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Futhi Ngubane-Updated CV 2016

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Futhi Ngubane-Updated CV 2016

  1. 1. I am a goal orientated person. Objectives is what drive me. Achieving those objectives motivates me. Assisting co-workers/ the company in line with my profession is my passion. Teaching and coaching others what I have learnt is my legacy. Institution 01: Tshwane University of Technology Qualification: B-Tech Environmental Sciences Year Completed: In progress Major courses: Environmental Management III Environmental Legislation III Environmental Resources III Environmental Chemistry III Environmental Rehabilitation IV Environmental Management IV Environmental Resources IV Integrated Catchment Management IV Water Quality Management IV Outstanding: Environmental Technology Project IV-Title: Concentrations, Dynamics and Mobility of Arsenic in Landfill leachates. Distinctions Achieved: Environmental Resources III Environmental Chemistry III Water Quality Management IV 1 Tertiary Education CURRICULUM VITAE OF Ntombifuthi Felicious Ngubane ID No: 7808140286088 Address: 207 Malanshof Centre, 18 Hans Schoeman Street, Randburg, 2194 Tel: 073 429 4595 Email: Code 08 Drivers Licence Career Objectives/Summary
  2. 2. Institution 02: University of South Africa (UNISA) Qualification: National Diploma-Safety Management Year Completed: 2015 Major courses: Safety principles and practice I Risk Management I Occupational Health and Safety Law I End-User computing I (Theory) English communication for Law Business Management IA Business Management IB Occupational Health and Safety Law IIA Occupational Health and Safety Law IIB Safety Principles and practice II Safety Management III Occupational Health and Safety Law III Introduction to HR management Introduction to Statistics Introduction to HR development End User Computing (Practical) Financial Management IV Distinctions Achieved: Risk Management I Occupational Health and Safety Law I Business Management IA Occupational Health and Safety Law IIA Occupational Health and Safety Law IIB Safety Principles and practice II Occupational Health and Safety Law III Introduction to HR development Introduction to HR management Institution 03: Mangosuthu University of Technology Qualification: National Diploma-Analytical Chemistry Year Completed: 2008 Major courses: Mathematics I Chemistry I Physics I 2
  3. 3. Computer Skills Analytical Chemistry I, II & III Inorganic Chemistry II & III Organic Chemistry II & III Physical Chemistry II & III Chemical Quality Assurance Institution 4: Umlazi Technical College Qualification: Laboratory Assistants-National Certificate (NTC3) Year completed: Completed -1996 Major courses completed: Chemical Laboratory Technology-N1, N2.N3 Industrial Chemistry-N1, N2, N3 Mathematics-N1, N2, N3 Engineering Science-N1, N2, N3 School : Durban Finishing School Highest Level : Grade 12 Subjects : Mathematics, Physical Science, Biology, English, Afrikaans and IsiZulu Year Completed : 1996 Other Training: Offered by: 1.SANAS  Laboratory Systems Course (ISO 17025)  Internal Auditing Course(ISO 17025)  Technical Assessing Techniques(ISO 17025) 2. Advantage Act  SHEQMAN (Management) Course.  OHSAS 18001 Implementation.  Lead Auditor’s course: Integrated Management Systems Audit (ISO 9001;ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001) 3. The Facilitation workshop 4.StratExec  Handling of hazardous substances and basic information. 3 Secondary Education Additional Education
  4. 4. 5. MECOSA 6. SGS 7. NOSA  Supervisory and people Management Skills.  The use of radioactive Isotopes in Industry Part 1: Theory Part 2: Legislation. Integrated SHEQ Management systems Auditing(ISO 9001;ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001) 1. Introduction to SAMTRAC. 2. SAMTRAC( passed with Distinction) 3. Incident Investigation Level 3 4. ITIS Train-the-Trainer Course. Employability Skills Acquired: • Time management and organisational skills. • Effective communication, report-writing and presentation skills. • General office management, conflict management skills. • Business Communication and Project Management skills. • Leadership and negotiating skills. Employer: Mintek (Analytical Services Division) - Randburg Position 1: In-service Trainee Period 1: 03 January 2005-30 November 2005 Position 2: In-service Trainee Period 2: 01 December 2005-30 December 2008 Skills gained: Communication, Project report writing, punctuality; Presentation skills, Technical problem-solving; General good laboratory Practice, Laboratory Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Adaptation to work environment. Responsibilities: • Preparation (from crushing, milling, splitting, particle size determination to sample dissolution) of different sample matrices (both geological and metallurgical), solids (both slags and metals) using different dissolution techniques e.g. by alkaline fusion or by acid digestion, depending upon the type of sample and estimates of the elements of interest. 4 Work Experience
  5. 5. • Preparation of liquid samples by performing suitable dilutions by an autodilutor or manually by pipetting for the determination of normal slags and PGM’s (Platinum group metals) by ICP-OES. • Preparation of Coal samples (from roasting/ashing for ICP-OES; ICP-MS and AAS. • Reporting of analytical results on the LIMS (Version 4.0 & 5.0) and authorization of such results at own level. • Determination of the specific gravity (Density) of solid samples, both geological and metallurgical by a gas pycnometer. • Milling of solid samples (both geological and metallurgical) using different bowls by a swing milling apparatus and a pulvuriser. • Crushing of solid samples using a Jaw crusher • Wet chemical methods of analysis i.e. Gravimetric methods e.g. Determination of Silica in Ferro-silicon samples by gravimetric and Titrimetric methods e.g. Determination of chromium oxide in Ores by titration. • Calibration of laboratory instruments and equipment. Position 3: SHEQ Officer Period 3: 01 January 2009 –Present. Responsibilities: Quality: • SANAS nominated representative. • Ensuring that the Division’s Quality System is implemented and maintained according to ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 requirements and the division’s quality manual. • Writing, approval and review of Standard Operating Procedures. • Conducting Quality inductions for trainees and new staff members. • Training of Quality Reps and relevant staff members about quality aspects, ISO Achiever and Auditing. • Ensuring that all Staff members adhere to the Quality policy; Management procedures and Standard operating procedures (SOPs) as set out in the quality manual and requirements of ISO 17025 through job observations and QES briefings. 5
  6. 6. • Conducting internal Audits according to the Audit schedule, compilation of Audit Reports and raising the necessary corrective action requests. • Coordinating participation in Laboratory Proficiency Testing Schemes and Round Robins data capturing and interpretation. • Scheduling and managing blind sample Programmes. • Auditing of Supplier/Service Providers. Environment, Health and Safety: • Ensuring that the Division’s SHE System is implemented and maintained according to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 requirements. • Conducting Divisional Safety and Corporate Safety Inductions for trainee staff members and new employees. • Coordinating training for the division’s staff members with Corporate SHEQ and HR e.g. firefighting, radiation training, first aid etc. • Conducting monthly workplace inspections and completion of inspection reports on Lotus Notes and logging/creating necessary action items for continual improvement. • Control of the handling of radioactive material in the division as required by the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) and ensuring that staff goes for biological monitoring of Radiation workers and are provided with TLD badges every month. • Ensuring that staff receive all required/appropriate biological monitoring and medical surveillance related to specific hazards they are exposed to. • Ensuring that Division’s staff is adequately trained on all procedures related to SHE. • Ensuring that environmental, safety and health related incidents occurring in the division are logged as incident reports. • Facilitating incident investigations and writing incident reports, leading and participating in root cause analysis exercises and implementation of corrective actions. • Training of Safety Representatives on necessary duties and legal requirements. • Auditing other Division’s within the Organization on ISO 14001; ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001. 6
  7. 7. • Identifying and rating the Divisional safety, health and environmental risks with the assistance of the process experts. • Determining the existing risk prevention and mitigation controls for each divisional safety, health and environmental risk, in consultation with the process experts. • Creating and maintaining a risk records for each identified divisional safety, health and environmental risk. • Identifying and linking applicable legislation to associated risk records. • Ensuring that Chief Investigators log PICs for each new project and ensure that they are completed correctly. • Assisting the project leaders in the creation and completion of the PICs. • Participating/contribution in risk surveys/ assessments. • Conducting research on Waste Management Strategies relating to disposal of ore samples on site as part of the continual improvement management system. • Ensuring that Quality and SHE meetings are scheduled, held and recorded and following up on implementation of action items. • MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, emailing • LIMS (Version 4.0. +Version 5.0.2); ISO Achiever (Lotus Notes) Version 7 and SharePoint. • Excellent communication (both verbal and written) • Facilitating and coaching skills • Leadership and people’s management skills • Excellent researching, report writing and presentation skills • Interpersonal skills • Strategic and analytical thinking skills • Data collection and analysis skills • Carrying out SHE Internal audits and SHE Workplace inspections • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment • Knowledge of ISO 17025:2005, OHSAS18001:2007, ISO9001:2008 and 14001:2004 Management Systems 7 Knowledge and Skills
  8. 8. • Knowledge of the OHS Act, Mine Health and Safety Act and COID Act • Knowledge of Environmental legislation such as NEMA, NWA and others. 1) Name Mr Monde Mtakati Position Manager: ASD Company/Employer Mintek Telephone number (011) 709-4053 Email 2) Name Ms Dhiroshnee Govender. Position Head: Business Development and SHEQ Company/Employer Mintek Telephone number (011) 709 4210 Email 3) Name Ms Peggy Kotsedi Position Superintendent Product Quality (Former Supervisor @Mintek) Company/Employer Assmang Iron Ore Telephone number 053 311 6675/082 339 6619 Email 8 References