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Art Poa Company Profile

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Art Poa Company Profile

  1. 1. Enterprise
  2. 2. Enterprise Company Profile Art Poa Enterprise Design and Printing solutions/Video Production Biashara Street P.O Box 00100 54806 Nairobi,Kenya Phone : +254 726 166 904 e-mail : “ The core business at art poa is to create a timeless experience for our customers through creative designs and ideas. With an impeccable record of timely delivery honest and transparent business ethics, we aim to meet and even exceed your expectations.”
  3. 3. Enterprise Company Profile Basic Information Design and Printing solutions/Video Production Operating from Nairobi County Address : 00100 54806 Nairobi, Kenya Business registration number : BN/2014/301356 Bank account: Co-operative Bank Bank account name: Art Poa Enterprise Bank account number: 01109597629700 Our Merits Unique and creative solutions that meet the clients expectations Quality services in terms of packaging and Timely delivery Creative approaches to the clients' special needs in order to find unique and tailored way of relaying the clients information to the target audience Enterprise Company Profile
  4. 4. Business cards Here we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our clients for the trust they have been placing on us, Since 2013 our Clients have varied from individuals to small businesses to giant companies in Kenya, Our growing experience can be traced throughout our products and designs, we believe that the length of our service agreements is proof if the positive effect of our activities on our clients' business. Services News letters Invitation cards Logos Product catalogues Enterprise Company Profile / services Enterprise Company Profile / Services Video Production
  5. 5. Enterprise Company Profile / services Business cards It goes without saying that business cards are important to any serious business not only for the purpose of relaying crucial information but also as tool for marketing, At art poa we design and print business cards unique to our clients based on their field of business, This means that we cater for all fields. One sided business cards Double sided business cards News letters Have you ever had an annual general meeting for your organization and no one seems to remember the accomplishments, challenges or any other important information addressed in the previous meeting, At art poa we endeavor to satisfy our clients needs by artistically capturing the information you would want to relay. package and distribute the information to your target audience through news letters. We strive to keep your target audience informed through informative yet entertaining news letters,your end of year parties and AGM's will never be the same again. A4 news letters A5 news letters Enterprise Company Profile / services Enterprise Company Profile / Services
  6. 6. Enterprise Company Profile / services Invitation cards The success of any event whether ceremonial or official mostly depends on the turn up of the desired number invited guests,We come in to contribute to the success of our clients events by designing and printing invitation cards. Corporate events invitation cards Wedding invitation cards Official events invitation cards Logos A logo can be a very effective form of marketing for any brand, a brand is one of the main attributes when a customer is deciding whether to buy a product/service or not. Acting as the face, the right logo can present the right picture and vice versa, for existing logo's upgrading is also an option, Brochures, letterheads. Business cards and products receive new life with logo upgrading. Custom made logos Product catalogues Catalogues give accurate information about products to potential customers by minimizing the back and forth inquiries,at art poa we design catalogues for our clients to reduce confusion when it comes to intricate details of our customers products, We mainly capture specifics with a touch of creativity Production Catalogues End product Catalogues Enterprise Company Profile / services Enterprise Company Profile / Services
  7. 7. Enterprise Company Profile / services Art poa key clients (2013 - present) Brush Manufacturers LTD Tujenge Eco Solutions News letters Business cards Wilest Techniques Simjan Fortress of hope Africa Enterprise Company Profile / services Enterprise Company Profile / Services Video production We do video coverage for various events just to capture that memorable time on tape, we also do commercial videos. Music videos Wedding video coverage Funeral video coverage
  8. 8. Kevin Navulu Director Kevin Navulu is the visionary of art poa, He Started up in the arts & entertainment industry working for Link global focusing on writing, Video production and choreography between 2006 and 2010, As time went by he sought to spread his wings engaging himself in other forms of art. In the recent past Kevin has been studying and actively involved in ISO 9001 - 2008 to help in delivering products and services according to globally accepted Standards. Enterprise Company Profile / services Enterprise Company Profile / services Enterprise Company Profile With a unique style and vast experience and exposure to the corporate and main stream industries Kevin aims to ensure that Art poa gives nothing but the best.