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Arvind Madan: the hurley group

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Arvind Madan: the hurley group

  1. 1. The Burning PlatformEvolving a New Model forGeneral PracticeFinancialConstraintWorkforceCrisisIncreasingDemand
  2. 2. How many patients are registered with the Hurley Group?15,00020,00025,00031,00041,00055,00075,00095,0002006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 20136.3timesincrease
  3. 3. How many minor illnesses and injuries do we treat a year?35,000130,000140,000180,000205,0002006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 20134,615a week
  4. 4. 2535551001702102322722006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013How many in our team?
  5. 5. 2.5%4%2%1%11%4%4%11%2%59%40%25%29%% ofborough’surgent care% ofboroughregisteredwith Hurley
  6. 6. esOur growth strategy working?PubHeaContractReviewsRecruitmentIssuesLow MoraleCutsPracticeFailuresRevalidationKPIsPCTmeltdownRising PatientDemandIncreasingRegulationValuesCQCRising PatientDemandReducedFundingNHSReformsPMSReviews
  7. 7. Network Services in the new financial year1. Diabetes (Care Package) 9. Cancer screening (NEW)2. NHS Health Checks (Care Package) 10. Healthy Lifestyles (NEW)3. Imms and Vaccs (Care Package) 11. Sexual Health (New)4. Hypertension 12. Anti-coagulation (enhanced)5. CVD: Secondary Prevention (New) 13. Minor surgery & Aftercare (enhanced)6. COPD (New) 14. Phlebotomy (enhanced)7. PBC (redesigned) 15. Vulnerable Adults (New)8. Drug and Alcohol (New) 16. Children 0-5 (New)DocklandsMedicalCentreBarkantineIslandMedicalIsland HealthHealthyIslandPartnership
  8. 8. The 36 Tower Hamlets practices have formed 8 geographic networks 1465*1234568 Health E1910 AlbionLAP 2. Spitalfields andBanglatown, Bethnal GreenSouth 89107LAP 1. Weavers, Bethnal Green North,Mile End and Globe Town1 Strouts Pl2 Bethnal Green3 Pollard Row4 Blithehale7 XX place*5 Mission6 Globe Town11121513161411 Shah Jalal12 Tower13LAP 3. Whitechapel, St.Duncan’s and Stepney Green14SpitalfieldsVarmaStepney 171819 Grove Surgery 22 St. Stephen’sLAP 5. Bow West, Bow East20 Tredegar21 Harley Grove23 Ruston Street19242122202324 MerchantStreet25 St Paul’sWay26StroudleyWalkLAP 6. Mile End East, Bromley by Bow27 Nischal252627282930313228 Limehouse 30 Chrisp StLAP 7. Limehouse, East India Lansbury29 Selvan 31AllSaints32 Aberfeldy33 Barkantine 35 Island HealthLAP 8. Millwall, Blackwall and Cubitttown34 Docklands 36 Island Med Ctr3334353617St Katherine’sDock18 WappingLAP 4. St. Katharine’s andWapping, Shadwell16 Jubilee St15 East OneLAP 4LAP 3LAP1LAP 2LAP 6LAP 5LAP7LAP 87’Bromleyby Bow* Estimated registered population, calculated as ½ of Bromley-by-Bow and XX place combined listSource:; Allocation practice to LAP as per Team Analysis (Aug 2008); Number ofpatients per practice based on LDP data (Jan 2009)
  9. 9. Grow to Survive• Challenging financial climate• Bigger is better for economies of scale• Ability to flex resources across the whole organisation• Ability to protect our teams more• Maintain this critical mass as many contracts time limitedGrow to Invest• People are our greatest asset• Growth enables our nurturing talent programme• Career progression opportunities for all• Our ambition is to become Londons employer of choiceGrow to Make a Difference• Best care to the most deprived communities• Being larger gives us influence• Scope to innovate and develop Primary CareWhy Grow? Is bigger better?
  10. 10. The Journey?General Practice issub-scaleLimited mechanisms toenlarge to scale e.g.procurement, M&A andFederating1. Have to do more with less2. New skill mix and technologies3. Commissioners Quality Conundrum4. New models for true involvementThe rollup tocome….• Independents fordecades but….• Enlarging IndependentContractors• The FT possibility• Meaningful Federations