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  1. Initial music video ideas A2 level Media Studies - Nina de Lima
  2. Introduction  Initial ideas for my music video will be presented here so that different concepts are briefly imagined to see which ones I would end up actually incorporating on my final music video. These 4 different ideas presented helps to possibly combine different components into a last result.
  3. Types of music videos  To briefly introduce the version of music videos. Here are the 3 types of music videos:  Narrative based – a video consisting of mainly a story line which relates to the lyrics and genre of the song, this is very useful for engaging the audience.  Performance based – a video mainly consisting of band/artist’s performance, this is commonly used with rock bands due to their performances generally being highly energetic.  Concept based – a video in which it’s quite unusual, due to being based around one idea, they also often focus on one specific editing technique.
  4. Idea no1 One of my ideas for a music video would be a performative montage video of the main character (the singer) lip syncing to the lyrics, while being in different locations that fit the aesthetic of the song. For example, the settings could be in some kind of forest, park, field.. Just an open atmosphere that creates a kind of arts-y sensation. The shots would just go back and forth from different locations, with variations of different shots to show emotion, since it’s a romantic ballad.
  5. Idea no2 Another music video option of concept would be that the song itself, “Carinhoso”, is part of a past love relationship. And so there would be narrative part of the video where a young girl is just humming the song, or playing it from somewhere. And then it transitions to the flashbacks with her lover, memories with them would appear, and by the end it could possibly be their break-up or his funeral. After that the girl would go back to humming or would stop the record player. This idea would have more of a solemn theme, since the storyline of the idea contains a past lover.
  6. Idea no3 For this version of a potential music video, I would want to produce a mix of a narrative and performative video in which a short story would be shown but at the same time a performance would be performed. For this video’s concept there would be the idea of a young girl about to leave her house to travel but when she’s about to leave her cat doesn’t say goodbye to her. The story would just proceed with the young girl feeling sad without her cat and missing him while being away. The whole video would just be short parts of back and forth, from present of the girl’s current state (looking through pictures of her cat) to past, with the past times with her cat(both the girl and the cat being together). But also with some shots of the singer performing the song.
  7. Idea no4 The last idea would be a music video would simply be a young woman acting as if she’s the artist of the song, she would be writing the song while it’s playing. And so it would be set in a house, a room, with the artist playing the guitarpiano and also writing down the lyrics. While the song is playing she would lip sync to the lyrics, but it would only take place at home and singing to herself.
  8. Summary  4 separated ideas of music video for my song chosen were shown. Their short simple storyline were described to briefly present the general performative/narrative- based synopsis to be shown in a potential music video. These ideas were simply to determine what I preferably would want to incorporate in my music video in the end.  Writing all these initial music video ideas has helped me explore different ways to present “Carinhoso”, my song choice, and in a way has helped me think creatively with story-based-on-music-making.