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Copernicus orcid implementation

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Copernicus orcid implementation

  1. 1. Open Access Publishing Public Peer-Review Two-Stage Publication ProcessWorldwide Archiving + Indexing
  2. 2. Implementation of ORCID Status & Plans at CopernicusDr. Xenia van Edig and Christoph Klöppner | Copernicus Publications ORCID Outreach Meeting | Berlin | 17 October 2012
  3. 3. HOW
  4. 4. How? – First Implementation in October 2012 User’s Personal Data ORCID as another entry Establishing connection to ORCID | No direct entry! Show ORCID connection and allow disconnect Manuscript Submission Offer ORCID connection | optional! Co-author information by email Add ORCID to CrossRef et al. XML
  5. 5. WHAT’S NEXT
  6. 6. Next Steps in Fall/Winter 2012 More ORCID Entry Points at Copernicus Journal manuscript tracking: Further integration in system dialogues and emails Integration into Copernicus Meetings: Abstract submission: 20,000 user contacts per year Conference registration: 16,000 user contacts per year More applications of ORCID Better bibliographic data | XML Offering data extraction/statistics for institutions, funders, etc. Show readers other papers of this author References – Citations – Related Articles – Other Articles
  7. 7. Thank you very much for your attention!Dr. Xenia van Edig | Copernicus Publications