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The Cloud Concierge

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As presented by Ralf Dossmann and Ajay Patel at OTN Architect Day in Pasadena, July 9, 2009.

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The Cloud Concierge

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here> The Cloud Concierge Ajay Patel, VP Product Management, Oracle Fusion Middleware Ralf Dossmann, Dir. SOA / Middleware, Enterprise Solutions Group, Oracle
  2. 2. Cloud Computing Cloud Attributes – Service-based – Scalable and Elastic – Shared – Metered by Use – Uses Internet Technologies (Source: Gartner)
  3. 3. Cloud = SaaS, PaaS, IaaS Applications delivered as a service Software as a Service to end-users over the Internet App development & deployment Platform as a Service platform delivered as a service Server, storage and network Infrastructure as a Service hardware and associated software delivered as a service © 2009 Oracle – Proprietary and Confidential 4
  4. 4. Cloud Locations SaaS SaaS PaaS PaaS IaaS IaaS Internet Corporate Network Public Cloud: Both offer: Private Cloud: • No infrastructure setup • High efficiency • Greater control • Minimal management • High availability • Easier to integrate • Lower upfront costs • Elastic capacity • Lower total costs • OpEx • CapEx and OpEx © 2009 Oracle Corporation 5
  5. 5. Computing Platform Evolution Monolithic Proliferation Standardization Consolidation 4 3 2 1 • Centralized • Distributed • Standardized platform, • Centralized control management, tools • Shared • Dedicated infrastructure • Shared resources • Reduced operational • Explosion of apps and Limited applications are the same capabilities • Virtualization • These services costs • Standardized deployments • at the heart of cloud Limited access • Ubiquitous access • Efficiency within silos • Limited user of standardization • Automation experience • Fragmented islands • Inefficient utilization • Grid • Inefficient © 2009 Oracle Corporation 6
  6. 6. Shared Services: Leveraging Cloud in the Enterprise From: Standardization To: Consolidation Security HA, DR Shared Services Model • Lower operational cost •Efficiency • Better hardware utilization ••Agility Faster, self-service deployment • Higher reliability, availability •Quality of Service • Higher performance, scalability • Improved, centralized security © 2009 Oracle Corporation 7
  7. 7. Old Environment vs. New Old App App App App App • Dedicated stacks • Heterogeneous app components • Complex, costly management New • Shared resources, elastic App App App App App capacity • More homogeneous, reusable components • Consistent, efficient management © 2009 Oracle Corporation 8
  8. 8. Old Lifecycle vs. New App App App Dept builds app from scratch Inefficient; dept or IT pays for underutilized IT provisions and IT adjusts capacity resources deploys app on request App App App Efficient; dept Dept assembles app pays for exactly from shared services what is needed Dept deploys app using Capacity adjusts and components self-service portal automatically © 2009 Oracle Corporation 9
  9. 9. Private Cloud - Middleware Architecture Composite Apps / Business Services Shared Service Shared Service Apps Registry/Repo Portal Server BPM Server* Service Bus Service Management Management sitory Enterprise Custom Management Identity Shared Services Infrastructure / Security Packaged Standardized Application Server Server Infrastructure
  10. 10. Private Cloud - Middleware Architecture Composite Apps / Business Services Shared Service Shared Service Apps Registry/Repo Portal Server BPM Server* Service Bus Service Management Management sitory Enterprise Custom Management Identity Shared Services Infrastructure / Security Packaged Standardized Application Server Server Infrastructure
  11. 11. Requires New Approach • People – Demand service levels not dedicated systems – Transform “server huggers” into “service providers” – Measure and reward resource utilization and SLAs • Process – Simplify and standardize IT processes based on best practices so you can replicate and automate – Monitor and charge back IT resources based on actual usage • Technology – Standardized development and deployment application infrastructure – Pool and share standard modular IT resources – Dynamic allocation to ensure SLAs are met – Optimize utilization and availability
  12. 12. Key Capabilities 1. Platform Provisioning – How to automate and streamline the creation and deployment of application platform stack? – How do you ensure tenant isolation and protect information? 2. User Provisioning – How to add and remove cloud users, manage user credentials and access permissions? 3. Dynamic Scaling – How do you enable capacity scale-up / scale-down? 4. Monitoring and Reporting – How to gain understanding what is happening inside the cloud? 5. Metering and Chargeback – How to recoup your cloud investment? 6. Management and Control – How to effectively manage application and platform assets? 7. Unified Develop, Test and Deploy experience
  13. 13. Oracle Fusion Middleware Foundation of Enterprise Private Cloud BPM Suite Platform Provisioning Enterprise Manager SOA Suite Metering Security Application Grid Oracle Database Oracle Enterprise Linux Oracle VM Open, enterprise grade platform Streamlined platform provisioning using pre-configured platform profiles Application isolation Streamlined user provisioning and access management Integrated management – complete visibility into application and platform assets Configurable Monetization © 2009 Oracle Corporation 14
  14. 14. HW Virtualization Is Not Enough Plus: • Reduced Time to Market for Enterprise, SOA Service Custom App Departmental Apps • Reduced Administration Cost • Guaranteed Predictable Performance Application Grid • True Dynamic Scaling Virtualized HW Resources App Server Shared ServicesSecurity • Centrally Managed Policy-Based • Greater Resource Utilization SOA Service Custom App • Easier to Manage Boxes App Server App Server • Reduced Space & Power • Dynamic HW Environment Virtualized HW Resources SOA Service Custom App Issues not resolved: App Server App Server • Simplifying Application Deployment • Reducing Operational Costs • Managing Application SLA’s
  15. 15. Accelerated Delivery, Stellar Savings Oracle WebLogic Suite Leading global financial services company headquartered in Zurich. Business include private banking, investment banking and asset management with more than 47,000 employees and offices in more than 50 countries. Before After • Hand crafted heterogeneous servers • Common Java Application Platform • Increasing administration costs and • 190 applications on 400 hosted complexity across 200 Java /shared servers applications • 30% reduction in one time • Audit and regulatory compliance was development costs at risk • 35% reduction in recurring maintenance and support costs • Faster time to deploy/change
  16. 16. Getting Started App 1 App 1 App App App App Dept 1 Dept N N1 N1 N2 N2 WebLogic WebLogic WebLogic Domain Domain 1 WebLogic Domain Web Web Web Web RAC RAC RAC RAC Domain 1 NN Tier 1 Tier 1 Tier N Tier N Instance 1 Instance 1 Instance N Instance N Shared Resources Shared Resources Shared Storage Shared Storage • Shared Resources • Physical Resources - CPU, RAM, Disk • Shared file storage for platform profiles, binaries etc. • Web Tier, JEE Environment and S/W Load Balancers • Dedicated shared pool of physical resources for Web, JEE tier and s/w load balancers • Available Resources are allocated to any of these tiers on demand • Data Tier • Dedicated pool of physical resources for data tier • Enterprise and Identity Managers • Installed on their dedicated boxes. Doesn’t need to be on shared pool.
  17. 17. Reference Architecture Configure new Web, H/W Load Balancer JEE nodes Instantiate S/W Load Balancer S/W Load Balancer s/w LB if Enterprise Manager Enterprise Manager needed Identity Manager. Identity Manager. Oracle HTTP WLS Domain N WLS Domain N Oracle HTTP Instantiate Server Server OHS, Add node WLS Domain N Instantiate WLS Domain Domain, WLS Domain 1 WLS Domain 2 N Add node Instantiate Database 1 Database N database RAC RAC Mgmt Mgmt Store Store Self Service App Admin Application Signup, Identity Performance scale Store and Platform LOB Provisioning Usage Metrics Engine
  18. 18. Evolving to optimized Virtual Java Infrastructure WebLogic Adaptive Services WebLogic Adaptive Services Manager Manager • • SLA governance for Java apps. SLA governance for Java apps. • • Policy-based decision making Policy-based decision making • • Automated config. & deployment Automated config. & deployment WebLogic Server Virtual Ed. WebLogic Server Virtual Ed. • • Virtual software appliance for WLS Virtual software appliance for WLS APP APP APP APP • Pre-configured, integrated, tested • Pre-configured, integrated, tested WLS APP WLS APP WLS APP APP • Rapid deployment on virtual pool Rapid deployment on virtual pool WLS APP APP APP APP • JVM WLS WLS LVM WLS WLS JVM LVM LVM JVM WLS WLS Liquid LVM JVM WLS WLS Liquid WLS WLS JRockit Virtual Edition JRockit Virtual Edition Liquid Liquid VM VE VM VE Virtualized Java container w/o OS VM OS JRVE JRVE VM OS JRVE JRVE OS JRVE JRVE OS LVM LVM • • Virtualized Java container w/o OS • • Reduced memory consumption Reduced memory consumption Oracle OVM • • Enables Java applic. appliances Enables Java applic. appliances Oracle OVM Infrastructure Oracle OVM Infrastructure • • Pools server resources Pools server resources • • Device drivers & resource control Device drivers & resource control • • Container isolation & portability Container isolation & portability
  19. 19. Oracle in the Cloud • Oracle provides key infrastructure products to enable Cloud environments – Oracle DB, RAC, Fusion Middleware, VM, Enterprise Manager – Grid Computing • Oracle Platform for SaaS – Foundation for SaaS, private Cloud environments – Available to ISVs via monthly licensing model • Oracle On Demand and SaaS Offerings – Hosted and Managed Applications deployments – CRM On Demand, Beehive On Demand, Sourcing On Demand • Support for Amazon Web Services – Product certifications, pre-packaged AMIs, licensing © 2009 Oracle Corporation 20
  20. 20. Resources • General information: • Technical information and downloads: – Demos and tutorials – Amazon Machine Images for Oracle products – White Papers • How can Cloud Computing benefit YOU? – Engage your local Oracle team to find out © 2009 Oracle Corporation 21