & good Poor & very poor % Rank % Rank Understanding the change environment, risks and issues 86.4 2 59.0 5 Establishing the reasons and benefits for change 76.5 3 60.0 4 Stakeholder and internal alignment 64.7 5 72.7 2 Effective engagement of those directly impacted by change 88.2 1 68.7 3 Leadership visibility and support for the change 70.6 4 90.9 1 Effectively communicating progress, activities and milestones 35.3 7 40.9 7 Creating wins and building momentum 37.5 6 27.7 8 Adapting to feedback and being flexible where needed 32.1 8 31.8 9 Effective planning and transition to BAU 11.6 9 50.0 6 Organisations that are effective at change place a far greater emphasis on change intelligence, planning and engagement.
  12. Technology and customer driven change were the two standout factors that will drive the change agenda… NJM Consulting Very significantly significantly Moderate impact Minimal impact Neutral or not relevant 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Technology & Systems Changes to roles and ways of working Leadership and organizational change Market conditions & economy Customer driven change Government and regulatory factors Innovation and disruption As you look forward, how will these factors impact change in your organisation?
  13. When asked for comments on how to improve change performance some clear themes emerged… NJM Consulting o Utilizing change intelligence and change expertise will set your change program up for success. o Make sure there is a clear alignment between strategy and change. Help people join the dots! o Ensure the engagement and involvement of those impacted by change. o Leadership support and visibility. o Culture can be both an enabler and blocker. o Developing a common language and method around change is very helpful. Themes
  14. Some comments worth taking note of NJM Consulting “Establish the key issues and blockers before you start” “Understand what you are wanting to change and why” “use change intelligence and data to personalize the change experience” “Build change capability into every role” “Build internal change capability “Set up your structure to cope with change “Creating a line of sight: connecting the change to a shared vision and outcome - overall business plan and strategy” “Be clear on the role you want your leaders to play and hold them to account” “Balance communications around positive and negative impacts” “Consistent change method to be implemented across the business” “ “
  15. What can you do to improve your organizations ability to manage change?
  16. Critical questions to ask of your organisation regarding change… NJM Consulting Change strategy & intelligence 1. Do you have a strategy or set of principles guiding your approach to change? 2. Do you understand how adaptive your culture is to change? 3. Do you gather data on change readiness and alignment? Leadership of change 1. Are your leaders driving and visibly supporting change? 2. Are you communicating the reasons for change within a clear context? 3. Are your first line leaders equipped to support change? 4. Are you celebrating success and equally learning from mistakes Management of change 1. Have you established change methodology and governance? 2. Do you understand and manage risks associated with change? 3. Are you effective at project planning and reporting? 4. Are you deploying a communication & engagement plan? Change capability & resourcing 1. Is your organization structured effectively to manage change and BAU? 2. Do you have internal change expertise? 3. Do you access external expertise to augment your change agenda?
  17. Six things any organisation can do to improve change performance NJM Consulting 6. Via whatever medium makes sense have your executive(s) provide an update every quarter that answers these 4 questions: 1. Gather survey data on alignment to strategy and change readiness as a means of informing your change planning. 2. Review your organizational structure to ensure you are set up to manage change and BAU at the same time. 3. Adopt a set of simple principles that guide your approach to change. 4. Have an in house or external specialist mentor your leaders who are driving change initiatives. 5. Ensure all projects address a standard set of questions relating to change. 1. Performance and results. 2. What do we need to focus on and why? 3. What can you expect and what might change? 4. What we need from you?
  18. Expertise, service and technology that can help you manage change more effectively!
  19. NJM Consulting can provide dedicated consulting expertise to improve your change effectiveness, including…. NJM Consulting 1. Conducting a review of your strategy and organizational structure as it relates to change. Ensuring you have the clarity, structure and resources to deliver change. 2. Help you establish a Program Management Office (PMO) to manage a collection of change projects. 3. Support you with all of your people and HR requirements relating to change. 4. Ensure you have a common change methodology and core collateral / processes to mange change. 5. Develop fit for purpose communication and engagement initiatives. 6. Review and remediate change programs or projects that are not on track. 7. Provide mentorship and support to leaders who are accountable for change and engagement.
  20. In partnership with Everperform, NJM Consulting can help you capture and act on change intelligence… NJM Consulting Change software for the 21st century Real time data and insights Accelerate and embed change  Smarter change programs based on data.  Track and drive change performance.  Capture value from change.
  21. NJM Consulting can connect you with specialist providers that will develop your capability to manage change…. NJM Consulting Change culture assessment and insights. Programs to develop the capability of your executive to lead change. Innovative programs and technologies to support first line leader change capability and development. Workshops and insights to increase the change readiness of your teams. Business process optimization.
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