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Sales Tax Compliance within Oracle E-Business Suite / JD Edwards / PeopleSoft

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Sales and use tax compliance is difficult to manage, especially if your process is manual. Join Avalara, our partner in sales tax compliance as we walk you thru the best ways to quickly and reliably determine sales tax, filing returns and efficiently manage exempt sales within Oracle. Participants will learn:
• How to protect their business from audits
• How to save time and money on sales tax compliance
• Why zip codes mean zip when it comes to sales tax
• Nexus: Where do you currently have a physical presence
• Product and Service Taxability: How are your products and services taxed

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Sales Tax Compliance within Oracle E-Business Suite / JD Edwards / PeopleSoft

  1. 1. Sales Tax Compliance within Oracle E-Business Suite / JD Edwards / PeopleSoft Christine Martin Avalara
  2. 2. Christine Martin Christine Martin has spent 25-plus years working in the sales and use tax space. She started her career at Marriott headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland and has been a tax manager at a large telephone company and Fortune 1000 paper manufacturer as well as Director of Compliance for the first sales tax compliance outsourcer for telecommunications tax. Christine has been a frequent presenter at several industry events such as TEI, ACT, and Telestrategies. Currently she is a Sales Engineer with Avalara, the leader in sales tax management.
  3. 3. Who is Avalara? • A Market Leader for a Decade • Currently Over 1000 Employees (growing rapidly) • Offices in Seattle, SoCal, Raleigh, Virginia, Harrisburg, Detroit, Houston, Green Bay, Atlanta, New Jersey • 410% Growth in The Last 4 Years Alone • 240+ Trade shows in 2014 – We Are Everywhere • Huge Customer Satisfaction – Industry Low Churn
  4. 4. The State of Our States  States are still recovering from the Great Recession  In 2013, 31 states projected budget deficits totaling $55 billion  NRF estimates $24 billion in sales taxes goes uncollected on the Internet Therefore  As tax-collecting agents of the State(s), they are looking to your business to find more money  This increased focus creates compliance risk for you
  5. 5. Market Forces: State Budget Gaps
  6. 6. Why Sales Tax Matters to States When general sales tax and selective sales tax are combined, sales tax makes up 47% of total state revenue Source: US Census Bureau, 2012 Census of Governments: Finance – Survey of State Government Tax Collections at Total State Government Tax Collections by Category Other taxes 3.9% Corporation net income taxes 5.3% Total license taxes 6.8% Total selective sales taxes 16.6% General sales and gross receipts taxes 30.5% Property taxes 1.6% Individual income taxes 35.3%
  7. 7. What Makes Sales Tax So Complex 152M mailing addresses associated with taxing jurisdiction borders. 24,750 sales and use tax rates. 9,937,125 rules to determine the taxability of the product/service. 247,500 rules to determine the taxability of the buyer/seller. CALCULATIONCOMPONENT Geocoding Situses Rating Exemptions based on nature of what is sold Exemptions based on nature of the purchaser and how the purchase will be used. 12,375 rules to determine which jurisdictions’ tax rates and types apply. PLUS: 23+ sales tax holidays Thousands of changes each year State-provided info that’s often missing, misleading, or wrong Sourcing rules that differ Complicated nexus rules and this just covers North America!!!
  8. 8. Jurisdiction Complication
  9. 9. Product Taxability Honey Roasted Nuts are taxable in NJ, KY, MD and NY states, while… Salted Nuts are exempt in those same states. TaxableExempt
  10. 10. Cost of Manual Compliance Source: Wakefield Research, July 2013 Average total cost for businesses to manage a sales tax audit Average time spent filing sales tax returns and remitting payment 11 hours per week Percentage of businesses that believe a sales tax auditor would find a mistake
  11. 11. Reduce Your Risk Do a nexus study Stay up-to-date with rate, rule, and boundary changes Report consumers’ use tax Be compliant from day one Automate with technology An understanding of your filing requirements Calculations that are rooftop accurate Product taxability coverage Detailed sales records A process for managing exemption certificates You should: Make sure you have:
  12. 12. Avalara – R12 Integration Details EBusinessTax Avalara Standard R12 Interface Service Oriented Architecture Purchasing Payables Sales Orders Receivables Parties Places Products Processes
  13. 13. Integration Setup
  14. 14. Integration
  15. 15. • Taxable Line Tax Calculated on Order
  16. 16. • Non-Taxable Line Tax Calculated on Order
  17. 17. Avalara Integration
  18. 18. Product and Service Mapping
  19. 19. Avalara Integration
  20. 20. Product and Service Mapping
  21. 21. Contact Christine Martin 206-826-4900 ext 3006