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Thrivability @ Thrivable Future Salon

Introduction to Thrivability for the Thrivable Future Salon Oct 14 in SF.

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Thrivability @ Thrivable Future Salon

  1. 1. Thrivability thrivable.netJean Russell
  2. 2. Where is the Fun?
  3. 3. Thrivability Her Story 2007 Blogging: what is this? 2010 Thrivability Collaborative Sketch 2013 Thrivability: Breaking Through to a World that Works My work has been mentioned in: Harvard Business Review, the Economist, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Worldchanging, and Spanda. I have spoken on thrivability and collaboration in: Australia, Belgium, Sweden, London, New York, Chicago, San Francisco,…
  4. 4. Nested Systems & Networks
  5. 5. Generativity Social dynamics are not limited by the laws of physics.
  6. 6. Spectrum
  7. 7. Be a Good Node
  8. 8. Pragmatic Action Complexity and metrics. Next steps. Gratitude.
  9. 9. Gratitudes Thank you to YxYY for the photo of our band. Art work here from Tony Deifell, Hava Gurevich, and Darlene Charneco. Gratitude for the stimulating brunch dialog generating the comparison chart. Thank you to Ecology and Society and Valdis Krebs for the systems and networks image. Thank you to Sonal and Deanna for the beach photo!