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Intuitive Leaps

  1. One-of-a-kind photographs by Bruce Kasanoff
  2. Mindful reminders to pay attention I use the simplest possible tools and equipment to capture these images. Beauty and complexity are all around us, but to see them you must stop and pay attention. Nature rewards your attention with intuitive leaps and other insights that enrich both your career and life.
  3. Midtown Madness 36” x 48” metal print The Big City on a frantic day. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by one too many appointments. Maybe it's raining, and the cabs have disappeared. I want to take an Uber, but Uber is evil. Cognitive dissonance ensues. But then something kicks in. The skyscrapers transform into magical sculptures, dancing in the sunset light. Lights flicker on and the clubs open. People are racing back and forth, filled with energy, ideas, and possibilities. I realize the city hasn’t changed, only me. It’s all a question of how you see the world.
  4. Rolling Hills of Light 36” x 48” metal print 6067 Each hill is not an obstacle, but rather a path to greater strength. Each one empowers you to climb another.Treasure each direction as it comes, and fear no change in terrain ahead.You will follow the path, one step after another, filled with the recognition that the hills themselves have power, and you tap into that energy with every step.
  5. Peruvian Tapestry 36” X 38” metal print Our world is a tapestry, by far more beautiful when you weave all its threads together than when you keep them apart 9347
  6. The Quietest Voices 36” X 48” metal print The quietest voices are often the most breathtaking.To hear them, you must take the time to listen, encourage, and reassure. It is all too easy to forget this in the rush to make a decision or to move ahead. But no rush is worth missing such beauty. 9920
  7. Walk Towards the Light 36” x48” metal print Walk towards the light. It is truth.The light shines when you set aside your preconceptions, beliefs, and biases. It is powered by open-minds and open hearts. It is an endless source of power. 3556
  8. Enlightened Self One-of-a-kind 36” x 48” metal print Help others. Before you do anything else, be of service. This act is like buying a ticket or paying your dues. It is how you demonstrate your right to be here. Help without obligation or strings attached. Even when you think no one is noticing. In the long run, people notice and—more importantly—it shapes the very essence of who you are. 8610
  9. corporate collaborations welcomed Want to create a space that inspires intuitive leaps? I will be happy to work with you. Bruce Kasanoff Founder, Kasanoff Institute We magnify your talent, by helping to position and spread your best ideas.
  10. Price List 36” X 48” $2,500 48” X 48” $3,000 Using a process called dye sublimation, we reproduce my photographs onto aluminum. Sublimation is the process of going from a solid to a gas, back to a solid - skipping the liquid state. The result are large archival images that will last over 50 years without fading. Each is glossy and bold, with vibrant colors and rich, deep blacks. Each photograph is one-of-a-kind; I sell just one copy of each. To order or inquire, please email