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Growth Hacking For Startups By Pavan Belagatti

Introduction Growth Hacking

Growth Marketing Canvas
Growth Hacking Experiment Prioritizing

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Growth Hacking For Startups By Pavan Belagatti

  1. 1. Introduction to Growth Hacking - NSRCEL Doc Created by Pavan Belagatti - Growth hacker and a marketing influencer. ● Evolution of Growth Hacking Sean Ellis coined the term "growth hacker" in 2010. He stated, "Growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth. Everything they do is scrutinized/examined by their (experiments) potential impact on scalable growth." Andrew Chen introduced the term to a wider audience in a blog post titled, "Growth Hacker is the new VP Marketing" The Google trend for the term ‘​Growth Hacking​’
  2. 2. ● What exactly is Growth Hacking? A non-traditional approach to increase the growth rate and adoption of a product/service. It is nothing but a set of rapid experimentation techniques using tools and creative ideas. Analysing the results of each set and scaling the one to the max that is giving results. Also known as growth marketing or viral marketing. Growth hacking is all about mindset. ● Who is a Growth Hacker? Nothing but a marketer with a blend of - Creative ideas, coding knowledge, and analytics. Growth hacker always thinks outside the box. A trend hunter. Example: pokemon go growth hacking
  3. 3. The main goal of a growth hacker is to lower the cost per customer acquisition. In the practical world, what are the things a growth hacker should know? Guerrilla Marketing is an advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results. Ex: viral videos, stencil graffiti, etc
  4. 4. ● The Difference - Digital Marketer & Growth Hacker ● Growth Hacking Process
  5. 5. The Growth Pyramid Product market fit​: Creating a product that resonates with the target market. Make things people want. ● Growth Hackers AAARRR Model
  6. 6. ● Sustainable Growth Vs Hacked Growth ● Famous Growth Hacking Case Studies Airbnb's growth hack: "Leverage community of a larger community"
  7. 7. ● Dropbox’s Growth Hacks ● Slack’s Growth Hacks:​ ​ ● Hotmail’s Growth Hack:
  8. 8. ● Growth Hacking Canvas [Airbnb’s ​North Star Metric​ is nights booked. This captures value delivered to both guests and hosts. Facebook’s NSM is Daily Active Users.] ICE Method: ​Growth Hacking Experiment Prioritizing
  9. 9. ● My Success with Growth Hacking & Tactics > My article ranks on the first page for the keyword ​‘Digital marketing​ ​action plan’ Relevancy, keywords research, attacking the low hanging fruit (MOZ plugin) Post analysis through ​Google search console I created this ​Keyword Research Template > LinkedIn hack:​ Storytelling and personal branding Line breaks, click-bait start, emotional touch, genuine body content > LinkedIn automated connections hack - ​LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dux Soup > Infographics hack: Create infographic from Venngage > Twitter hack nx-heres-how-the-internet-reacted/articleshow/51192183.cms
  10. 10. What worked for me here? Trend hunting & hashtag Visual - GIF Timing Liking other similar tweets to get noticed & attention I wrote an article about it and shared the link in the tweet. > Using ​Quuu promote​ tool to get humongous shares​: I automated shares for my articles > Creative tweets -​ ​ > Content syndication hack: We do with platforms like DZone “10 Things to Consider While Choosing a CI Platform” (It is not content duplication because these publications specify the canonical tag, indicating Google which is the master copy)
  11. 11. > You should register your startup for free on the Betalist website Cost: Free (there's a paid option too) Criteria: Startup has to be pre-launch. Page views: 500–1,000 Sign-ups: ~200 on average (more info here: roduct-website​) And be there on all such website/startup listing websites/communities to get some free and relevant traffic: ​ > Smart subtle hack: Inserting one of your own tool in a subtle way for_clients/ Along with other famous tools, include your tool also How I did it? er/ > Find popular articles in your industry using ​BuzzSumo​ and add a custom CTA using ​Sniply​ tool > See who shared a particular article through CrowdTangle extension > Reddit content hack:​ ​ nagement-buy-in > Collecting email ids from blog through mailchimp: > Email grabs and outreach through​ ​Snovio > Reviews hack: Google, Trip Advisor, Yelp
  12. 12. > Google AdWords search terms hack: See search queries under keywords tab and get an idea of what type of keywords are getting good CTR and write articles on the same. > Similarly, ​Search Console Keyword Queries​ Hack > Pattern hack: godb_to_postgresql/?sort=new
  13. 13. no_repo_vs/ Once more, Created infographic and tested the interaction, Tried the same thing again, > Roundup article hack:
  14. 14. > Guest posting tricks: Your keyword + Guest post Your keyword + Contribute Your keyword + Submit Your keyword + Write for us > Smart Doc Hack: x0/edit > Spy on your competitors' backlinks and reach out​: > ​Quora questions hack: ​ > ​Hotjar​ for live visitor tracking > Videos are taking the center stage in content marketing these days. Lumen5​ is the tool to create videos in 5 mins and publish them > ​BuzzSumo​, ​Co-schedule’s headline analyzer​, Grammarly for article writing and analyzing content > Use ​Zapier​ to automate emails (spreadsheet + gmail) > Use ​Viraly​ to change the appearance of social posts You can see the preview of your post: ​
  15. 15. ● Amazing List of Growth Hacking Tools: s/edit#gid=1920558405 ● Join these highly relevant FB groups: Traffic and Copy:​ ​ Hacking Growth: ​ Growth Hacking and Outbound Marketing: Growth Hacking Secrets: ​ Stacking Growth: ​ This is my website where I write about ‘Growth Hacking’ - ​Growth Hacky ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let’s connect & explore more: LinkedIn: ​ Instagram: ​ Facebook: ​ Email: ​ Thank you!