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Session 7: Technology transfer capacity building and proof of concept instruments - European Commission

Day 2, Session 7, 30 November 2017, Istanbul, Bridging the Gap - Technology Transfer Capacity Building and
Proof of Concept Instruments, Huseyin KEBAPCI
Legal Adviser - Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer

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Session 7: Technology transfer capacity building and proof of concept instruments - European Commission

  1. 1. Joint Research Centre Bridging the Gap Technology Transfer Capacity Building and Proof of Concept Instruments Istanbul, 30 November 2017 Huseyin KEBAPCI Legal Adviser - Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer
  2. 2. Joint Research Centre 2A few examples of the JRC's output JRC: EU Science Hub The European Commission's Science and Knowledge Service GMO detection Robotic surgical arm Alpha-Immunotherapy Reference materials Toxicology & Safety Testing Realtime Radioactivity Mapping
  3. 3. Joint Research Centre 3IP&TT at the JRC IP & TT at the JRC A central reference point for specialist advice to the EU Institutions Central IP Service TT Office European TTO Circle EU4TECH (TT Capacity Building) Proof of Concept (Internal) Support for Innovation Ecosystems Patenting & IP Management Licensing & Commercialisation Entrepreneurship & Spin Offs Support to Policy-making
  4. 4. Joint Research Centre 4EU4TECH (1/2) Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia EuropeAid/137885/DH/SER/Multi (January 2017-December 2019) Objective To support and strengthen the technology transfer and innovation ecosystems in the Western Balkans Actions TT Training and Exchange of Best Practices Contract Research Science Parks and Incubators TT Financial Instruments policy platform Investor Readiness Training and Matchmaking Technology Transfer Capacity Building for Western Balkans
  5. 5. Joint Research Centre 5EU4TECH (2/2) EU4TECH Progress Workshop: Investment Vehicles and Financial Instruments for Technology Transfer and Innovation Belgrade, 1-2 March of 2017 / Over 500 participants Workshop: Science and Technology Park Management and Incubators in Innovation Ecosystems Thessaloniki on 23-24 of May 2017 / About 150 participants Workshop: Needs for new financing mechanisms to support Proof of Concept in the Western Balkans 21-22 of September in Trieste 15 PROs selected for TT Training Albania: Uni. of Tirana, Polytechnic Uni. of Tirana, Agricultural Uni. of Tirana Bosnia & Herzegovina: Uni. of Sarajevo, Uni. of Banja Luka, Uni. of Mostar FYROM: Ss Cyril and Methodius Uni. of Skopje, South East Europe Uni., Goce Delcev Uni. Kosovo: Uni. Of Pristine Montenegro: Uni. Of Montenegro Serbia: Uni. Belgrade, Uni. Novi Sad, Uni. Kragujevac, Uni. Nis.
  6. 6. Joint Research Centre 6Valley of Death Research Financing Market-oriented Investment Public/Private/Equity (…) Proof of Concept Financing Bridging the gap between research and commercialisation by addressing the risk of failure and lack of financing.
  7. 7. Joint Research Centre 7PoC: Inside the JRC Ongoing since 2000 (renamed as PoC Programme in 2012) Selected projects receive between €10k to €80k Finances prototyping, small-scale development, implementation, viability testing 62 projects financed as of 2016 Funds primarily derived from techtransfer royalties Projects receive coaching, and patents are pursued for promising inventions
  8. 8. Joint Research Centre 8Role of PoC in Innovation Ecosystems Addresses the financing gap faced by early-stage innovative projects Can incentivise intrapreneurship or support start ups, incubated companies or SMEs Can be used as a precursor to other forms of financing (equity etc) Central to the development of innovation ecosystems at local and regional levels
  9. 9. Joint Research Centre 9EDIF PoC EDIF Proof of Concept Fund for Western Balkans [Currently in Proposal Stage] What is EDIF? The Western Balkans Enterprise Development & Innovation Facility (WB EDIF), funded by the EU, aims at improving access to finance for SMEs in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Objectives of the Proposed PoC Financing Instrument JRC is currently involved in supporting the European Commission services towards creating a dedicated regional PoC financing facility for Western Balkans within the framework of EDIF. If implemented, beneficiaries will be PROs, SMEs and start ups. Financing is intended to cover costs associated with prototyping, access to labs, market and feasibility studies, FTO studies and IPR protection activities.
  10. 10. Joint Research Centre 10 Discussion