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Tips for a Good Presentation

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These slides should help you if you are a beginner in your career and is handling a profile where you get to do presentations before Clients or Inside Senior Mangers.

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Tips for a Good Presentation

  1. 1. HOW TO TAKE A PRESENTATION How To Take a Presentation…
  2. 2. By: Singnet Solutions 2 Grooming Up-- Men Colors: White, off white, pale, blue shirts are preferred No to Checks and yes to stripes Trousers preferably dark, beige, black etc. Ties should not be loud. No images or designs preferred. A perfect triangle knot SOCKS that matches with your trousers Shoes polished, black and brown/tan shoes
  3. 3. By: Singnet Solutions 3 Grooming Up-- Women Colors: Self-colored salwaar kameez or formal shirt/trousers Sleevless and tight clothes are a no Shoes black/ brown with no high heels Bags black/brown Earrings should be small Bracelets/Bangles only one can be worn Sleek chains/rings preferred
  4. 4. By: Singnet Solutions 4 Practice makes Perfect Should I rehearse? YES! Rehearsing your speech should never be about memorizing words or movements most people—fear public speaking as you fear the unknown Record your entire presentation on video and then watch it Rehearse until you are happy with yourself
  5. 5. By: Singnet Solutions 5 Pre-Presentation Jitters Listen to music Clench and smile Visualize yourself giving a great speech mental gymnastics Arrive early, and work the room
  6. 6. By: Singnet Solutions 6 Start Strong Maintain eye contact Smile Your introduction should never be longer than two sentences Keep it short, simple and sweet Build a story. Everyone likes them
  7. 7. By: Singnet Solutions 7 The Crux Your presentation needs to be built around what your audience is going to get out of the presentation What the audience needs and wants to know, not what you can tell them Remain focused on your audience’s response, and react to that Make it easy for your audience to understand and respond
  8. 8. By: Singnet Solutions 8 Basic Etiquette Exhibit a positive attitude and pleasant demeanor Use a firm handshake Maintain good eye contact Introduce someone by their title and last name (Ms. Mrs. Mr. Dr. ), unless otherwise specified Rise when you are introducing someone or you are being introduced Be a good Listener & Soft spoken Show common respect and consideration for others
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