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Iimb 4startups appknox

SaaS for startups

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Iimb 4startups appknox

  1. 1. About Me Co-Founder, CEO Appknox • Always wanted to drive things myself • Joined a startup right after college • Started first startup in 2013, an end mile logistic company • Failed due to less demand • Started another startup where focused a lot on Product • Business Development is critical and one should do a thorough study of market. • Co-founders play a vital role B. Tech, KIIT University
  2. 2. - Michael Dell “Security has just got to be part of what you do every single day”
  3. 3. About Us Our mission is to make the entire mobile ecosystem safe & secure for everyone. Appknox helps developers & enterprises to uncover & fix security loopholes with a combination of System + Human approach. Are trusted by Businesses:
  4. 4. Winner – Hot 100 Tech Awards #1 Mobile Startup 2014 Most Promising New CompanyMost Innovative Product Company Awards & Recognitions Top 10 Startups to Watchout For Top Enterprise Startup to Watchout For in 2015
  5. 5. Journey • Started in Jan 2014 • Selected at JFDI(Singapore based Incubator) March 2014 • Microsoft Ventures August 2014 • Closed our first sales in Dec 2014 • Got on board first 10 clients Mar 2015 • September Raised 750K USD • December 2015 - Reached 100K USD ARR • Mar 2016 - Reached 20K USD MRR
  6. 6. Obstacles and Pitfalls • Figuring out right business model for product • Creating Awareness for niche offering • Categorising target segment • Brand awareness ( Competing against IBM’s and HP’s ) • Building Team • Ensuring product quality
  7. 7. Current Status • Business Model up and evolving • Appknox is one of the pioneers in mobile security in APAC • Working with all major Payment wallets in India • Team of 17 Members • Targeting ARR of 1M USD by December • Working with 40+ Businesses in India and SEA
  8. 8. Lessons Learned • Never offer your product for free • SAAS is about product, it has to constantly evolve • Happy customer is most important metric • Hire slowly but steadily • SAAS is tough and experiments may prove expensive so make sure you have plan B • Celebrate your victories (Positiveness and inspires goal setting attitude)
  9. 9. Questions??