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DNV in the energy industry: Certification for facilitating international trade of green hydrogen: Axel Dombrowski - DNV

  1. 31 January 2023 DNV in the energy industry Certification for facilitating international trade of green hydrogen Axel Dombrowski Director Innovation & Digitalisation
  2. DNV © 31 JANUARY 2023 2 Other sustainability criteria Besides climate impacts, there can be other quantitative and qualitative criteria that impact the sustainability of hydrogen. For instance, green hydrogen production requires water as a feedstock. Sources of water production and their impacts on resource availability and environment may need to be addressed by certification schemes. Certification may need to cover how hydrogen adheres to environment, social and governance criteria. Equipment safety and conformity may also be covered by certification systems.
  3. DNV © 31 JANUARY 2023 An independent assurance and risk management company Ship and offshore classification and advisory Energy advisory, certification, verification, inspection and monitoring Management system certification, supply chain and product assurance Software, platforms and digital solutions 159 years ~12,000 employees 100,000 customers 100+ countries 5% R&D of annual revenue
  4. DNV © 31 JANUARY 2023 Renewables Certification in a nutshell 230 employees working in 10 offices located in 9 countries Active in developing guidelines for renewable assets, structures and components Main accredited service lines 4 Project Certification of renewable power plants Type Certification of Wind turbines Component Certification of Wind turbines Busan
  5. DNV © 31 JANUARY 2023 Certification of H2 Production System by Electrolysis 5 establish a certification scheme • Design regulatory • Safety aspects • Performance & Quality as basis for an international technical standard with 27 industry partners, banks and insurances JIP ISO DIN IEC EN DVGW VDI ASME DNV … Certification of green hydrogen production systems ( Joint Industry Project
  6. DNV © 31 JANUARY 2023 CORE DNV HYDROGEN VALIDATION Point of production standards Hydrogen and ammonia value chain 6 Feedstock production Feedstock transport H2 production H2 transport and storage H2 trading advisory, certification, verification, inspection and monitoring services H2 end- use Ammonia production Ammonia transport and storage Ammonia trading Ammonia end-use Pipelines qualification Transport ISO assurance Digital product passport Point of use standards EU ETS emissions monitoring and CO2 rights allocation CO2 capture, transport and storage CO2 transport and storage services Hydrogen value chain stage Ammonia value chain stage Avoided emissions from use of hydrogen DNV core service
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