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CCXG Forum, March 2023, Sirini Jeudy-Hugo

  1. Climate Change Expert Group Towards a successful outcome of the first global stocktake _______ Sirini Jeudy-Hugo (OECD) Hybrid CCXG Global Forum | 22 March 2023 Based on: “Towards a successful outcome of the first global stocktake of the Paris Agreement”, S. Jeudy-Hugo and L. Charles (2023, draft)
  2. Outline • Brief overview of GST process • Unpacking what a successful GST1 means • Understanding what is needed to reach a successful outcome of GST1 • Options for structuring impactful outputs from GST1 • Conclusions
  3. Overview of GST process and intended outcome • Inputs to GST portal • Synthesis reports • Identification of information gaps Information collection and preparation • Summary reports of technical dialogues • Factual synthesis report Technical assessment • High-level events • Decision and/or declaration Consideration of outputs (CO) • Inform national actions and support • Enhance international co-operation Outcome Consideration of outputs (CO)
  4. Considerations for a successful outcome of GST1 • Goes beyond CO of GST1 to an “implementation arc” in 2024-2025 – culminate in updated NDCs “informed” by GST1 submitted by COP30. • Be realistic in considering success of GST1 – learning-by-doing exercise and opportunity for improvement in future GST cycles. Is the process consistent with agreed principles? i.e. set out in the Paris Agreement and Decision 19/CMA.1 Is the intended outcome achieved? i.e. of informing national actions and enhancing international cooperation
  5. What is needed to reach a successful outcome of GST1? A well designed and sequenced CO o Structured around different phases o Engaging relevant actors A package of final outputs which are “fit for purpose” o Focused, targeted and accessible o Reaches relevant actors o Establishes follow-up processes and feedback loops Maintaining momentum beyond 2023 o Implement follow-up processes and feedback loops o Use political pressure points to ensure implementation
  6. Potential elements of a package of technical outputs from GST1 Factual synthesis report Target audience: Negotiators and decision makers Technical annexes Target audience: Policymakers and practioners Key cards summarising technical findings Target audience: Broad audience beyond UNFCCC process
  7. Potential elements of a package of political outputs from GST1 Draft decision Coordinated by Joint Contact Group Draft political declaration Coordinated by High-level Committee Draft cover decision Coordinated by COP28 Presidency Presidency initiatives Coordinated by COP28 Presidency + High-level Climate Champions
  8. Conclusions • GST1 could deliver concrete results and set a foundation for improved approaches over time by: • Translating findings from the technical discussions into strong political messages and recommendations • Identifying lessons learned from GST1 to inform future GSTs • Establishing follow-up processes to assess progress • Utilising political moments to maintain momentum • GST1 provides an important opportunity for Parties and the international community to course correct and one we cannot afford to let pass by.
  9. THANK YOU! Climate Change Expert Group