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Pj part 5 team2

  1. SuddenlyFoundTreasures --Tsz Lui Chu, Nicole A Summers, Allen NG, Logan Davis, Ting-Yun Chen, Jiayu Zhong
  2. Contents Introduction/ background Current social media SWOT with platform Target to needs of consumer Application/ content strategy KPI Social media solution Data collection Management MAP
  3. Introduction/Background ● Partnership between mother-daughter duo Kris Molnar and Nicole Summers ● Started because of a love of thrifting and an overflowing house ● Moved from a hobby to a business opportunity ● Expand from just selling to other stores to an online presence
  4. MissionStatement As a consultant team, we aim to promote high quality vintage items for today’s value conscious shoppers through providing vintage items without the vintage cost. We also will increase brand recognition among online users by utilizing more social media outlets to offer a unique way to acquire specialized collectibles and vintage clothing.
  5. Goal:increasethebrand’srecognition Objective one: Increase the online visibility We hope to gain at least 10% of searching volume by January 2017
  6. Goal:increasethebrand’srecognition Objective two: To build online community for traffic We hope to increase 20% for second visits, 18% for third visits and 18% for fourth visits by April 2017
  7. Goal:increasethebrand’srecognition Objective three: To increase the social media participation We hope to increase 15% of the revenue on August 2017
  8. CurrentSocialMedia ● EBay is its only platform that customers ● The EBay account utilized is KT-GOODS ● It now has 45 followers and 100% positive feedback on EBay in the last 12 months.
  9. SWOTAnalysis Strengths ● Unique clothing line/vintage ● Partnership means all retained profits ● Few competitors/niche market ● Family type business great company culture Weaknesses ● Lack of Social Media presence ● No brand recognition ● Does not have online purchase ability ● Lack of products offered by clothing lines Opportunities ● presence on FB, Twitter and IG ● online ordering/product viewing ● Contracts with large clothing chains ● Sweepstakes to win quality clothing items ● Establish company-owned factory ● International extensions Threats ● Having too many competitors ● Consumer trends and desires can be fickle ● Stronger brand names of competitors ● Competitors with strong SCM
  10. Targettoneedsofconsumer ● Manages to engage in online conversations with the customers ● Collect feedback about vintage clothing ● Identify customer needs and to produce products and services that best satisfy the needs of the potential clients
  11. Targettoneedsofconsumer ● Instagram pictures and videos create different reactions from the Instagram followers where customers can pinpoint any dissatisfaction about the product as well.
  12. Targettoneedsofconsumer ● Engages customers in co-creating the value of products by using their suggestions submitted through the social media platforms to know the key area that needs to be improved
  13. Application/contentstrategy ● target group is the people in 20s-30s who like vintage clothing ● provide both pictures and videos once a week ● professional fashion discussion
  14. Keyperformanceindicators(KPIs) ● Relied on Customer Relationship Management ● Track operation progress ● Evaluate performance toward goals
  15. KPIsApplication ● Keyword Opportunity KPI ○ gain at least 10% of searching volume ● Returning Visit Metric ○ increase 25% of second visit, 20% of third visit, and 18% of more ● Sales Growth Indicator ○ Perform 15% more of sales revenue ● Interaction Engagement ○ 50% of followers are actively in comment or like
  16. Socialmediasolution ● Creation of Social Media Profiles ○ Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin ● Creation of picture/video advertisements ○ Cross sharing across Social Media Platforms ● Posting items 3 times a day or more ○ Allows for larger viewing audience ○ Allows for different viewers throughout the day All Advertising will be done through Social Media No Advertising Budget
  17. Datacollection ● Instagram ○ Free software - “Simply Measured”
  18. Datacollection ● Facebook ○ Fan page - Pagemanager
  19. Datacollection ● YouTube ○ YouTube Analytic
  20. Management ● Partnership ○ Social Media focus by partners ○ Shared duties ■ Posting ■ Content Creation ■ Sharing posts ■ Responding to comments ● Focusing on return viewers/customers ○ Raffles/Prizes/Giveaways ○ Social Media Analytics ○ View competitors advertising practices
  21. Map
  22. Socialmediapictures