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Novare Consulting explain P3M3

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Novare Consulting are an Accredited Consultancy Partner for AXELOS. P3M3 is the world class Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model used to support organizations who wish to improve their track record for delivering successful change.
Please read the slides to find out more, and contact us to enquire how we can help you

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  • Following the PRINCE2 Agile Roadshow we had workshops on Change Management and Project Management Maturity - see our slides from the sessions to learn more
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  • Thank you to everyone who attended our PRINCE2 Agile Roadshow on 5th December. It was great to see such a high level of interst in PRINCE2 Agile
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Novare Consulting explain P3M3

  1. 1. Copyright Novare Consulting Novare Consulting P3M3 Sponsored by AXELOS and APMG
  2. 2. Our Certifications Certified by leading, internationally-recognised professional bodies to provide consultancy, training, coaching and mentoring
  3. 3. P3M3® is a trademark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS. All rights reserved. Topics  What does good look like?  What is P3M3?  P3M3 Approach  Undertaking a P3M3 Assessment  Results and Recommendations Project, Programme and Portfolio Management Maturity Model
  4. 4. The Challenge • Delivering a complex range of challenging projects and programmes as part of a portfolio • Not all of them succeed • Desire to measure the maturity of approach to portfolio, programme and project management • Using an impartial and independent approach to assess management maturity • To secure recommended actions to strengthen performance How can we improve our PPM performance?
  5. 5. Projects Programmes and Portfolios What does good look like for each of these 3 levels?
  6. 6. What Do Good Projects Look Like? • On time delivery? • On budget delivery? • No quality issues? • Benefits realised? • Scope delivered including approved changes? • Risks managed so no issues?
  7. 7. What Do Good Programmes Look Like? How do you measure what good programmes look like? • All projects successful? • Stakeholders satisfied? • Overall programme’s future state realised? • Strategic objectives achieved? • Business performance improved? • Transformation achieved? • Benefits realised?
  8. 8. What Do Good Portfolios Look Like? How do you measure what good portfolios look like? • Well chosen projects and programmes? • Balanced prioritisation of resources? • Organisation’s stakeholders satisfied? • Projects and Programmes stopped when no longer adding value? • Change balanced with business as usual? • Delivered within risk appetite of organisation?
  9. 9. Purpose of Maturity Models • Assess maturity of projects, programmes or portfolios to improve performance • Measure against 1 or more of the perspectives to identify areas to improve • Outputs provide an assessment of the organization’s strengths & weaknesses and a rating against an international standard • This information can be used to build an improvement plan P3M3
  10. 10. Levels Of P3M3 Maturity
  11. 11. P3M3 Model & 7 Perspectives Seven Perspectives
  12. 12. The P3M3 Perspectives Management control Benefits management Financial management Stakeholder engagement Risk management Organizational governance Resource management
  13. 13. Overall Assessment • Each perspective • Each Level • Assessed across multiple examples • Against P3M3 guidelines
  14. 14. But Organisations are Different! Our P3M3 Assessments consider the context of the organisation
  16. 16. Example: Resource Management Attributes • Resource identification and analysis • Resource planning • Resource management expertise is available to support project teams • Capacity and demand management • Resource profiling • Resource frameworks/recruitment • Defined sets of responsibilities for each role • Resource utilization and performance reportingOur detailed P3M3 assessments explore and report on these attributes
  17. 17. P3M3 Assessment Scope P3M3 Assessments triangulate information from a number of sources
  18. 18. Typical Assessment Approach • Scoping Workshop • Assessment Workshops to discuss SWOT • Assessment plan and schedule • Review processes and documents • Interview relevant personnel including governance • Compile report and scoring of assessment • Prepare Improvement Plan • Report back to key stakeholders Conducted by experienced Novare Consulting practitioners
  19. 19. Example Portfolio Level Maturity – Organisational Governance
  20. 20. Recommendations and Change • Recommendations create the need for change • Create a realistic future state in terms of maturity • Engage with stakeholders to develop a plan and agree the benefits • Deliver some quick wins and sustain the momentum • Typically takes 12-18 months to move up a level Novare Consulting core services are aimed at improving PPM performance
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Novare Consulting Booths Hall Chelford Road Knutsford Cheshire WA16 8GS T: 0161 926 1840 F: 0161 926 1844 We hope that you enjoyed the workshop Novare Consulting Booths Hall Chelford Road Knutsford Cheshire WA16 8GS T: 0161 926 1840 F: 0161 926 1844