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Making a Co-Creative Book

How I made the Thrivability Collaborative Sketch Book.

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Making a Co-Creative Book

  1. 1. Thrivability and Co-Creative Book Production
  2. 2. First Glance Jill Palermo Long Island City, NY, USA Thrivability A Collaborative Sketch Curated by Jean Russell Made possible by the generous support of: Chris Brogan Content Evolution Herman Wagter Inspired Legacies Kaliya Hamlin and PeopleBrowsr
  3. 3. Surprise Tony Deifell, wdydwyd? San Francisco, CA, USA
  4. 4. Project Elements 64+ authors all 1st or 2nd degree connections small chunks 500 words or less a half dozen artists (existing work) 3 months (January 15 to March 15, 2010) variable commitment 8 minutes to 30 hours each
  5. 5. Table of Contents First Glance - Jill Palermo Surprise - Tony Deifell Table of Contents Untitled - Hava Gurevich Introduction - Jean Russell The Case for Thrivability - Niclas Ihrén Values Clarity - John Steiner Connectivity - Clay Shirky Creativity - Joe Bill Design - Jo Guldi Diversity - Deanna Zandt Efficiency - Jerry Michalski Harmony - Jessica Margolin Integrity - Daniel Wahl Intention - Kevin Clark Listening - Amy Sample Ward Play - Evonne Heyning Place-Making - Bice Wilson Openness - Michel Bauwens Resilience - Chris Watkins Simplicity - Lonny Grafman Wisdom - Todd Hoskins Qualities Abundance - David Hodgson Adventure - Maryann Fernandez Cunning - Kaye Porter Dance - hanspetermeyer Endurance - Thomas Kriese Exclusion - Leif Utne Fold - Amber Case Hope - Stacey Monk Inspiration - Richard Zimmerman Interdependence -Valdis Krebs Mystery - Mushin Schilling Power - Nadia El Imam Prudence - Samantha Sweetwater Ripple - Greg Berry Uncertainty - Herman Wagter Wonder - Jill Palermo Cycles Adaptation - Meghana Bhatt Blockage - Scott Reynolds Nelson Breakdown - Gil Friend Breakthrough - Leilani Rashida Henry Creative Destruction - Chris Byrne Emergence - Jon Lebkowsky Exploration - Dr. Ashis Brahma Integration - Gibran Rivera Intersection - Ken Homer Pathfinding - Peter & Trudy Johnson- Lenz Reflection - Gerard Senehi Release - Clare Mulvany Shift - John Hagel Stuck - Mark Grimes Success - Kevin Doyle Jones Transformation - Tracy Gary Actions Breathing in Gratitude - Liz Strauss Build Capacity in Dependencies - Beth Kanter Collaborate with All Stakeholders - Christina Jordan Contribute to the Commons - Ruth Ann Harnisch Create Appropriate Containers - Kaliya Hamlin Create the Future - Hildy Gottlieb Fostering Serendipity - Steve Crandall Give Graciously - Phil Cubeta Go out on a Limb - Jheri Make Sharing Agreements - Kendall Theissen and Bruce Campbell Make the InvisibleVisible - Arthur Brock Model Nature - Chazz Levi Open Space for ManyVoices - Christine Egger and Peter Deitz Push Power to the Edges - David P Reed Share Stories - JeannieYandel Weave Networks - June Holley Gratitude Novus Corpus (detail) - Darlene Charneco The following page is artwork courtesy of Hava Gurevich.
  6. 6. Academy of Sciences Roof, San Francisco, CA - sunset Photo courtesy of Jean Russell Visit to join the conversation. Motivate People mission that matters belief in the person organizing: “this is bigger than me” attitude time bound share results throughout name “excuse” benefits simple clear process abundant gratitude
  7. 7. Shift John Hagel, Edge Perspectives - San Francisco, CA, USA
  8. 8. Photo courtesy of Hava Gurevich Visit to join the conversation. Qualities of Flash Collaboration Curated and designed project Deadlines - time sensitive Open: low barrier to participation tasks are small chunks limited commitment Networks are vital - bringing in friends and friends of friends Appropriate containers
  9. 9. Stuck Mark Grimes, Ned - Portland, OR, USA
  10. 10. Joe Bill, Power Improvisation - Chicago, IL, USA Creativity
  11. 11. Photo courtesy of Steve Crandall Visit to join the conversation. Process Develop marketing strategy draft: co-creator spread participatory guerilla art (WDYDWYD) Ask core advisors for seeds Use social media to leverage peer influence Each page was a co-creative, but not with other contributors. Very short window from whole draft to final.
  12. 12. Visibility
  13. 13. Photo courtesy of Clare Mulvany Visit to join the conversation. Using social media announced project, first to turn in, and all subsequent submissions gentle, carefully worded reminders and requests regular bursts of gratitude and excitement ongoing updates of progress to be viral: funny, sexy, irreverent/nasty, gory. We went with beautiful...very visual.
  14. 14. Novus Corpus detail Darlene Charneco NY, USA Thank you Jean Russell @thrivable