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Profits before People

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Do you know a company that abandons loyal employees while reporting record profits? Based on this LinkedIn article: I help clients be clear, credible and compelling. Please follow me on LinkedIn or visit

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Profits before People

  1. Profits before People Profits before People
  2. My firm has record profits, but they are laying me off Source:  h*p://  
  3. They pour money into advertising, even though it doesn’t work…
  4. They brag about terminating the bottom 10% every year.
  5. They paint over problems instead of actually solving them.
  6. They haven’t changed their business model in 50 years.
  7. The executives think they totally rock; the customers think they totally suck.
  8. The company promotes the people who look good, but who seldom do good.
  9. And now they are throwing ME to the sharks!
  10. I wish they would drop the hypocrisy and just admit how they really do business.
  11. They don’t love customers, or employees. They love money.
  12. They talk about relationships, but they act like bullies.
  13. They should band together with other like-minded companies and advertise what they really believe in… Profits before People
  14. Don’t worry, investors. In tough times, we abandon our employees. Dariush  M/Shu*erstock   Profits before People
  15. Suzanne  Tucker/Shu*erstock   We Don’t Let Hungry Kids Get in the Way of Consistent Profits. Profits before People
  16. Profits before People Cluckva/Shu*erstock   We Don’t Waste Money on People Who Used to Be Valuable to Us.
  17. pzAxe/Shu*erstock   Don’t Invest in Sentimental Companies. (We Are Not Sentimental.) Profits before People
  18. Help these companies spread the word. Make your own art and post links in the comments below… Profits before People
  19. All  images  from  Shu*